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As the Transformers franchise has grown, more continuities separate from the original series and its subsidiaries have come into existence, some featuring Cliffjumpers of their own.


Transformers: Armada

Armada Cliffjumper toy
Sub-group Female Transformers
Partner Cheetor
Motto "Reading is more of a thrill than punching."
Alternate Modes 2001 Toyota Tundra
Series Transformers: Armada

Cliffjumper does not appear in any cartoon or comic-book series, although she did receive a biography in the Dreamwave More Than Meets The Eye comics.

Cliffjumper's bio described her as almost the polar opposite of the Generation 1 Cliffjumper - where he was brash and always ready to fight, she is quiet and reserved, seeking an end to the war so she can return to her scientific career. Sadly for her she was stuck with Cheetor, her polar opposite, as a partner. A cocky type always seeking adventure, he often teased her about her name, unaware of the damage it did to her self-esteem. After he was taken as one of Unicron's four horsemen, she felt slightly relieved - almost immediately feeling guilty at the mere thought of it.



  • Armada Cheetor with Cliffjumper
A recolor of fellow Mini-Con Ransack, Cliffjumper is a female Mini-Con that comes with Armada Cheetor.

Transformers: Energon

Cliffjumper Energon toy
Japanese name Overdrive
Sub-group Ultra Vehicles
Function Polar Region Soldier
Rank 6
Motto "A stunt can never be too dangerous." (Hasbro)
"I choose the time and place I fight." (Takara)
Alternate Modes Dune Buggy
Series Transformers: Energon
English voice actor Doron Bell Jr.

The name Cliffjumper (Overdrive in Japan) was used again in the Transformers: Energon line.

In the Transformers: Energon animated series, Cliffjumper's name was frequently swapped with fellow Autobot Downshift, as they were originally mistaken for one another when they first appeared. His vehicle mode was a dune racer.

This Cliffjumper was more reminiscent of the original, as he was described as loving high-risk situations, although not the battle fervour of the original. Cliffjumper loved stunt driving, with the more risk and speed involved the better. While he is a skilled warrior, his unnecessary risk-taking has earned him more than one reprimand from Optimus Prime.

Animated series

Cliffjumper appeared in the Transformers: Energon series as one of the inexperienced soldiers under the command of Bulkhead sent into the rift caused by the collision of Unicron's head with his body. They eventually succeeded in bringing Optimus Prime's team back to the normal universe. In the final battle, he gave his spark energy to empower Optimus Supreme against the Unicron-possessed Galvatron.

Dreamwave Productions

Cliffjumper also appeared in the accompanying Energon comics by Dreamwave Productions. He originally came to Earth to battle the Terrorcons, and became part of the Autobot forces permanently stationed there.

Later, he was knocked out by a surprise attack from Tidal Wave, who further threatened his life to get Ironhide to do what he wanted.

He was part of the Autobot forces in Los Angeles, battling against the horde of Insecticon clones - until they were surprisingly bailed out by Megatron. Dreamwave's closure prevented this story from ever being completed.


  • Energon Cliffjumper
The toy of Energon Cliffjumper was recolored into Energon Beachcomber.

2007 Transformers film

Cliffjumper movie toy
Sub-group Cyber Slammers, Deluxe Vehicles, Micro Vehicles
Alternate Modes Classic Camaro, Camaro Concept Car, Cybertronian car
Series Transformers
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Cliffjumper is the name of a character from the Transformers 2007 movie toy line.

Cliffjumper is impatient and is considered the opposite of the composed Autobot Bumblebee. He'd rather take down a Decepticon by force and then try to get information from their smoldering wreckage than spy on them.

The Legends 2-pack with Cliffjumper and Recon Barricade says that Cliffjumper and Barricade are old rivals. Cliffjumper often taunts Barricade into making mistakes. Most of the time his taunts often lead to victory.

IDW Publishing

In Transformers: Defiance #1 by IDW Publishing, back on ancient Cybertron Bumblebee and Cliffjumper were tasked to watch over the Allspark at the temple at Simfur. In issue #3 Megatron learns that Optimus has broken into his room so he sends Bumblebee, Camshaft, Cliffjumper, Jazz, Prowl and Smokescreen to arrest Optimus for treason. Optimus demands to speak directly to Megatron, but when the group is traveling to Megatron's location they are ambushed by Barricade, Brawl, Crankcase, Frenzy, Starscream, Skywarp and Thundercracker who have orders to kill the lot of them. Smokescreen is able to cover Optimus and his group's retreat in the confusion of an explosion. In issue #4 Arcee, Bumbelbee, Cliffjumper, Jazz and Smokescreen ambush Ironhide, who they believed works for Megatron, but Ironhide instead joins Optimus Prime's Autobots.

In Reign of Starscream the Decepticon Starscream barely makes it to the Nemesis on Mars before he runs out of power. His return is noted by the Autobot Cosmos, who alerts Arcee, Cliffjumper, Smokescreen, Camshaft and Air Raid. Aided by Thundercracker on the Nemesis Starscream recovers and sends the information on the Allspark Frenzy had gathered back to Cybertron just as Hardtop spots the Autobots closing on the Nemesis. In issue #3 Cliffjumper is shot in the back by Starscream.


