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Clash of the Titans
The Chosen Ones. Clockwise from center: Jay, Theresa, Neil, Atlanta, Herry, Archie, and Odie.
Format Animation
Created by Chris Bartleman
Michael Lahay
Starring Kirby Morrow
Meghan Black
Sarah Edmondson
Ty Olsson
Sam Vincent
Doron Bell Jr.
Kelly Sheridan
Ted Cole
David Kaye
Country of origin  Canada
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 52 (List of episodes)
Running time 22 minutes approx.
Production company(s) Studio B Productions
Original channel Canada Teletoon
United States qubo
Australia ABC3
Original run December 31, 2005 (2005-12-31) – February 2, 2008 (2008-02-02)

Class of the Titans is a Canadian animated television series created by Studio B Productions and Nelvana. It premiered on December 31, 2005 at 5 pm ET/PT on Teletoon with a special 90-minute presentation of the first three episodes. The series aired in the United States on qubo from September 19, 2009 - October 24, 2009.[1]

The series is currently being released on DVD. The first three episodes were released on February 19, 2008 as Chaos and includes a behind-the-scenes featurette. The second DVD, Trojan Horse, was released on May 20, 2008 and contains episodes 4-6. "Class of the Titans: Vol. 1 Season 1" was released November 18, 2008 and contains episodes 1-13. It is unknown if a second volume, or Season 2 set will be released.



When the planets align at midnight on New Year's Eve, Cronus, the God of Time, is finally able to escape his prison in the Underworld. With an army of giants behind him, Cronus intends to conquer and destroy the world.

While the gods of Olympus no longer have the power to stop Cronus on their own, they bring together the seven teenaged descendants of heroes from Greek mythology. Under the guidance of the gods, these chosen ones are the only ones with the power to save the world from the encroaching evil.



Main characters

Jay (Kirby Morrow) - "The Leader," descendant of Jason of the Argonauts.

Jay is 16 years old and the first of the teens to be located, he has an instinct for leadership and prefers a xiphos with a retractable blade. His parents are under the impression that, far from helping to save the world, he has been shortlisted for a space mission and is at a specialized astronaut training school. (It is unknown if the parents or guardians of the other teenagers were given the same explanation). Jay is of Greek heritage on his mother's side, and thus grew up with the stories of classical mythology. If the other teenagers are confused about a certain mythological concept, he usually explains it to them. He was initially unsure about his leadership role, as the others displayed obvious physical skills to signify and cement their places in the group, whereas Jay's were more subtle.
Jay takes his role as a hero extremely seriously, usually being the one who's always worrying about potential threats even when everything seems fine. His sense of responsibility and focused work ethic tends to drive the group mildly insane. Sailing seems to be his favourite hobby. He has very strong feelings for Theresa. In the first episode that she appears, he asks if she can read minds, which implies that he doesn't want her to know he likes her. In the Season 2 finale, Jay and Theresa share a passionate kiss.

Atlanta (Meghan Black (season 1), Sarah Edmondson (season 2) - "The Hunter," descendant of Atalanta (Artemis)[2][3]

Atlanta is 15 years old and the only chosen one with a female ancestor. She is initially referred to as the descendant of Artemis in the first episode and opening credits, but in subsequent episodes, she is referred to as the descendant of Atalanta.[4] After Jay, she was the next person Hermes found (in Canada), and brought along. She was born and raised in the Northwest Territories and was brought up around weapons and such, which explains her odd passion for dangerous weapons. She is super fast, has exceptional reflexes and tracking abilities, and uses jaw-trap steel bolas as her weapon of choice (though she seems to be tired of using steel bolas as enemies often run off with them or break them). In later episodes she uses a small wrist crossbow that shoots laser beams. She often works in tandem with Herry or Archie to take down Cronus' various minions. She is the youngest of the heroes at age 15.
Atlanta has a bit of a one-track mind, preferring to act rather than think things through, likes to tease Archie (mostly about his fear of water), and is very short tempered. At the same time, she's very studious to the point of being neurotic. She also has an interest in environmental issues and volunteers for the Green Alliance, though she also enjoys hunting with traditional weapons (ie. bow and arrows) and has a scar on her right shoulder from an incident with a puma. Atlanta has no interest in dating, but she did have a crush on Phil (DJ Panic/Pan) and gradually develops feelings for Archie. It is hinted earlier in the show when she gets jealous if Archie pays attention to other girls. While initially reluctant to change their relationship beyond that of close friends, she decides that she cares for him in the same way he does for her. Atlanta is also a player on Olympia High's field hockey team, along with Theresa.

