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Chung Suk Kuhapdo is a Kuhapdo style created by Lim Hyun Soo. In September, 1982, and the Korean Kuhapdo Association was founded and in May 1985, Lim became the highest director of Kuhapdo in Korea. In 1986, he released a Korean style Kuhapdo called Chung Suk Kuhapdo which presents an original style of Korean swordsmanship and its morality based upon precise principle and theory. Lim is a devoted disciple of Hapkido Founder Choi Young-sul and is committed to passing on the techniques as taught by Choi. Today, Lim, Hyun Soo is also one of the most recognized swordsman in Korea.

Kuhap stands for a cutting act while standing up from a sitting posture. In America and Europe they have translated it as quick display of the sword it is different from the art of fencing, in Kuhapdo, the sword is always in the sword case, meaning a carrying victor. It does not permit the misuse of the sword.

As seen the above, an essential quality of Kuhapdo training is to reach the true spirit of sword of swordsmanship by developing a good personality and politeness towards others.

Kuhapdo emphasizes a mental expression, not an outside looking expression, believes that it is necessary to take a serious view on courtesy and also have to use sword in a right way.

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