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Cisco Adler
Birth name Cisco Sam Adler
Born September 6, 1978 (1978-09-06) (age 31)
Los Angeles, California
Genres Pop rock
Occupations Musician
Instruments Vocals, Guitar
Years active Since 2000
Labels Atlantic Records (2002-2004)

Contango Records (2005-2007)

Suretone Records, Geffen Records (2007-Present)

Associated acts Whitestarr, Shwayze
Website Adler's Official MySpace

Cisco Sam Adler (born September 6, 1978) is an American musician and former frontman for the band Whitestarr. While the band is primarily known for their participation in the VH1 series The Rock Life,[1] Adler has gained notoriety for his romantic relationships with actresses and models,[2] including Mischa Barton,[3] Kimberly Stewart,[4] Lauren Conrad,[5] Lydia Hearst-Shaw,[6] and Paris Hilton.[7] While they were dating, Stewart got a tattoo which read "Daddy's Little Girl Loves Cisco," which she later had altered following their breakup.[8] In January 2007 a nude photo of Adler appeared on the internet,[9][10] which effectively ended his relationship with Barton.[11]

Adler is the son of music producer and director Lou Adler[12] and Phyllis Somer.[13] He is also a relative of actress Daryl Hannah through marriage.[14]

In 2008 Adler left Whitestarr, and has since been working extensively with hip-hop artist Shwayze. Their first single, "Buzzin'," reached number 46 on the Billboard Hot 100, and the follow-up "Corona and Lime" peaked at number 23.[15] They starred in the MTV reality series Buzzin' which follows the two as they record an album,[7] have appeared on MTV Cribs,[16] and toured with Warped Tour 2008.[17] The pair have also collaborated with DJ Skeet Skeet on a Nike-sponsored workout program entitled Beach Blast by Shwayze.[18][19] On December 18, 2008, Adler was arrested in Fargo, North Dakota for assaulting an employee at the club at which he and Shwayze were performing.[20] He was released shortly after being taken into custody, posting $500 bail.[21] In 2009 he released a re-mixtape entitled "Pop Shit," which was produced entirely by himself.

Adler also runs an imprint of Interscope/Suretone called Bananabeat Records.[22] Its roster includes Chris Young and Beardo.[23]

In addition to music and television, Adler also produced and appeared in the film Sweetie Pie.[24]



Albums With Whitestarr
  • Luv Machine (2006)
  • Fillith Tillith (2007)
Albums with Shwayze
Year Information Chart positions[25] Certifications
U.S. U.S. R&B U.S. Rap CAN
2008 Shwayze
  • First studio album
  • Released: August 19, 2008
Sales: 135,262+
2009 Let It Beat
  • Second studio album
  • Released: November 3, 2009
Sales: 10,764+ [26]
Singles with Shwayze
Year Title Chart Positions Album
U.S. 100 Hot Digital U.S. Pop Top 40 Mainstream
2008 "Buzzin'" 46 18 47 35 Shwayze
"Corona and Lime" 23 6 32
2009 "Get U Home" Let It Beat
  • Alice in La La Land (2009)
Mixtapes with Shwayze
  • Rich Girls (2008)
Music Videos
Year Title Director(s)
2006 "Sunshine Girl"
2007 "Dirty Words" Bart Hendrikx
2008 "Hollywood" Shaw
"Buzzin'" Robert Hales, Alison Foster
"Corona and Lime" Shane Drake, Brandon Bonfiglio
2009 "Rock n' Roll" Nicholaus Goossen
"Get U Home" Stewart Hendler
Guest Appearances
  • Andre Legacy - Bender (feat. Cisco Adler)
  • Andre Legacy - DJ Dying (feat. Cisco Adler)
  • Beardo - Back To The Valley (feat. Cisco Adler)
  • Mr. Lil' One/Lil' Uno - Love Like Magic (feat. Cisco Adler)
  • Mickey Avalon - What Do You Say (feat. Cisco Adler, Dirt Nasty & Andre Legacy)
  • Pittsburgh Slim - Hey Gurl (feat. Cisco Adler)
  • The Pricks - Brown Eyes (feat. Cisco Adler)
  • Stallionaires - Summer Love Child (feat. Cisco Adler)



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