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Coats of arms of the Yugoslav socialist republics were defined by each of its six constituent republics. Coat of arms appeared as a symbol of statehood on the documents of republican level, for example on the signs of the republican institutions, on watermarks of school diplomas, etc. The coats of arms included old historical coats of arms where they could to demonstrate historical compatibility with the new socialist political system – see Croatian and Serbian traditional emblem in the middle of their coats of arms; also Slovenian Mount Triglav was recognized as a symbol of Slovenian Liberation Front during the National Liberation War during World War II. Where the old symbols were deemed inappropriate (the traditional cross on the Serbian coat of arms, ethnic or religious coat of arms for Bosnia and Herzegovina, the former traditionally monarchist symbolism for Montenegro or the historical lion for Macedonia), prominent features or unofficial national symbols were added, eg. mount Lovćen for Montenegro, chimneys for Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In a similar fashion to the federal Yugoslav emblem all republical coats of arms featured a red star and wheat or other important plants of the region.

The individual coats of arms of the six Yugoslav socialist republics were as follows:

Republic Emblem Author Republic-specific features Present-day national
coat of arms
SR Bosnia and Herzegovina SR Bosnia and Herzegovina coa.png Unknown Plants Conifer twig (left), Deciduous twig (right), two sheaves of wheat (lower middle portion) Bosnia and Herzegovina Coats of Arms modified.svg
Coat of arms of Bosnia and Herzegovina
geographic features
Silhouette of Jajce
Industry two factory chimneys
Ornaments red track
SR Croatia CoA of SR Croatia.png Antun Augustinčić and Vanja Radauš[1] Plants Wheat Coat of arms of Croatia.svg
Coat of arms of Croatia
geographic features
Adriatic Sea, Rising sun
Industry Iron anvil
Ornaments Chequy
SR Macedonia Coat of arms of Macedonia.svg Vasilije Popović–Cico[2] Plants Garland of wheat, tobacco leaves and poppy buds Coat of arms of the Republic of Macedonia.svg
Coat of arms of Macedonia
geographic features
River Vardar, Mount Korab, sunrise, sky
Ornaments ribbon with traditional Macedonian embroidery
SR Montenegro SR Montenegro coa.png Milan Božović[3] and Milo Milunović[3] Plants laurel wreath Coat of arms of Montenegro.svg
Coat of arms of Montenegro
geographic features
Mount Lovćen,[4] Adriatic Sea
Ornaments Montenegrin[4] tricolour of Pan-Slavic colors
SR Serbia SR Serbia coa.png Đorđe Andrejević Kun Plant sheaf of wheat (left), sheaf of oak leaves with acorns (right) Coat of arms of Serbia.svg
Coat of arms of Serbia
geographic features
sunrise, sky
Industry cog-wheel
Ornaments red track (with inscriptions), Serbian traditional symbol
SR Slovenia SR Slovenia coa.png Branko Simčič Plants wheat, leaves of linden Coat of Arms of Slovenia.svg
Coat of arms of Slovenia
geographic features
Triglav, sea[5]
Ornaments red ribbon

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