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Cinderalla Monogatari
Genre Romance
TV anime
Director Hiroshi Sasagawa
Studio Tatsunoko
Network Japan NHK
Original run April 4, 1996November 1, 1996
Episodes 26[2]
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Cinderella Monogatari (シンデレラ物語 ?) is a TV anime series based on the Cinderella story. The series comprises 26 episodes.



Cinderella is the only daughter of a fairly wealthy family. When her mother dies, his father marries a widow with 2 daughters then goes travelling for business. Cinderella eventually becomes the slave of her stepmother and stepsisters. The Prince on the other hand, lives a boring life in the castle and one day escapes and pretends to be a commoner.Cinderella meets him through an accidental bump and becomes his bestfriend not knowing that he really is the prince. There are other twists to this tale including another villain in the person of the king's right hand who is plotting to take over the throne once he eliminates the prince. After a series of events and stories told, the castle holds a Royal ball for the prince to be able to choose a wife/queen. Every maiden in the kingdom receives an invitation. When Cinderella's cruel stepmother prevents her from attending the Royal Ball, she gets some unexpected help from her pets dog, mice, cat and birds, and from her Fairy Godmother (who was constantly watching over her in the duration of the show).[3]


English Title Japanese Title Position Vocalist Used For
Love Plus Love Ai Purasu Ai (愛プラス愛) Japanese Opening Judy Ongg eps. 1-26
Newborn Love [生まれたての愛] Japanese Ending Judy Ongg eps. 1-26


# Title
1 I want to Become a Splendid Young Lady
2 The Flowers From my Dream
3 The Mysterious Boy
4 My Marvelous Prince
5 A Dream Meeting
6 Mystery of the Vineyard
7 False Fortuneteller
8 Magic Smile
9 There's Something Strange About Him
10 Sad Violinist
11 For a Fantastic Love Story
12 Pleased to Meet You, Prince
13 The Way of Love... Isabel Runs Away
14 Prince Charles's Secret
15 Two Charles
16 The Prince and House Work
17 Kindness of a Small Heart
18 Disturbing Painter
19 Let's Get Rid of Those Bandits
20 Traveling Towards Happiness
21 Memories of My Mother
22 Cinderella's in Danger
23 Eliminate the Prince
24 Invitation to the Ball
25 Shoe of Happiness
26 Happy Marriage

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