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Club goods (also known as collective goods or artificially-scarce goods) are a type of good in economics, sometimes classified as a subtype of public goods that are excludable but non-rivalrous, at least until reaching a point where congestion occurs. These goods are often provided by a natural monopoly.

Examples of club goods include private golf courses, cinemas, cable television, access to copyrighted works, and the services provided by social or religious clubs to their members. The EU is also treated as a club good.[1]

Excludable Non-excludable
Rivalrous Private goods
food, clothing, toys, furniture, cars
Common goods (Common-pool resources)
fish, hunting game, water
Non-rivalrous Club goods
satellite television
Public goods
national defense, free-to-air television, air

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  1. ^ Ahrens, Joachim, Hoen, Herman W. And Ohr, Renate (2005): "Deepening Integration in an Enlarged EU: A Club-Theoretical Perspective", in: European Integration, Vol. 27, No. 4, pp. 417 - 439.

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