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Clitoral crura
Clitoris inner anatomy.gif
The internal anatomy of the human vulva, with the clitoral hood and labia minora indicated as lines.
Latin crus clitoridis
Artery deep artery of clitoris
Lymph superficial inguinal lymph nodes



Shows the sub-areas of the clitoris. Areas include clitoral glans, body, crura. Also shows vestibular bulbs and corpus cavernosa

The clitoral crura are an internal portion of the clitoris. A single one is called a clitoral crus. They are shaped like an inverted "V" with the vertex of the "V" connecting to the clitoral body. They are near the vestibular bulbs, also known as the clitoral bulbs.

They are to the left and right of the urethra, urethral sponge, and vagina and extend back toward the pubic bone.

The clitoral crura contain muscles called the ischiocavernosi.[1]

"Crus" basically translates as "leg", thus "crura" as "legs".

Each clitoral crus connects to the rami of the pubis and the ischium. The crura, like the rest of the clitoris, are composed of two corpus cavernosa muscles, which are made up of erectile tissue.[2]


Like the rest of the clitoris, the crura fill with blood during the excitement phase. During intercourse, the clitoris shows no known changes.[3]


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