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The Circleville Pumpkin Show is an annual festival dedicated to the local agriculture. The festival headed up by the Circleville Pumpkin Show Corporation. Although many states have pumpkin festivals, the largest of these is situated in Circleville, Ohio. The Circleville Pumpkin Show is billed as The Greatest Free Show On Earth.



The Pumpkin Show is held every 3rd Wednesday through Saturday in October, however, local citizens are encouraged to preview the festival on Tuesday. Rumors have persisted before the 2006 show about adding extra days for the 100th anniversary, but turned out to be unfounded; the show was held for the same four days as always.


Starting on the Sunday before the festival, work begins to restrict traffic in the downtown area of Circleville. The restricted areas dedicated to the show are from South Scioto Street on the west to Pickaway Street on the east, and Watt/Pickney Street on the north to Franklin Street on the south. More than 12 blocks are restricted by this event, which causes massive detours throughout a major portion of the city, including Ohio State Route 56 and U.S. Route 22. Because there is no organized parking system, many small businesses and non-profit organizations provide parking for the throngs of people that attend this festival.


In October 1903, Mayor George Haswell decided to hold a small pumpkin & corn exhibit in front of his store to celebrate the local harvest. This small exhibit featured corn, carved pumpkins and other harvest-themed displays. Because of the prominence of pumpkins in this first exhibit, the name "The Pumpkin Show" was then coined. In the following years local merchants were attracted to improve the size, scope and attendance of the festival. By 1905, the first ride was installed, the carousel was first to be featured in the festival. Soon after, with the success of the shows, an annual festival was organized to be held on the city streets to attract merchants, patrons and improve the quality of the festival.

The Pumpkin Show has been held annually since 1903. Despite it still being held during the influenza outbreaks of 1918-1919, The Pumpkin Show was silenced for one year during World War I and two years during World War II. Aside from this three-year gap, there have been no other recorded occurrences of the Circleville Pumpkin Show being halted - by snow, sleet, or scorching heat.


2009 champion pumpkins, with their weights in pounds written on them

Every year, Lindsey's Bakery creates the "world's largest" pumpkin pie. Visitors can be in line for over an hour to see the pie. At the 100th anniversary Pumpkin Show in 2006, the bakery had to make a much bigger pie compared to previous years as word had it that their world record had been broken for the biggest pie, due to Michigan college students asking about the size and how the pie is made. The pie pan was so large that it was moved outside of the bakery window and into a tent out on the street. The previous record size pie remained in the bakery window and its size doesn't even come close to what was revealed in 2006.

Another long-standing tradition of the Circleville Pumpkin Show is a pageant for Miss Pumpkin Show Queen, a tradition shared by more than a half dozen other pumpkin shows/festivals in various American states.

Several parades are held each day of the show. These parades feature performances by many local high school and middle school bands. The 2006 Pumpkin Show welcomed The Ohio State University Marching Band to play in their parade of bands, which is probably the most popular evening parade of the festival.

List of Miss Pumpkin Show Queens

  • 1933: Queen Lucille Heise
  • 1934: Queen Eleanor Anderson
  • 1935: Queen Anne Thatcher
  • 1936: Queen Dolly Riffle
  • 1937: Queen Thelma Pyle
  • 1938: Queen Ruth Fitch
  • 1939: Queen Kathryn Martin
  • 1940: Queen Gloria Wilson
  • 1941: Queen DonnaMae McCune
  • (World War II hiatus)
  • 1944: Queen Mildred Frazier
  • 1945: Queen Pearl Roese
  • 1946: Queen Patricia Love
  • 1947: Queen Mary Woods
  • 1948: Queen Beverly Huston
  • 1949: Queen Patty Moats
  • 1950: Queen Yvonne Flannery
  • 1951: Queen Charlene Jackson
  • 1952: Queen Wilma Jean Wilkinson
  • 1953: Queen Ruth Ann Valentine
  • 1954: Queen Judy Walters
  • 1955: Queen Virginia Reisinger
  • 1956: Queen Eleanor Aldenderfer
  • 1957: Queen Joann Graves
  • 1958: Queen Joy Maughmer
  • 1959: Queen Vivian Gifford
  • 1960: Queen Peggy Clark
  • 1961: Queen Carol Torchick
  • 1962: Queen Barbara Davis
  • 1963: Queen Page Miller
  • 1964: Queen Shauna Humphrey
  • 1965: Queen Debbie Ankrom
  • 1966: Queen Pat Dawley
  • 1967: Queen Janet Collins
  • 1968: Queen Peggy Mayo
  • 1969: Queen Vivian Sheets
  • 1970: Queen Vanessa Hatfield
  • 1971: Queen Cheryl Miller
  • 1972: Queen Kathy Uland
  • 1973: Queen Kimberly Timberlake
  • 1974: Queen Laurie May
  • 1975: Queen Salley Schlegler
  • 1976: Queen Cindy Gifford
  • 1977: Queen Karen Cochran
  • 1978: Queen Carol Moore
  • 1979: Queen Mary Kay Marshall
  • 1980: Queen Mona Southern
  • 1981: Queen Deidre Vancamp
  • 1982: Queen Brenda Myers
  • 1983: Queen Stephanie Timbrook
  • 1984: Queen Sandy Haddox
  • 1985: Queen Shonna Thompson
  • 1986: Queen Rhonda Lambert
  • 1987: Queen Lorie Hendrickson
  • 1988: Queen Christina Brunning
  • 1989: Queen Dierdre Conley
  • 1990: Queen Tara Harrison
  • 1991: Queen Dawnaka Overly
  • 1992: Queen Carrie Bialy
  • 1993: Queen Sabrina Miller
  • 1994: Queen Leah Coey
  • 1995: Queen Jaymie Hoops
  • 1996: Queen Lindsey Logan
  • 1997: Queen Tia Marie Jean
  • 1998: Queen Shannon Stowers
  • 1999: Queen Courtney Vickers
  • 2000: Queen Makiah Maxson
  • 2001: Queen Kacy Walton
  • 2002: Queen Katy Ankrom
  • 2003: Queen MaLeah Thornton
  • 2004: Queen Samantha Vinkovich
  • 2005: Queen Courtney Congrove
  • 2006: Queen Kristen Walters
  • 2007: Queen Andrea Turner
  • 2008: Queen Rachel Congrove

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  • Houts, Kelli. "Pumpkin show hits century mark," The Lantern (Thursday, October 19, 2006): Arts 9.

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