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Coca-Cola Kid
Coca-Cola Kid.jpg
Box art
Developer(s) Aspect[1]
Publisher(s) Sega[1]
License Commercial
Platform(s) Game Gear
Release date(s) JP August 5, 1994[1]
Genre(s) Platform, Action[1]
Mode(s) Single-player
Media Game Gear cartridge
System requirements No Special Requirements
Input methods Internal Game Gear game controller

Coca-Cola Kid is a Sega Game Gear game that is sponsored by the Coca-Cola Company and starring the company's in-house mascot the Coca-Cola Kid. The game uses timed platform game sequences similar to Sonic Chaos.[2] Bad guys are relatively easy to defeat. Power-ups include the famous soft drink that helps restore health and the coins that helps the player buy items between stages.[2]

While this game intended to use light-hearted comedy to sell the product to a young audience, the game was only released in Japan due to its apparent quirkiness factor. Time is recorded moving upward like in Sonic the Hedgehog and unlike most platformers; the player dies if the timer reaches 9:59 (stages always start with the timer at 0:00). Despite being released for an 8-bit system, the "Sega" vocals that were used for the 16-bit Genesis video games of the mid 1990s indicated the name of the publishing company. Attacks in the games include kicks and flying kicks to both human and non-human enemies alike.[3] Obstacles can also be torn down like telephone booths in the downtown level.[3]




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