  • Transformers 3D Battle Card Game Cliffjumper (2007)
Cliffjumper is among the characters which appeared in the 1st wave of Transformers 3D Battle Card Game by Wizards of the Coast. Unlike most versions of Cliffjumper for the movie, where he is a red repaint of movie 2007 bumblebee. the Cliffjumper card looks nearly identical to Alternators Swerve, with the addition of 2007 movie style exposed facial robotics and joints. His vehicle mode is a 2000era Chevy Corvette. Oddly a Swerve card was released which was a red redeco of Bumblebee, leading some to think their cards for swapped.
  • Transformers Legends Cliffjumper (2007)
A red repaint of Legends Bumblebee. Available in a 2-pack with Movie Legends Recon Barricade. 1/64 scale. [1]
  • Transformers Cyber Slammers Cliffjumper (2007)
A red repaint of movie concept Camaro Bumblebee.
  • Transformers Deluxe Cliffjumper (2008)
A red repaint of Concept Camaro Bumblebee. This Deluxe toy features Automorph technology and a complex transformation. Comes with a laser cannon that opens to become a clear blue blade. This toy is about 14 centimeters long in vehicle mode. With a real Concept Camaro being 473 centimeters long this toy has a scale of about 1/34. With the toy standing 16 centimeters tall in robot mode, the real robot would stand about 18 feet tall. Curiously, the toy has been misprinted on promotional images- it depicts Cliffjumper with splodges of Allspark blue on his thighs, when there is none there. Also, it has something similar to Bumblebee- the front end of his feet black, however, there is no black. Like Megatron, the promo images have errors overall. [2]

Non-transforming merchandize

  • Transformers Robot Heroes Movie Cliffjumper (2007)
A Robot Heroes Movie Bumblebee repaint as a Best Buy exclusive with "Battle Attack Optimus Prime".
  • Revenge of the Fallen Titanium 3 inch Cliffjumper vs. Dead End (2009, not released yet)
A Toys-R-Us store exclusive. Redecos of the Bumblebee and Jazz toys. [3]

Transformers: Animated

Animated Cliffjumper toy
Sub-group Activators
Function Intel Agent
Alternate Modes Car
Series Transformers Animated
English voice actor David Kaye

Because of his temper, Cliffjumper has never been much of a spy. Even though he works in Intelligence, he doesn't interact much with the enemy. Instead, he collects information from field agents and finds the important bits for his superiors. Of course, knowing everything there is to know about the Decepticons makes him a little tense, which is why he's always ready for a fight.

Animated series

In the Transformers Animated episode "Autoboot Camp", an Autobot similar in appearance to Bumblebee, but taller, and with longer horns and a red and gray color scheme, is featured. Although not named, series artist Derrick J. Wyatt confirmed that the character is Cliffjumper.

He makes a reappearance in the season 3 opener, "Transwarped", where he gets to speak. He speaks when telling Longarm Prime/Shockwave that, per Ultra Magnus's orders, the Space Bridge Nexus is to be shut down due to the Decepticons trying to transwarp to Cybertron. He then appears outside Longarm/Shockwave's office, told by Longarm to dispose of a cube that was once Blurr, being told it was "sensitive materials."

Cliffjumper appeared again in "Five Servos of Doom" where he is contacted by Optimus Prime, Sentinel Prime, Jetfire, and Jetstorm. He told the Earth bound Autobots that about "50 megacycles ago, Ultra Magnus was attacked by the Decepticon traitor Shockwave." He then goes on to say that Ultra Magnus is "... in recovery, but Shockwave got away with his Magnus hammer and did a number on the communications systems." He then gets told that Prowl has captured many of Megatron's top soldiers. He later appears alongside Alpha Trion and Preceptor in a transmission to Sentinel Prime concerning the laters return to Cybertron. Cliffjumper taunts Sentinel by saying that "he thought it was Prowl" when Sentinel attempts to take credit for capturing Megatrons soldiers. He was also seen in "Endgame Part 2" when Optimus Prime and his team captured Megatron, Shockwave, and Lugnut.


  • Animated Activators Cliffjumper
A remold of Activators Bumblebee in red with a new head mold. First mentioned at SDCC 2008 [4] Images of the toy appeared on the web in September 2008. [5]

Transformers: Timelines

Alternate Modes Car
Series Transformers: Timelines

This Cliffjumper is the counterpart of Generation 1 Cliffjumper in the Shattered Glass storyline. He is blue instead of red, and well as being evil. He died before the Generation 1 Cliffjumper arrived on his world.

Fun Publications

When the Generation 1 Cliffjumper first arrived on the Shattered Glass Cybertron, many people assumed he that world's Cliffjumper, who had gone missing, and that his stories of heroic Autobots were just a delusion.

In "Dungeons & Dinobots" the Omega Terminus reanimated the dead body of Cliffjumper and used it as a weapon against Cliffjumper and his companions. This undead Cliffjumper was destroyed by Scraplets, who devour dead metal.


Although no toy was made for this character, he appears to be similar to the Classics Cliffjumper toy, only blue where the original character is red.



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