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Claude Berri
Born 1 July 1934(1934-07-01)
Paris, France
Died 12 January 2009 (aged 74)
Paris, France
Other name(s) Claude Berel Langmann
Occupation Film producer
Film director
Years active 1953 – 2008

Claude Berri (1 July 1934 – 12 January 2009), born Claude Berel Langmann, was one of the great all-rounders of French cinema: an actor, writer, producer, director and distributor. "Out of my failure as an actor was born my desire to direct. Then my relative failure as a director forced me to become a producer. In order to get my films shown, I became a distributor. One had to eat, that's all!"[1]


Life and career

Berri was born in Paris, France of Jewish origin, the son of Beila (née Bercu) and Hirsch Langmann, a furrier.[2] His sister was screenwriter and editor Arlette Langmann. Berri won the "Best Film" BAFTA for Jean de Florette, and was also nominated for twelve César Awards, though he never won. Berri also won the Oscar for Best Short Film for Le Poulet at the 39th Academy Awards in 1966, and produced Roman Polanski's Tess which was nominated for Best Picture in 1981.

Internationally, however, two films in 1986 overshadow all his other achievements. Jean de Florette and its sequel Manon des Sources (1986 film) were huge hits.[3]

In 2003 he was elected President of the Cinémathèque Française where he obtained enough state subsidies to cover the costs of its resurgence at its new site in the rue de Bercy.[4]

Berri died of a stroke on 12 January 2009, aged 74.[5][6]



  • Le Vieil Homme et l'Enfant (1967) (US title: The Two of Us)
  • Je Vous Aime (1980) also screenwriter
  • Tchao Pantin (1983) (English title: So Long, Stooge)
  • Jean de Florette (1986)
  • Manon des Sources (1986) (US title: Manon of the Spring) — sequel to Jean de Florette (second half of the book L'Eau des collines)
  • Germinal (1993) — at that time the most expensive French feature film ever made
  • Une Femme de Ménage (2002) (English title: A Housekeeper)
  • Ensemble, C'est Tout (2007) (English title: Hunting and Gathering)



  • Le Vieil Homme et l'Enfant (1967) (US title: The Two of Us)
  • Mazel Tov ou le Marriage (1968)
  • Le Pistonné (1969)
  • Le Cinéma de Papa (1970)
  • Sex-shop (1972)
  • Le Mâle du Siècle (1975) (English title: Male of the Century )
  • La Première Fois (1976)
  • Un Moment d'Égarement (1977)
  • Je Vous Aime (1980)
  • Le Maître d'École (1981)
  • Tchao Pantin (1983) (English title: So Long, Stooge)
  • Manon des Sources (1986) (US title: Manon of the Spring)
  • Jean de Florette (1986)
  • Uranus (1990)
  • Germinal (1993)
  • Lucie Aubrac (1997)
  • La Débandade (1999)
  • Une Femme de Ménage (2002) (English title: A Housekeeper)
  • L'un Reste, l'Autre Part (2004) (English title: One Stays, the Other Leaves)
  • Ensemble, C'est Tout (2007) (English title: Hunting and Gathering)


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