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Company Introduction:

CDI was founded in December of 1998 with the sole objective of revolutionizing Korea's
English education industry by bringing together the finest programs, instructors, researchers, managers, and staff. The Company has become one of the nation's most renowned private language institutes and research facilities with over 14,000 students and 200 Instructors. Encompassing diverse fields such as Research & Development, Publishing, Copyright and Intellectual Property,E-Learning, and Software Development, CDI is much more than just an English language institute. Already considered a pioneer in several groundbreaking ESL methodologies, CDI has broadened its scope of educational services. Bridging traditional classroom education with unique online programs, and developing content with world-renowned publication giants such as Pearson Education Limited (Longman and Penguin), and Scholastic, Inc., CDI has adeptly evolved to meet the changing needs of Korean students.

CDI Students and Programs:

The 14,000 student population at CDI(as of September, 2005) represents the elite of Korea's highest-achieving students. Due to their high level of aptitude, these students are able to thrive in CDI's intensive English language program focusing on all four
basic English language skills: listening, reading, speaking, and writing. Each student must take the TOEFL(Test of English as a Foreign Language) examination and pass an
interview to gain admission to CDI, and must also achieve a minimum target score to gain admittance into any of the eleven programs. This ensures that each student is accurately placed in a level according to their English ability.

CDI Instructors are provided with daily lesson plans, homework assignments, quizzes, tests, and answer keys. Since instructors are not responsible for curriculum development, they have more time to prepare for classes and focus on delivery of class material versus creation of it. Conducting its own primary and secondary research, and partnering with publishing houses such as Penguin and Scholastic, the R&D team incorporates cutting edge methodologies and current topical subject matter targeted specifically at the Korean ESL learner. CDI promises to provide the best curriculum and teachers, and is committed to answering the changing needs of Korean ESL learners with innovative solutions.


CDI boasts one of the most sophisticated administration systems in Korea. Implemented in 2004, CDI built a unique automated Enterprise Resource Planning system to maintain efficient management of the over 14,000 students, 200 instructors and an additional 200 staff. Capabilities of the multi-million dollar system include sending automatic text message notification to parents confirming attendance, management of student grades and their progress, and efficient communication between staff and management.

Created in December 2003, the e-Learning department's mission is to become the leader in blended (on and off-line) learning. In July 2005, CDI launched an innovative e-learning tool, the WM, which focuses on arguably the most difficult aspect of language: writing. Through the WM (an acronym for Waking Minds) program, CDI hopes to raise
awareness about the importance of writing, and to provide both an effective framework and unique methodology for learning. This methodology is currently pending patent approval, and has the potential to revolutionize how writing is taught not only in Korea, but also in Far East Asia; thus adding to CDI's reputation of being a true pioneer in English education.


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