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Coat of arms of the Community of Madrid
Madrid (autonomous community) coa.svg
Escudo de la Comunidad de Madrid.svg
Complex version
Adopted 1983
Crest royal crown
Escutcheon two castles with turrets and keep, gate and windows azure, masonry sable, overhead seven silver (or white) stars placed four and three
Use the complex version is only for works in stone, other construction materials or confectionery

The Coat of arms of the Community of Madrid was adopted in 1983. The field is crimson red with two yellow or golden castles with seven five-pointed white or silver stars on top, arranged four and three. The crest is a yellow or golden royal crown.[1][2]

The red field symbolizes historic Castile, of which Madrid had long been part, and the two castles represent the two Castilian communities and Madrid as their union. The seven stars come from the coat of arms of the capital representing the constellation Ursa Minor, which is visible from the city. The five points of the stars refer to the five provinces which abut the Community.[3] The royal crown symbolizes Madrid as the royal seat.[4].




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