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Chlodio (395-448) [1] was a king of the Salian Franks from the Merovingian dynasty. He was known as the Long-Haired King and lived at a place on the Thuringian border called Dispargum. From there he invaded the Roman Empire in 428 and settled in Northern Gaul, where already other groups of Salians were settled. Although he was attacked by the Romans he was able to maintain his position and 3 years later in 431 extended his kingdom down south to the Somme River. In 448, 20 years after his reign began, Chlodio was finally defeated at an unidentified place called Vicus Helena by Flavius Aëtius, the commander of the Roman Army in Gaul.

Like all Merovingian kings Chlodio had long hair as a ritual custom. His successor may have been Merovech, after whom the dynasty was named 'Merovingian'. One legend has it that his father was Pharamond. The sources on Chlodio's history are Gregory of Tours and Sidonius Apollinaris.



  1. ^ Variations in the spelling in the name of "Chlodio" include Cloio, Clodio, Clodius, Chlogio. This is normal for barbarian names in Roman texts.


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