Harry (Ty Olsson) - "The Brawn," descendant of Hercules (Heracles in Greek mythology).

A 16 year old farm boy, and the third to be discovered, he completed the initial trio of teens Hermes brought to Olympia High (the other four were introduced in subsequent episodes). Herry was found by Hermes on a farm after fighting 2 giants alone. He has super strength and tends to rely mostly on this. As such, he usually has no weapon, though he can be improvisational and learn to use just about anything when the need arises. While resourceful in this way, he doesn't seem to be particularly bright. Growing up on a farm, he is laid-back and easy-going. (However, it has been noted that he has periods of extreme rage in some situations. This can lead him into trouble sometimes, echoing how Hercules himself was emotionally uncontrolled.)He had no friends until he found out he was part of the group.
He has a big appetite and is fond of his grandmother, 'Granny', who appears to have raised him. Herry drives (and is a little protective of) a pickup truck, which his Granny passed onto him and was redesigned and equipped by Hephaestus to become the group's official ride. He is also prone to seasickness and sleeps with a teddy bear. He enjoys Athena's cooking and is in the habit of cleaning out the fridge.

Archie (Sam Vincent) - "The Warrior," descendant of Achilles.

The fourth teen brought to Olympia High, Archie is 15 years old and the second youngest hero (after Atlanta). Archie used to read a lot of ancient Greek poetry. He is super agile, almost as fast as Atlanta, and wields a "Hephaestus whip", a seeming cross between a chain whip and a rope dart, which cuts through anything. Hephaestus eventually upgraded it to an "Adamantine Whip", with the ability to hold Gods. Though Achilles did not wear armor over his weak heel (to his cost), Archie wears a distinctive gold brace covering his right shin and part of the foot, as he has a wonky heel (though what is wrong with it exactly hasn't been mentioned yet, the use of a corrective brace suggests a club foot). Dionysus also says that Archie is invincible to disease like Achilles (mostly) was, however Archie at least has scars from 'rubbing a timber wolf's belly'; he has never been sick a day of his life though.
At first, he is skeptical about being recruited as a hero and tried to sneak out of Olympia High (when the girls caught him, he told them that he was just patrolling in case of prowlers). He tends to be brash, macho, somewhat insensitive, and has a slight tendency to show off, but also tends to keep to himself and is rather cynical. Archie has also been attracted to Atlanta since they first met, but unfortunately, he does not have the courage to confess his feelings, though he did kiss her on the cheek once in episode 1.13 Little Box of Horrors while she was unconscious after being infected by the Seeper. Atlanta, for her part, is apparently oblivious to Archie's affections and instead, the two of them are always competing to best the other. He eventually openly tells her his feelings; she is initially wary of such a change in their relationship, but later tells him she likes him as well. He has an irrational fear of water and refuses to swim, although Atlanta eventually helps him get past this fear.

Theresa (Kelly Sheridan) - "The Fighter," descendant of Theseus.

She was introduced with Odie as the sixth and fifth teens discovered respectively. Theresa is a 16 year old and her father, who owns cattle ranches across Canada, is very preoccupied with his work (his lack of attention to anything else annoys her). She is very wealthy and is used to the finer things in life (much like her mentor Persephone), as she was test-driving her new sports car (a birthday present from her father) when the envoys from Cronus and Olympia arrived and was noticeably less than enthusiastic about the Olympia dorms. A black belt in tae kwon do at 12 years old, she has excellent fighting skills and is armed with nunchucks. She has natural sense of direction as well as a sixth sense, akin to some form clairvoyance or psychometry, enabling her to sometimes foresee the outcome of Cronus' schemes and the Olympians' plans or detect danger. Her psychic abilities have since further developed, including telepathic and telekinetic powers, which has helped the Chosen Ones more than once.
She has strong feelings for Jay. There are many hints throughout the series indicating that the creators are leaning on them as a couple, especially given that they are frequently seen together. She also is a talented lyre player, something she is very reluctant to admit to others. Like Atlanta, she also plays on Olympia High's field hockey team.

Odie (*Doron Bell Jr.) - "The Brains," descendant of Odysseus.

