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Counties commonly seen as constituting coastal California.

Coastal California refers to the coastal regions of the US state of California. The term is not primarily geographical as it also describes an area distinguished by sociological, economical and political attributes. The coastal regions of California tend to be more politically liberal, affluent and expensive than other regions of the state. The area includes the North Coast, San Francisco Bay Area (including Silicon Valley), Central Coast, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles metropolitan area and San Diego. During the 2000 Census, roughy a third of households in coastal California had incomes exceeding $75,000, compared to 17.6% in the Central Valley [1] and 22.5% at the national average.[2 ] Nearly all congressional districts in the region are left-leaning with a mean Cook Partisan Voting Index of D +13.3, meaning that a Democratic presidential candidate will, on average, be 13.3 percentage points ahead of his Republican opponent.

The Cook Partisan Index in coastal california ranges from D +9 in California's 23rd congressional district, which includes coastal San Luis Obispo county to D +20 in the 30th district, which includes Malibu, West Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, to D +36 in Nancy Pelosi's 8th district, which includes most of San Francisco. The region is renowned for being home to artisan communities such as Laguna Beach and Carmel as well as its natural beauty as found in the Redwood Forests of the North Coast. While the area has always been relatively expensive, when compared to inland regions and the national average, the recent real estate boom has left it as the most expensive housing market in the nation. An October 2004 CNN Money publication found that a 2,200-square-foot (200 m2) home in a "middle management neighborhood" would cost an average of $1.8 million.[3 ]

Of the counties of coastal California, only Del Norte County and Orange County voted for Republican candidate John McCain in 2008. Of the remaining counties, only San Luis Obispo County, Ventura County and San Diego County voted less than 60% for Democratic candidate Barack Obama; San Francisco County, the most Democratic county, voted nearly 84% for Obama.


Political inclination by congressional district

District Location Cook Partisan Index % for Bush, 2004 Median Household Income [4] Per Capita Income [4]
1st district Del Norte, Humboldt, Mendocino, Napa, Yolo Counties and a portion of Sonoma County D +10 38% $38,918 $20,615
6th district Marin and Sonoma County D +21 28% $59,115 $33,036
9th district Oakland, Berkeley and the Oakland hills D +38 13% $52,322 $34,552
8th district City of San Francisco D +36 14% $44,314 $25,201
10th district City of Fairfield, Antioch, Pleasant Hill, Walnut Creek, Livermore D +9 42% $65,245 NO DATA
12th district San Francisco Peninsula including most of San Mateo County D +22 27% $70,307 $34,448
13th district Silicon Valley and East Bay, including Fremont, Union city and Hayward D +22 28% $62,415 $26,076
14th district Silicon Valley, including Redwood City, Mountain View, Sunnyvale, Palo Alto and most of Santa Cruz County D +18 30% $77,985 $43,063
15th district City of San Jose (western areas) D +14 36% $74,947 $32,617
16th district San Jose, Morgan Hill D +16 N/A $67,689 $25,064
17th district Central Coast encompassing Monterey, Santa Cruz and San Benito County D +17 33% $49,234 $21,244
23rd district Coastal regions of San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara and Ventura County D +9 40% $44,874 $20,747
24th district Inland regions of Santa Barbara and Ventura counties as well some coastline near Thousand Oaks R +5 56% $61,453 $26,998
30th district Western Los Angeles County, including Malibu, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, West Hollywood and Hollywood D +20 33% $60,713 $47,498
33rd district Western Los Angeles County, including Culver City D +36 16% $31,655 $19,250
34th district Los Angeles D +23 30% $29,863 $11,816
35th district Los Angeles D +33 20% $32,156 $14,041
36th district Beach cities, Torrance as well as parts of Los Angeles D +11 40% $51,633 $28,962
37th district Long Beach, parts of Los Angeles and Compton D +27 25% $34,006 $14,286
38th district Eastern Los Angeles county and western San Gabriel Valley including Norwalk, Pomona, Santa Fe Springs, La Puente, the City of Industry, Montebello, and Pico Rivera, plus the unincorporated communities of Avocado Heights, Hacienda Heights, West Puente Valley D +20 34% $42,488 $14,021
39th district South-eastern Los Angeles County D +13 40% $45,307 $15,250
40th district Northern Orange County, including Buena Park and Orange R +8 60% $54,356 $22,434
44th district Orange County, including San Clemente and Riverside County, including the city of Riverside R +6 59% $51,578 $21,335
46th district Northern Orange County, including Costa Mesa, Fountain Valley, Huntington Beach, Los Alamitos, Seal Beach, and Westminster as well as parts of Long Beach and Los Angeles further north R +6 57% $61,567 $30,942
47th district Orange County, including Santa Ana, Garden Grove and Anaheim D +5 50% $41,618 $12,541
48th district Southern Orange County, including Aliso Viejo, Dana Point, Irvine, Laguna Beach, and parts of Newport Beach, San Juan Capistrano R +8 58% $69,663 $37,242
49th district Northern San Diego and South-western Riverside County R +10 63% $46,445 $19,659
50th district Northern San Diego County, including coastal communities such as Carlsbad but excluding La Jolla R +5 55% $59,813 $29,877
53rd district City of San Diego including La Jolla, Coronado and Imperial Beach D +12 39% $36,637 $21,715
Regional averages
San Francisco Bay Area Districts: 6, 8, 9, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 D +23.4 25.14% $63,637 $31,757
Central Coast Districts: 17 & 23rd D +13 36.5% $47,054 $20,995
Southern California Districts: 24, 30, 33rd, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 44, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 53rd D +9.8 43.23% $47,703 $24,289
Overall averages
National Average N/A 51% $41,994 $21,587
Means for all districts Coastal California D +13.4 37.85% $51,895 $31,757

Geography of California's Coast

Big Sur
Santa Monica Pier

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