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Kyrkliga Folkpartiet (Clerical People's Party, or Popular Party) a minor pro-fascist party in Sweden founded in 1930; not to be confused with the mainstream Liberal People's Party. The party was formed a led by Ivar Rhedin, a priest in the Church of Sweden.[1] Rhedin was the editor of Göteborgs Stiftstidning (Magazine of the Diocese of Göteborg), in which he wrote many pro-German articles. The party was an ally of the main Nazi party in Sweden, National Socialist Workers Party. But the cooperation between the two parties didn't last. Although both groups were staunch antisemites, their approaches toward the Jews were somewhat different. Rhedin, as a conservative Christian, was against the Jews as a religious community. NSAP were against the Jews as a race. Rhedin had no problem in accepting Jews who converted to Christianity, whereas NSAP and other nazi groups considered that converted Jews continued to be Jews in racial aspects.

When a massacre on demonstrating workers took place in Ådalen 1931 (killing five), Rhedin praised the officer who had ordered the troops to open fire.


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