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Clint Lowery
Birth name Clint Edward Lowery
Born December 15, 1971 (1971-12-15) (age 38)
Genres Heavy metal
Hard rock
Alternative metal
Occupations Musician, Songwriter
Instruments Guitar, Vocals, Drums, Bass, Keyboards
Years active 1989-Present
Labels Warner Bros.
7 Bros.
Associated acts Dark New Day
Still Rain
Notable instruments
PRS Guitars

Clint Lowery (born December 15, 1971[citation needed]) is a heavy metal guitarist and vocalist, previously of the bands Still Rain and Dark New Day. Lowery currently plays lead guitar in the band Sevendust and served as the touring guitarist for Korn through most of 2007. He is thanked by Fieldy in Korn's Untitled Korn album. Clint Lowery has two brothers, Corey and Dustin, who have played in different bands over the years. He also has a girl.

Due to a family emergency, Clint was forced to leave Korn one month earlier than anticipated, and was replaced by Shane Gibson.[citation needed] He entered the studio in September 2007 to start recording a new album with Dark New Day. On March 26, 2008, it was announced that Clint had rejoined Sevendust, putting the future of Dark New Day and the release of its new album in question.

In September 2008 he wrote and recorded a 6 song EP while off the road with Sevendust for a week. He played every instrument on the cd, which was produced by his brother Corey Lowery. The name of the project was titled Hello skeletons, the name of the EP, "Chills" was released in October. He has streamed some video footage of their first performance.

Clint Lowery has posted a cover of the U2 track "Pride" on MySpace.

In a blog posting, Clint Lowery stated the release of Dark New Day second album is unlikely. The album had been expected to be released in some form in 2008, however it has yet to be released. Lowery stated the album may eventually be released to iTunes.

He has quoted Zakk Wylde as an Influence.




Still Rain

In 1989, Clint Lowery with vocalist Donnie Hamby, guitarist Troy McLawhorn, bassist Corey Lowery and drummer Bevan Davies start a new band called Still Rain. Lowery with the band played everywhere from Daytona to Atlanta to Louisville. Kentucky. Even as far North as Grand Rapids, Michigan at Club Eastbrook. Mixing multiple sets of covers with their own original music. Doing this, they built up quite a big following. After doing this for a few years, they decided to go all original, producing their first Album (they had done tapes before, which sold out quickly) called Still Rain. A second album, Bitter Black Water, soon followed.


After Still Rain, Lowery joined American heavy metal band Sevendust as a lead guitarist. They released their first studio album titled Sevendust in 1997. After a year they released a live video title Live And Loud. In 1999, they released their second studio album Home which had four singles and had good chart in mainstream and modern rock charts which were better than first album's singles chart. He performed with the band at Woodstock '99. In 2001, Sevendust released new album Animosity. In 2003, Sevendust returned with their fourth album, Seasons. This was one of the band's best received albums and to-date features their highest charting single (tied with "Driven"), "Enemy", which peaked at #10 on the Mainstream Rock Chart. "Enemy" was also used as the official theme song for "WWE Unforgiven 2003". In 2004, for the first time in the band's career, they released a live album on a CDDVD double-disk package titled Southside Double-Wide: Acoustic Live. which includes a tribute cover of "Hurt" by Nine Inch Nails. Lowery returned to Sevendust in the spring of 2008 and recorded new album titled Cold Day Memory and currently in tour with the band.

Dark New Day

On December 11, 2004, after playing a show in Columbus, Ohio, it was announced that Clint Lowery had left the band mid-tour, because he wanted to play with his brother Corey Lowery in his new band Dark New Day, who had reportedly just signed with Warner Bros. records. Guitarist J3, formerly of Tommy Lee, was hired temporarily to fill in for the rest of the dates, and was eventually replaced by Sonny Mayo (from Snot and Amen). On June 14, 2005, the band released their first album, Twelve Year Silence through Warner Bros. Records. The first single from the effort, "Brother", was a surprise hit on active and alternative stations, although the follow-up, "Pieces", did not fare nearly as well. On September 5, 2006, Dark New Day released an EP through iTunes called Black Porch that features new tracks "Breakdown" and "Storm" as well as acoustic versions of songs from Twelve Year Silence. The only single that was released was the acoustic version of "Follow The Sun Down". In September 2007, Clint posted on Dark New Day's MySpace page saying that the band returned to the studio to record their next album with producer Dave Bendeth. On February 7, 2009, after months of no word on the album. Clint Lowery posted a blog entry stating the likely possibility that the second album will never be released. He did say that there was a chance of it getting released on iTunes but no word of when. He also stated that he didn't know what shape the band was in but that it was most likely on permanent hiatus.


In 2007, Clint toured with Korn as their live guitarist for 8 months until he left in October 2007. On March 26, 2008, Clint announced that he had rejoined Sevendust. In a blog stated on the bands' myspace, Will Hunt announced that he would be happy to have Clint join Dark New Day for any shows in the near future during time off.

Hello Demons Meet Skeletons

In September 2008 Lowery wrote and recorded a 6 song EP while off the road with Sevendust for a week. He played every instrument on the cd, which was produced by Corey Lowery which the name of the project is title Hello Demons Meet Skeletons.

Hello Demons Meet Skeletons was a phrase used to described what happened to a life when all the demons in someone's life came head to head with the skeletons one can accumulate in life. This project was created to unload the demons and skeletons in Lowery's life. A way to lyrically touch on subjects that needed to be touched on in order to move forward with his life and leave the past behind without completely forgetting it. He wanted to play everything himself and sing everything himself because it's a very personal project. He had time off between tours with Sevendust and thought he would take that time to get this out of his system. The EP Chills has 6 songs. His brother Corey Lowery produced, engineered and mixed it for him. It was released over iTunes on October 12, 2008. As of 2009, the current status for Lowrey's side project remains on hiatus.

A Song for Chi

An all-star lineup including Korn bassist Reginald "Fieldy" Arvizu, drummer Ray Luzier, former guitarist Brian "Head" Welch, Slipknot guitarist Jim Root, and Sevendust's Clint Lowery have banded together to record a new instrumental song to benefit Deftones bassist Chi Cheng who was injured in a car accident in November 2008, but now remains in a "semi-conscious state".[1]


Clint's current live setup:

  • PRS Guitars
  • Yamaha acoustic guitars
  • LJX6C
  • L Series Handcrafted Guitar[2]
  • 2 Diamond Phantom Heads
  • 2 Matching Diamond Phantom Cabinets
  • GCX Ground Control and Audio Switcher
  • Electro Harmonix Effects


Still Rain

  • Still Rain
  • Bitter Black Water


Dark New Day

Hello skeletons


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