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The coat of arms of the British Indian Ocean Territory was granted in 1990 on the 25th anniversary of the territory's establishment.

The centrepiece of the arms, the shield, bears a palm tree and St. Edward's Crown on a base of three white wavy lines representing the ocean, a sun in splendour in the upper-left corner, and the Union Flag in a chief at the top. Two sea turtles are used as supporters (a hawksbill turtle and a green turtle), representing the local native wildlife. The crest comprises a naval crown through which rises a red tower bearing the territory's flag; there is no helm or mantling.

The motto is In tutela nostra Limuria, Latin for "Limuria is in our charge/trust". This refers to the non-existent continent of Limuria, once thought to occupy the Indian Ocean.

The palm tree and royal crown also feature in the flag of the British Indian Ocean Territory.

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