Odie is introduced with Theresa as the fifth and sixth teens discovered respectively. He is usually seen as the youngest of the group as he is physically smaller than the other heroes but, in fact, he is one of the oldest heroes, (he's 16). He has super intelligence, cleverness and extremely advanced skills with all types of electronics. He is also the group's tactician and the first to come up with a plan. He has no official weapon, but usually uses a PMR and an amazingly well-equipped laptop given to him by Hermes. Because of his physical size, Cronus usually mocks Odie by referring to him as "the little one". Since he lacks the more notable of physical capabilities of his ancestor and that of his friends, Odie is often underestimated.
Transportation-wise, he gets around on a moped. Unlike the other six teenagers, who seem to be Caucasian, Odie is of African descent and bears only slight physical resemblance to his ancestor (something that characters tend to take note of; Odie himself remarks in episode 1.17: Eye for an Eye that Odysseus' "bloodline is rather diluted" in him). He wears green-tinted glasses, likes virtual reality video games, is apparently skilled enough at it to fly a special jet plane he has never flown before, and suffers from claustrophobia.

Neil (Ted Cole) - "The Good Looking," descendant of Narcissus.

The last of the seven to join the group, Neil is 16 years old and exceptionally handsome and knows it, as he works as a freelance model and has his photos plastered all over New Olympia. Archie once said that: "The only person Neil loves is Neil". He nearly sided with Cronos, believing the god to be a top agent in the entertainment industry before the Olympians got to him. His lifestyle made him a spoiled brat, and the others initially harbored some doubts of his status as a 'hero'. He always has a monogrammed three-paneled mirror on-hand, which includes an autographed picture of himself that flips out of the middle mirror. Neil considers himself to be quite cultured and an all around fashion expert, and is easily upset if his clothes become dirty or spotted. He is notorious for being late and is also obsessed with horror films focused on vampires and werewolves.
However, he is extremely lucky, which helps defeat far more powerful foes, as well as help him with minor things like always winning coin tosses and board games. He wants to prove to the team that he is a hero. He tends to be rather blunt, has a high opinion of himself, and is easily startled. Neil generally does not wield a weapon, much to his annoyance, but is usually able to use weapons like tasers and Hecate's torches with great effect, likely because of his natural luck. But in episode 24: Sybaris Fountain, he finds himself very capable against Sybaris' vampire minions. He emits a high-pitched girlish scream when frightened, his worst fear is, not surprisingly, becoming bald, gaining weight and developing skin problems. He also snores quite loudly when he sleeps to the irritation of the other teen heroes. Despite his self-centered attitude, Neil does care deeply for his friends and will do whatever he can to help them when they need him most, even if it means putting aside the well-being of his hair.

Cronus (David Kaye)

Cronus's character combines the roles of Cronus, the leader of the Titans, and Chronos, the personification of time. Cronus was imprisoned since the Titanomachy in Tartarus by his son, Zeus. With the aligning of the planets on New Year's Eve, he is able to escape and exact revenge on Zeus and the Olympians, as well as take over the world. Having harbored such long-standing grudges, Cronus often has no trouble persuading his allies to take out their anger on the heroes' modern descendants. He also controls a number of giants, and has been known to form alliances with the old foes of the original heroes.
As one of the most powerful immortals in existence, Cronus has numerous powers, including using his blood to create sea serpents, turning his minions into hairy six-legged anteater creatures, super healing, creating portals to escape through when he's cornered, shapeshifting, shooting red beams that induce unconsciousness, and creating duplicates of himself. As the god of time, he is able to reverse and speed up time, as well as move himself and others through time, and hold it at a standstill; time travel notably weakens his powers. It is notable that unlike the gods, Cronus does not rely on the tree of immortality to remain alive because he is a Titan and was present prior to the gods. He wields two golden (in mythology, adamantine) scythes that materialize out of thin air. To blend in with the modern world, Cronus dresses in a black business suit, but other than that, Cronus wears a black toga.

Secondary characters

Aphrodite (Tabitha St. Germain) - Neil's mentor and goddess of love and beauty. She is an air-headed woman who loves good-looking people, especially herself. She and her attendants were supposed to bring Neil to Olympus High School. Aphrodite did not bother, as she had better things to do, which lead the heroes to go get Neil themselves. She seems to spend most of her time either make herself look even more beautiful or admiring herself in the mirror. Jay and Archie found her to be hypnotically attractive and had to be dragged out of the room by the very annoyed girls. Naturally, her beauty and obsession with it make her the ideal mentor for Neil.

Ares (Gary Chalk) - Archie's mentor and God of War. Provides the kids with an extensive array of different and ingenious weapons and helps to train them properly in the ways of fighting. While Ares favours armed and hand-to-hand combat, he also understands the art of war and recognizes the importance of tactics and strategy as well as luck in battle. He tends to be short-tempered and arrogant and is depicted as a balding and moustached man in armour. Like his student, Archie, Ares is a warrior with a penchant for not being easy to get along with.

