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A city wiki is a wiki used as a knowledge base and social network for a specific geographical locale. The term 'city wiki' or its foreign language equivalent (e.g. German 'Stadtwiki') is sometimes also used for wikis that cover not just a city, but a small town or an entire region. A city wiki contains information about specific instances of things, ideas, people and places. Much of this information might not be appropriate for Wikipedia (e.g., articles on every retail outlet in a town), but might be appropriate for a wiki with more localized content and viewers. A city wiki could also contain information about the following subjects, that may or may not be appropriate for a general knowledge wiki, such as:

  • Details of public establishments such as public houses, bars, accommodation or social centers.
  • Owner name, opening hours and statistics for a specific shop.
  • Statistical information about a specific road in a city.
  • Flavors of ice cream served at a local ice cream parlor.
  • A biography of a local mayor and other persons

The Open Guide to London is probably the oldest of the city wikis.[1] It is part of a sub group of city wikis that use the OpenGuides software, and most have the domain in their URL. Most of them are for cities in England.


Largest city wikis

Growth of article count on the Karlsruhe Stadtwiki

The table below, adapted from a more detailed table on the Omaha Wiki, provides information on the 30 largest city wikis worldwide, ranked by the number of articles as of March 31, 2009. Twenty-four of the city wikis use the Mediawiki software, five use the Sycamore software (Davis, Rochester, Santa Cruz, Chico, and Toronto), and one uses the OpenGuides software (London). Some of the methods for reporting metrics vary between the different types of wikis and thus care should be used when comparing across them. For example, the Sycamore stats do not break out counts for pages outside the main article namespace (e.g. user, project, image, template, help, category namespaces in Mediawiki) so the article counts between the Mediawiki and Sycamore wikis cannot be directly compared. For the Mediawiki sites, over half of the pages are in these supporting namespaces and are not included in the counts below. The user counts for most Sycamore wikis show only users with at least one edit while the user counts for the Mediawiki sites include users who have not made any edits. Given these differences, the numbers below tend to overstate article counts for Sycamore wikis and understate the number of users.

The columns below can be sorted by clicking on the symbol below the column heading. The "Total" columns show all activity since the wiki was founded.[2] These metrics will be updated at the end of each month.[3]

Article Rank
City Wiki
Total Articles
Total Images
Total Edits
Total Users
1 2004-07-22 Karlsruhe, Germany 18,072 9,668 268,179 2,997
2 2004-06-24 Davis, USA 12,561 16,563 248,737 9,368
3 2005-04-18 Hamburg, Germany 11,242 390 56,554 301
4 2006-03-22 Córdoba, Spain 9,158 4,271 87,556
5 2006-08-28 Kassel, Germany 7,637 4,670 103,960 538
6 2007-02-27 Salzburg, Austria 7,334 3,015 93,490 893
7 2007-02-06 Omaha, USA 7,076 1,404 35,909 510
8 2005-12-15 Rhine-Neckar, Germany 6,574 1,620 50,667 411
9 2006-03-15 Birmingham, USA 6,302 1,597 53,036 268
10 2005-01-18 Rochester, USA 6,040 3,003 75,019 3,101
11 2006-04-03 Hamm, Germany 4,816[4] 3,740
12 2007-09-01 Ahrweiler, Germany 4,439 1,364 22,471 163
13 2006-12-05 Mankato, USA 3,984 572 15,254 99
14 2006-04-29 Pforzheim-Enz, Germany 3,959 2,042 48,898 296
15 2008-02-20 Niederbayern, Germany 3,663 4,962 41,615 540
16 2005-03-23 Munich, Germany 3,412 1,027 41,342 589
17 2007-03-30 Göttingen, Germany 3,371 2,146 21,312 596
18 2006-10-02 Bielefeld, Germany 3,357 126 10,347 109
19 2006-02-27 Santa Cruz, USA 3,135 1,603 16,497 98
20 2005-09-09 Ann Arbor, USA 2,982 404 20,539 672
21 2007-10-02 Nuremberg, Germany 2,965 702 42,064 344
22 2006-12-09 London, UK 2,920 21,903 2,649 159
23 2005-07-18 Bloomington, USA 2,717 1,159 22,762 2,480
24 2006-07-19 Chico, California 2,495 2,070 18,245 90
25 2006-06-12 Warsaw, Poland 2,321 2,899 36,113
26 2005-12-15 Brest, France 2,240 5,657 42,613 943
27 2003-07-31 Dresden, Germany 2,192 445 14,204 88
28 2007-02-07 Fürth, Germany 2,174 425 15,144 65
29 2007-02-16 Toronto, Canada 1,985 768 9,429 152
30 2006-06-03 Münster, Germany 1,930 22,220 1,045
31 2006-11-21 Murgtal, Germany 1,535 643 10,026 147

Known city wikis

City Wikis in English are known to exist in the following metropolitan areas:


Open guides

Other languages

Largest city wikis in other languages than English:

See also


  1. ^ OpenGuides: City Wikis in Perl by Kake Pugh, 7 May 2007, accessed 11 August 2008
  2. ^ The dates of founding were based on (a) the first edit done on the Main Page (Hauptseite) for Mediawiki wikis or (b) the first edit for Sycamore wikis. If the city wiki uses the Mediawiki software, the article page count is accessible by requesting the Special:Statistics?action=raw page. If the Sycamore wiki engine is used, the /User Statistics page is accessed, all text is selected and copied into an Excel file, and totals are calculated for number of articles, number of edits, and number of files. The Sycamore statistics do not include new article creation as an 'edit' (Mediawiki does), the numbers reported above as 'edits' for the sites using Sycamore is the sum of new articles created plus and edits to these articles in order to provide comparable numbers.
  3. ^ If anyone is aware of a city wiki with more articles than 1,000 articles (legitimate content pages), post a comment on the discussion page with the name and URL of the City Wiki and its statistics will be checked on the next monthly update.
  4. ^ Site down on March 31, this was Google's cached page and image count from March 29

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