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The coat of arms of the Komi Republic (Russian: герб Респу́блики Ко́ми; gerb Respubliki Komi; Komi: Коми республикалӧн канпас; Komi respublikalön kanpas), SHRRF #153), designed by A. Neverov, was instituted by the law № XII-20/1 on June 6, 1994 and reflects the mythic beliefs of the Komi peoples. The blazon has a gules field, featuring an or bird of prey with the face below corresponding with goddess Zarni An, and six unhorned elk heads. On December 17, 1997 the Republican State Council passed the law, which changed the official coat of arms definition in order to agree with the rules of heraldry.

A bird of prey in the traditional interpretation embodies the sun, authority and the upper world, while elk is associated with power, generosity and beauty. The combination of gules and or symbolizes sun, maternity and birth in the Komi folklore.

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