Artemis (Patricia Drake) - Atlanta's mentor and the Goddess of the Hunt and of the Moon. She seems to have a slight New York accent and bears a slight resemblance to Atlanta. Not surprisingly, she and her student, Atlanta, are both great hunters and skilled in archery. She is a decisive and straight-forward woman who seems to have limited patience and enjoys competition.

Athena (Kathleen Barr) - Head of the dorm and Goddess of War and Wisdom. Surprisingly, she is a good cook, which Herry appreciates and a skilled weaver, unsurprising given that she is also the goddess of domestic arts. She is also depicted as being somewhat masculine but womanly in appearance and sporting very short, very dark purple hair. Her weapon of choice is a makhaira, which she also doesn't mind using to slice stacks of toast for her charges.

Chiron (Bruce Greenwood (season 1), Richard Newman (season 2)) - Master of all beasts and a centaur. Serves as a "human" encyclopedia of sorts, providing information and tidbits of Greek mythology-related knowledge. Interestingly, in Greek mythology, he ran a school for heroes, including Jason, Achilles, Theseus, and Hercules. He also takes care of the heroes when any of them are hurt in battle.

Granny (Peter Kelamis) - Herry's grandmother. An old lady that is very fond of her grandchild and pet dog, Pepe. She appears to be very frail at first, but later shows lot of spunk and energy for a woman her age. Cronos takes her hostage as bait for Herry, and he also reveals to her that her grandson is a hero. She does not seem fazed by the fact and quickly sets Herry to do more chores for her. It was also revealed that she is the one who taught Herry how to fight.

Hephaestus (Brian Drummond) - He makes the group's vehicles and is the god of fire, smithing and craftsmanship. His workshop is filled with various mechanical devices and explosives for the heroes' usage. He is also lame, with his right leg being somewhat shorter than the left, although he has special boots that solve the problem. Odie studies with him as well as with Hermes, though Hephaestus and Odie clash over the superiority of modern technology versus ancient magical innovation.

Hera (Patricia Drake) - Jay's mentor and queen of the gods. She is a stern, regal and elderly woman with a commanding presence, and acts as principal of Olympus High. All the other gods (and faculty of Olympus High School) answer to her. The animal she is associated with is the peacock, which she is sometimes seen with. Cronos is her father, which makes Poseidon, Hades, and her husband, Zeus, also her brothers. Like her student, Jay, she is a natural leader and was the patron goddess who championed his ancestor, Jason. As with Jason, Hera seems to take an active role in assisting Jay in his role as leader. She can take the form of a flaming phoenix. In her more youthful days, she had brown hair.

Hercules (Gary Chalk) - Herry's mentor, and god of power, strength and of athletes. By this era has the appearance of a middle aged pot-bellied, balding man with a heart tattoo on his biceps. However, looks can be deceiving, as Hercules retains all the strength of his glory days. He bears a resemblance to his modern descendant and describes himself as Herry's "great, great, great – great, great, great, uh, great-great grandfather", though he states that he thinks of Herry as a son. He appears to be rather dimwitted, but he knows the value of using your brain as well as your strength. He takes a lot of pride in his office, which showcases his famed accomplishments, which he proudly speaks of. He loves doughnuts, talks like a tough guy, and wears socks, a blue striped kilt (which looks similar to underwear), and a muscle shirt which displays his thick body hair. He was originally a mortal hero before his father, Zeus, made him a god upon death. Not surprisingly, he is Herry's mentor not only because they share amazing strength, but also because Herry is a direct descendant of Hercules himself.

Hermes (Brian Drummond) - Odie's mentor and messenger of the gods. Also the god of boundaries, invention, commerce, weights and measures, and travellers, though most people tend not to think of him as that (to his annoyance). Hermes would also confirm, later on, as being the unofficial King of Thieves. He was the one who was sent to retrieve the first six students, and also had to spin an elaborate tale for Jay's parents to explain his absence. Hermes is in charge of monitoring the gods' global networks and communication systems, which have since been enhanced by Odie's installation of high speed telephones. He always appears when Hera says his name. He has a secret portal in his room emblazoned with the caduceus that can transport anyone to anywhere they wish. His caduceus is the symbol of heralds, and he can use it to control animals. He is depicted as a somewhat hyperactive and skinny young man wearing a winged pilot cap, goggles, and winged boots. He is a clever and gifted inventor, something he shares with his student, Odie. Hermes, in addition to Athena, was also one of Odysseus' divine patrons. Hermes is more relaxed and less demanding than the other gods; in addition, he is most familiar with the human world and the way it works.

