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(1880-91). Painted by Ilya Repin.]]

Chupryna or Oseledets (оселедець, literally "herring") is the traditional Ukrainian Cossack haircut. It describes a style of man's haircut that features a lock of hair sprouting from the top or the front of an otherwise closely shaven head. This military haicut was of Circassian or Turkish origin. The term oseledets is a recent coinage, chupryna being the traditional term. There are several Ukrainian surnames deriving from both of these words.

The oseledets is an honorary feature in the image of a Zaporozhian Cossack. There is no Cossack without oseledets which considered to be the main attribute of one. But oseledets could be carried only by mature warriors, for the young ones (so called dzhura's) it was forbidden to carry such a haircut. And it was a most shamefull punishment, to cut someone's oseledets. This tradition clearly portrayed in the film of Boris Ivchenko, Propala Hramota.

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