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Clementia of Hungary
Statue of Clémence d'Anjou
Queen consort of France and Navarre
Tenure 1315-1316
Coronation 24 August 1315
Spouse Louis X of France
John I of France
House House of Anjou
House of Capet
Father Charles Martel of Anjou
Mother Clementia of Habsburg
Born 1293
Died 12 October 1328 (aged 34–35)

Clementia of Hungary (also known as Clémence d'Anjou; French: Clémence de Hongrie) (1293-12 October 1328), Queen consort of France and Navarre, was the second wife of King Louis X of France.


Clementia was the daughter of Charles Martel of Anjou, titular King of Hungary, and Clementia of Habsburg, the daughter of Holy Roman Emperor Rudolf I. She was the niece of Charles of Valois by his first wife, Margaret, Countess of Anjou.

Coronation of Clementia of Hungary

When Philip IV of France died, his eldest son Louis of Navarre became king of France. Louis' wife, Margaret, had been locked up in Château-Gaillard since 1314 after being found guilty of adultery by King Philip, on the testimony of, amongst others, his daughter Isabelle. Since there had been no formal divorce, Margaret technically became queen consort on Philip's death, though she was kept locked up. In 1315 the queen died - allegedly strangled or otherwise murdered to allow her husband to remarry. Louis chose Clementia, and they married on 19 August 1315; she was crowned queen at Reims on 24 August.

Louis died in June 1316, leaving Clementia several months pregnant. Her brother-in-law, Philip, became regent, denying the rights of Clementia's stepdaughter Joan, who was too young and whose paternity was doubtful; and of Clementia herself, who was considered unsuitable to be regent. She gave birth to a son named John in November 1316. King from the moment of his birth, he lived only four days, whereupon the throne was seized by his uncle, who became Philip V.

Clementia then left the court for Avignon. In 1318 she went into retirement in the Dominican convent of Aix-en-Provence. She returned to Paris several years later, and died on 12 October 1328, at age thirty-five. She was buried on 15 October in the Jacobin convent.



Weir, Alison, Isabella

French royalty
Preceded by
Margaret of Burgundy
Queen consort of Navarre
Succeeded by
Jeanne de Bourgogne
Queen consort of France


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