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Ciudadanos - Partido de la Ciudadanía
Citizens – Party of the Citizenry logo.png
President Albert Rivera
General Secretary Matias Alonso de Pedro
Founded June 7, 2005
March 4, 2006
Headquarters Plaça Urquinaona, 6 10º A
08010 Barcelona
Ideology Antinationalism,
Social liberalism,
International affiliation None
European affiliation Libertas[2]
European Parliament Group Currently no MEPs
Official colours Orange and White

The Citizens – Party of the Citizenry (Ciudadanos – Partido de la Ciudadanía (official name used nationwide) in Spanish, Ciutadans – Partit de la Ciutadania (used co-officially with former in Catalonia) in Catalan ; short acronym C's) is a Spanish political party which describes itself as Centre-Left and Non-Nationalist[3].



Ciutadans was formed in Catalonia in July 2006 in response to the call made in a manifesto by a group of Catalan intellectuals critical of Catalan nationalism for a new political party to "address the real problems faced by the general public". In this manifesto, they also warned that "the rhetoric of hatred promulgated by official Catalan government media against everything 'Spanish' is more alarming than ever" and that "the (Catalan) nation, postulated as an homogenous entity, has taken occupation of the space where an undeniably diverse society lives".[4]

Particular topics cited by C's members are the laws that promote the use of Catalan in Catalonia and those which mandate that State education should be taught only in Catalan. The party is dedicated "to contributing fresh ideas, to impel new policies and to restore a sense of reality to Catalan and Spanish political policy after years of Basque and Catalan ultra-nationalism". Other topics include a vast reform of the Spanish electoral system, and Spanish constitution, as well as regulation of prostitution, marihuana and euthanasia. In its first elections it managed to obtain three deputies at the regional Parliament of Catalonia with 3.04% of the vote.


C's' meetings have been picketed and its members harassed by Catalan independentist groups on several occasions[5] while its leader Albert Rivera has received anonymous death threats urging him to quit politics.[6][7][8][9].

C's complains about the fact that, despite its representation at the regional parliament, its presence on the public broadcaster TV3 is virtually vetoed. In this regard, they cite that over the three months spanning April to June 2008, the party only appeared for a total of 23 seconds on that public TV channel, less than, say, some non Catalan parties[10].

Although the party was created in Catalonia as "a response to Catalan nationalism", additional branches have sprung up in the rest of Spain.

European election internal feud

In 2009 it was announced that C's would run for the European election allied with the eurosceptic Libertas coalition. Other partners in the Libertas ticket include parties deemed by some as far-right or ultra-Catholic, something which would seem to contradict the social-liberal and secular stances of C's.

According to some members of C's, the negotiations prior to this electoral pact were led personally and secretly by the party leader, Albert Rivera. This fact has alienated the other two MPs (besides Rivera himself) and a significant part of the party from his leadership[11]. In turn, the official stance of C's is that the critics are acting more as a fifth column of the ideologically close UPyD party[12], all resulting in a major crisis within the party.

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