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Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky
Directed by Jan Kounen
Produced by Chris Bolzli
Claudie Ossard
Written by Chris Greenhalgh
Adaptation Carlo de Boutiny & Jan Kounen
Based on the novel
Coco & Igor
by Chris Greenhalgh
Starring Anna Mouglalis
Mads Mikkelsen
Music by Gabriel Yared
Cinematography David Ungaro
Editing by Anne Danché
Release date(s) 24 May 2009 (France: Cannes Film Festival, Closing)
31 May 2009 (Russia)
4 September 2009 (Denmark, Finland)
15 October 2009 (Portugal)
10 December 2009 (Netherlands)
30 December 2009 (France)
16 January 2010 (Japan)
January 2010 (US, Canada)
Running time 118 minutes
Country France
Language English, French, Russian

Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky is a 2009 French film directed by Jan Kounen. It was chosen as the Closing Film of the 2009 Cannes Film Festival, and was shown on 24 May 2009.[1][2]

Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky is based on the 2002 novel Coco & Igor by Chris Greenhalgh and traces the affair between Coco Chanel and Igor Stravinsky in Paris in 1920, the year that Chanel No. 5 was created. Greenhalgh also wrote the screenplay for the film. Karl Lagerfeld, the current chief designer of Chanel, lent his support to the production.[3] Interestingly, the film was released in very close proximity to Anne Fontaine's Coco avant Chanel starring Audrey Tautou.

Jan Kounen shot both French-language and English-language versions of the film.



Paris, 1913: Coco Chanel attends the first, scandalous performance of Igor Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring. The rhythmic dissonance of the score and the shocking choreography of the piece cause a riot. But Coco is impressed when Igor storms out of the theatre.

Seven years later, Coco and Igor meet again. Although her business has flourished, Coco is mourning her lover, Arthur "Boy" Capel. Igor has been forced to flee to France following the Russian Revolution. An immediate sympathy and attraction is established between the ‘couturiere’ and the composer.

Coco invites Igor to live in her villa outside Paris, along with his wife and children. The summer months that follow see Coco and Igor begin a secret affair. Their work benefits from their growing intimacy; Igor begins to compose in a new, more liberated style while Coco creates Chanel No. 5 with her perfumer, Ernest Beaux.

However, the almost unbearable tension in the villa cannot be contained forever.


  • Mads Mikkelsen as Igor Stravinsky
  • Anna Mouglalis as Coco Chanel
  • Elena Morozova as Catherine Stravinsky
  • Natacha Lindinger as Misia Sert
  • Grigori Manoukov as Sergei Diaghilev
  • Rasha Bukvic as Grand Duke Dmitri
  • Erick Demarestz as The Doctor
  • Nicolas Vaude as Ernest Beaux
  • Anatole Taubman as Boy Capel
  • Maxime Danielou as Theodore
  • Sophie Hasson as Ludmila
  • Nikita Ponomarenko as Soulima
  • Clara Guelblum as Milene
  • Olivier Claverie as Joseph
  • Catherine Davenier as Marie
  • Marek Kossakowski as Nijinsky
  • Jérôme Pillement as Pierre Monteux
  • David Tomaszewski as Principal Violinist
  • Marek Tomaszewski as Pianist
  • Anton Yakovlev as Piotr
  • Irina Vavilova as The Governess
  • Julie Farenc Deramond as Julie the salesgirl
  • Emy Levy and Sarah Jérôme as Workshop girls
  • Tina Sportolaro as Beaux’s secretary
  • Michel Ruhl as The Baron
  • Pierre Chidyvar, Agnès Vikouloff and Sacha Vikouloff as Russian musicians
  • David Baschung as The Doctor
  • Cyril Accorsi Matthieu Bajolet Caroline Baudouin Bruno Benne Jonathan Ber Laura Biasse Barbara Caillieu Marie-Laure Caradec Damien Dreux Sophie Gérard Patrick Harlay Inès Hernandez Anne Laurent Thibaud Le Maguer Anne Lenglet Olivier Normand Florent Otello Edouard Pelleray Judith Perron Pascal Queneau Enora Rivère Julie Salgues Jonathan Schatz Wu Zheng (Dancers (“The Rite of Spring")


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