The Oracle (Brian Drummond) is an old bald man with strange glowing eyes, usually concealed with sunglasses, who can foresee the future and has been alive for about four thousand years, during which he's never once made a mistake. He is obligated to give such information to those who request it. Cronus consults him to find out who or what stands in his way for world domination, and the heroes talk to him to discover Neil's location prior to the team coming together completely. He usually sits by a magazine stand in the streets of New Olympia. Given his strange eyes and his gift of prophecy, he may or may not be a reference to Teiresias, the blind prophet of Zeus. He likes sushi, drinking coffee, and thinks he looks like a bald cat. Though his appearances were limited to Chaos 101-103 and 1.26: Time After Time in season 1, he becomes a recurring character in season 2, usually approached by Theresa whenever she begins to doubt her psychic abilities.

Persephone (Tabitha St. Germain) - Theresa's mentor and the queen of the underworld. She is tall, young, and possesses two distinct temperaments - one gentle and light-hearted, while the other, which is brought out when she is angry, is uncontrollable and spiteful. While enraged her surroundings become dark and her skin appears light-blue. To fulfill her ancient agreement to spend half her time in the Underworld with her husband Hades, Persephone has in her solarium a secret passageway to his realm hidden behind the four seasons. This passage allows the heroes access to the Underworld without fulfilling the usual requirement of being dead. She seems to be fond of gardening, not surprisingly given that she is a goddess of spring and the daughter of Demeter, whom she affectionately refers to as "Mommy". She also appears to share a loving relationship with her husband and their "puppy," Cerberus. Her connection to the supernatural and vast wealth (as a result of being married to Hades) is something she shares with her affluent and clairvoyant student, Theresa.

The Horae (Kathleen Barr as Spring Horae) - More commonly referred to as the Seasons. Inhabiting a mural that leads to the Underworld from Persephone's solarium, they regulate the seasons and appear as four maidens. They also possess the ability to control time (specifically visiting past seasons), though their power is slight compared to those of Cronus. The Horae also seem to fancy Jay. Summer is the only one that doesn't speak.

Zeus (Christopher Gaze) - King of the Gods and of Thunder, and husband to Hera and son of Cronus, whom he usurped, defeated, and imprisoned in the underworld. Throughout season 1, the Chosen Ones are unable to meet him (because apparently the time isn't right) or rather, do not recognize him that he is Mr. Suez ('Zeus' spelled backwards), the school's janitor. He is depicted as a frail grumpy-looking old man with a beard and English accent, who wouldn't say a word until episode 1.22: They Might Be G.I.Ants. He is rather disorganized and has a storage locker full of miscellaneous items, most of which are made of gold. His absentmindedness and appearance as an elderly man resulted from using up his powers to send the Chosen Ones back to the future after their role in thwarting Cronus' time altered victory at the Titanomachy. The Chosen Ones, after seeing Zeus during the Titan War, finally recognize Mr. Suez as Zeus after they return to the present. In his youth, he had blond hair and appeared muscular. He plays a more active role in season 2 and is shown to be much more easy-going and friendly.

Guest stars


Mythological creatures

The show's bestiary is composed primarily of creatures from classical mythology, though the cartoon takes some liberties with how the creatures are depicted in the show's modern-day era.


