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Closed for the Season is an upcoming 2010 supernatural thriller starring Aimee Brooks, Damian Maffei, and Joe Unger. Written and directed by Jay Woelful, and produced by ShadowCast Pictures, Jay Ellison and Jon Wagner, Executive Producers, the movie is based upon folklore surrounding a once-flourishing, fun-filled amusement park in Chippewa Lake, Ohio.



The film tells the story of Kristy (Aimee Brooks) who, one ill-fated night, wakes up to find herself trapped beneath the ruins of a dilapidated wooden roller coaster inside the decaying vestiges of an abandoned amusement park. She quickly finds herself being terrorized by all the myths and urban legends that have become part of Chippewa Lake’s 130-year history. While attempting to escape the sights and sounds she is witnessing, Kristy runs into James (Damian Maffei), whose parents are the caretakers of the park.

James listens to Kristy’s plight and journeys with her to investigate these ghosts that have come alive to threaten her. He quickly determines that her frightening accounts are amazingly accurate. However, James discovers that he, too, is now trapped, along with Kristy, inside the park with these demons from the past. Searching futilely for an exit, the pair finds that various attractions—long discarded and fallen into ruin—suddenly come to life, tormenting them at every turn.

As Kristy and James make their way through the remains of the park, they encounter a mysterious carny (Joe Unger) in clown makeup, who once was responsible for operating the amusement park’s roller coaster but who died many years previously. He advises the couple that their only escape to freedom is to relive and survive all the life-threatening tales from the park’s past and to ride the now-operational rides in the park one final time.

The couple has no choice but to heed the baffling advice of their inexplicable guide, as he leads them through the park from one horror to another, so they might win their freedom. The looming question remains: will Kristy and James survive the deadly, mythical and mystical apparitions of this desolate and ruinous amusement park or simply become just one more urban legend of the infamous Chippewa Lake Park.


  • Aimee Brooks as Kristy
  • Damian Maffei as James
  • Joe Unger as The Carny
  • William Waters as Dyrk
  • Marty Swiatkowski as The Giant
  • Will Kinghorn as Louie the Mobster
  • Russ Wisniewski as Mobster #1
  • Mike Nugent as Wackkles
  • Bob Watson as Hackles
  • Jim Grega as Cackles
  • Bob Duecker as Bulldozer Driver
  • Stephanie Rose as Smoking Lady
  • Alex Gabrielsen and Jeremy Markham as The Lake Monster
  • T.C. Rypel as Security Guard
  • Jake Saffle as Young Dyrk
  • Cameron Howell as Young James
  • Rachael Thailing as Young Kristy
  • Bruce Thailing as Kristy’s father
  • Michelle Falcone as Kristy’s mother
  • Isabella Poling Young as Kristy double
  • Allie Toman as Kristy double
  • Al Filigim as Biker guy
  • Carol Carter as Biker girl
  • John Luft as Biker #3

Release History

United States February, 2010

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