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Clipper is the brand name of a type of refillable butane lighter, designed by Bryant and May. The most common design has a cylindrical body, and removable flint housing and flint. Most Clipper Lighters are produced in Spain, and the rest are produced in India. The Clipper lighter is considered highly collectable, since there are many different designs, sizes and 'sets'. website:

Clipper is a prominent brand in the world lighter market. They are mostly produced in Spain, in a factory near Barcelona. The first Clipper lighter was made in 1972 and now the production is around 200 million units / year with a production to be distributed worldwide.


Some people associate the use of the clipper lighter with drug use, most commonly cannabis. This is due to the flame increasing when the lighter is tipped upside down, which is useful in the lighting of pipes, and heating of hashish. Also, the removable flint is often used by smokers to poke joints or rolled-up cigarettes, in order to compress the contents.

Why people collect the Clipper

Many people collect the Clipper lighter due to the vast range of designs that clipper put on their lighters, everything from cartoon characters to Cannabis leaves. Many people also collect the different styles such as the smaller Clipper (Commonly referred to as "The Mini Clipper"), Clipper Elite, and disposable types sold only in Spain. Many are also decorated and personalised post-production.

In Popular Culture

British rapper The Streets has used the Clipper lighter as his logo. The lighter (bearing the name of the rapper) appears on his second and third album covers However, his debut album, Original Pirate Material, employed a Swan lighter instead. His merchandise includes branded Clipper lighters.

The Artist Damien Hirst also used the images of the Clipper lighter in a series of Artworks together with silk cut tobacco boxes

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