  • Aeolia (seen in episode 1.15: The Odie-sey) - The floating island of Aeolus, Keeper of the Winds, though it is never referred to by name. The island is more like a small rocky mountain resting on the back of a giant sea turtle, with a temple at the top where Aeolus can command the four winds.
  • Atlantis (seen in episode 1.7: The Antikythera Device) - The ancient civilization and continent that the Greek gods punished by sinking into the sea using the Antikythera Device. Atlas is a native of the land, and he also gave his name to it. The continent is now an underwater ruin. A giant statue of Poseidon can be found in the main temple, though the temple was destroyed when Jay and Theresa set off explosives in it to destroy the Device that lay inside.
  • The Brownstone - The building complex that serves as a dormitory for the heroes. The building is protected from Cronus and his minions, though not from other threats like Campe, the jailer of Tartarus. Each of the seven heroes has their own separate room fitted in a way that matches their personalities.[5] Jay's room has the theme of sailing and also makes references to the Golden Fleece retrieved by his ancestor. Atlanta's room expresses her interest in sports and the environment while Theresa's room shows her spiritual interests. Not surprisingly, Odie's room in the basement is filled with technological components and his computers while Neil, given his self-absorbed nature, contains many mirrors and things related to his modelling career. As seen in the director Brad Goodchild's blog, Herry's room is centred around his interest in body-building while Archie's room has a Japanese theme, fitting in with his love of poetry.
  • Crete (seen in episode 1.20: Many Happy Returns) - In the show, Crete is a tiny volcanic island that is also the home of Talos and Hephaestus' original workshop.
  • The Garden of the Hesperides (seen in episode 1.21: Labour Day and 2.6 Pandemonium) - A sacred garden of Hera's where golden apples of immortality grew on trees. It was guarded by the Hesperides, as well as a dragon known as Ladon.
  • Lerna (seen in episode 1.21: Labour Day) - A region of ancient Greece characterized by swampy springs. It is also the home to the Hydra, the many-headed giant water-serpent.
  • Mount Caucasus (seen in episode 1.12: Prisoner Campe) - The Russian mountain Zeus chained Prometheus to as punishment for stealing fire from the gods. In the modern day, the mountain is the location for the Temple of Prometheus, where a fire can be lit to summon the eagle which ate Prometheus' liver each day. Cronus and his giants bring Herry's Granny there as a hostage, and the heroes travel to the mountains by using gliders and Hermes' portal.
  • Nemea (seen in episode 1.21: Labour Day) - A town in classical Greece that was home to the Nemean Lion, whose defeat was the first of Hercules' Twelve Labours.
  • New Olympia - The fictional city the heroes are summoned to. The Greek gods have since moved from their Mount Olympus in order to stay safe from Cronus, as well as to oversee, train and protect the seven teenage heroes. It is apparently located somewhere in Canada.[6]
  • Olympus High School - New Olympia's high school, built with a Greek architecture theme in mind. The seven heroes attend the school as students, as do the city's other non-heroic teenagers. The Greek gods reside in a secret part of the school accessible only through the janitor closet with special medallion keys that each of the heroes has. In this part of the school, there are training facilities, weapon stores, secret portals, Hephaestus' workshop, etc. Many statues also decorate the building, including ones of Zeus armed with thunderbolts and Asclepius with his Asclepian rod. It is under the protection of the gods, and therefore undetectable by Cronus. The school was also invulnerable to the timeline change Cronus made by winning the Titanomachy.
  • Ogygia (seen in episode 1.15: The Odie-sey) - Calypso's tropical island paradise. Odysseus was stranded and kept there for seven years during his journey home. Odie, Jay and Neil also wash up on-shore after Cronus capsized their boat with Aeolus' winds. The weather is always beautiful and the island is characterized by its sandy beaches and palm trees.
  • Plains of Asphodel (seen in episode 1.19: Road to Hades) - In Greek mythology, asphodel is a plant sacred to Persephone and grows in the Underworld. There is an entire field of aconite growing in the field, but anyone who steps off the path to enter will turn to stone. Odie solved the problem by putting the path's dirt into his shoe so technically he is still on the path.
  • The Underworld (seen in episode 1.1: Chaos 101, episode 1.4: Man's Worst Enemy and episode 1.19: Road to Hades, episode 2.8 Cold Day in Hades) - The ancient Greek realm of the dead, ruled over by Hades and his wife, Persephone. The three-headed dog Cerberus guards its gates, Campe guards its prisoners, Minos judges the entering souls, and Charon ferries the dead across the river, but only if you pay him with gold coins. The deepest area is Tartarus, where Cronos was imprisoned after his defeat at the hands of Zeus. Heroes reside in Elysium, the one place in the underworld that isn't dark and gloomy, but idyllic and peaceful instead. You must be dead in order to enter, although the heroes circumvent this rule by sneaking through the picture of the Seasons in Persephone's solarium. There are also other secret passages, but Chiron is adamant that they remain so. Asphodel grows plentifully, but wandering off the path that leads to it will turn you to stone. In the first episode of season 2 Cronus takes over the underworld and unleashes Thanatos on the heroes but is eventually defeated yet again.


  • Andrew Borkowski, TV Guide: "It's all Greek to me". Toronto: Transcontinental Media, January 21-27th, 2005.

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Class of the Titans is an animated Television show from the Canadian animation company, Nelvana. In this series, the teenage descendants of mythical heroes try to stop the evil Cronus from destroying the world.


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