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Classes are part of the game mechanics of most Role-playing games. They determine the style of play of the character, the abilities and skills of the character, and how they perform within a group.


Types/Styles of Classes

  • Healer
Usually magic based characters. They work best within a group as they are not powerful fighters, but allow the others to stay in the fight longer by restoring their health. Healers may also be able to resurrect dead characters.
  • Melee Damage Dealer
A close combat character, both armed and unarmed. They may also use speed and stealth to avoid taking damage.
  • Ranged Physical Damage Dealer
These fighters uses bows or other weapons that can be thrown. They work best when they can take down their opponent at a distance.
  • Ranged Magic Damage Dealer
Similar to the Ranged Physical Damage Dealer, but instead of weapons, they use magic, usually drawing on elements such as fire and ice.
  • Debuffer
Debuffers attack their opponents by reducing their effectiveness to fight.
  • Tank
Tanks are capable of withstanding tremendous attacks while protecting their allies from harm.
  • Hybrid
A Hybrid takes characteristics of two or more of the other types, often a damage dealer with some healing abilities.

List of Classes

This is a meta-guide to the "classes" that appear in various role-playing games. Many different games seem to feature the same classes, so pages linked from here may describe the same class in multiple games.

Classes for the game Diablo II

Classes on Original Version

New Classes on Lord of Destruction

Classes for the game EverQuest

  • Caster
    • Enchanter
    • Magician
    • Necromancer
    • Wizard
  • Hybrid
    • Bard
    • Beastlord - Introduced with the Shadows of Luclin expansion.
    • Paladin
    • Ranger
    • Shadowknight
  • Melee
    • Berserker - Introduced with the Gates of Discord expansion.
    • Monk
    • Rogue
    • Warrior

Classes for the game ToME

ToME has many specialized classes. For example, after selecting Warrior, a player may choose to create a plain unspecialized Warrior or a more specialized Swordmaster or Axemaster. Some Warriors are even Unbelievers or Demonologists.

  • Warrior
    • Swordmaster
    • Axemaster
    • Haftedmaster
    • Polearmmaster
    • Unbeliever
    • Demonologist
  • Mage
  • Archer
    • Ranger
  • Rogue
  • Loremaster
    • Posessor
    • Mimic
    • Symbiant
    • Summoner
    • Monk
    • Bard
  • Priest
    • Priest of Eru Iluvatar
    • Priest of Manwe Sulimo
    • Druid (Priest of Yavanna Kementar)
    • Dark-Priest (Priest of Melko Bauglir)
    • Paladin (Priest of Tulkas)
    • Mindcrafter

Classes for the game World of Warcraft

This article uses material from the "Classes" article on the Gaming wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.

Simple English

Simple English Wiktionary has the word meaning for:

Class could also mean:

  • Social class refers to the differences between groups in societies or cultures, and is a basic idea in economics, sociology and other social sciences
  • Class (education), a group of students in a course or lesson
    • class, a lesson, in education
    • class, short for a classroom


Media, entertainment and sport

  • Character class in role-playing games and other genres
  • Class (film), a romantic comedy released in 1983
  • Class: A Guide Through the American Status System, a book by Paul Fussell
  • The Class, a CBS sitcom which began in fall 2006
  • Class, known as one-design in sailing, where boats built the same way race against each other


  • Appliance classes, in making electric appliances
  • Class (emission), a type of radio emission
  • Ship class, in a navy, a set of vessels that are built the same way

Computer science


  • Class (locomotive), a railroad locomotive design as assigned by the railroad
  • The classification of United States railroads by income:
    • Class I railroad
    • Class II railroad
    • Class III railroad



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