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The blue player circle strafes counterclockwise around his red adversary, firing continually as he does so. Red, unable to keep track of the moving blue, misses with most shots. Blue is at an advantage.
An animation showing how circle strafing works.

In video games, particularly in first-person shooters (FPSs), circle strafing is the technique of moving around a target in a circle while facing it. Circle strafing allows a player to fire continuously at an opponent while dodging counterattacks. By rapidly circling the opponent, the player evades the opponent's sights. Circle strafing is most useful in close-quarters combat, where the apparent motion of the attacking player is the greatest, and thus the chance of disorienting the opponent by making him lose track of the attacker is higher. The effectiveness of the circle strafing maneuver is mitigated when the opponent's weapon fires projectiles that travel instantaneously, or fires a large number in a machine gun-like fashion.[1]


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