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The Brama Młyńska in Stargard Szczeciński one of a few water gates in Europe
Roshnai Gate from Hazuri Bagh (Lahore)
Bab al Yemen of Sana'a, Yemen
The Amsterdamse Poort, the only remaining city gate of Haarlem, the Netherlands, was built in 1355.
The second military gate in the Theodosian walls of Istanbul
The Ishtar Gate in the Pergamon Museum in Berlin
"City Gate" redirects here. For the Israeli skyscraper, see Moshe Aviv Tower.

A city gate is a gate which is, or was, set within a city wall. Other terms include port.



City gates were traditionally built to provide a point of controlled access to and departure from a city for people, vehicles, goods and animals. Depending on their historical context they filled functions relating to defense, security, health, trade, taxation, and representation, and were correspondingly staffed by military or municipal authorities. The city gate was also commonly used to display diverse kinds of public information such as announcements, tax and toll schedules, standards of local measures, and legal texts. It could be heavily fortified, ornamented with heraldic shields, sculpture or inscriptions, or used as a location for warning or intimidation, for example by displaying the heads of beheaded criminals or public enemies.





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.]] A city gate is a gate that is found in many medieval cities. It was the place where people could enter or leave the city. Very often, city gates were closed during the night.


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