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Cody Foster

Birthdate:October 9, 1970(1970-10-09)
Birth name:Shawn L. Sumner
Date of death:January 7, 2007 (aged 36)
Measurements:7.5 in; 19.05 cm
Height:5 ft 8 in; 1.73 m
Weight:180 lb; 81.65 k
Eye color:blue
Hair color:blond
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Cody Foster (October 9 1970January 7 2007) was an American pornographic actor who appeared in bisexual and gay pornographic movies as well as other gay pornography such as magazines.

His film appearances have included some which might be considered extreme, particularly those marketed by Grapik Art Studios. In the film Back to Basics, he was cast in the submissive role. During the film, he was bound to a St. Andrews Cross—an x-shaped bondage device—and paddled with a wooden paddle. The liner notes for the film Submission Wrestling (retrieved from describe his submission to other forms of humiliation and domination.

Foster appeared in more conventional films such as Basic Plumbing and Working Stiff for mainstream Falcon Studios; he also appeared in Tradewinds, directed by Matt Sterling, originally released through Huge Video and now part of Falcon Studios' Matt Sterling Collection series.

The Falcon Studios website lists Foster as a bottom, which is also borne out by his performances in the Grapik Arts films. A review of his film The Best of Cody Foster at states that he also tops. Additionally, his at (adult content) states that one of his services is domination which would also indicate he performs as a top.

He appeared in several movies in the 1990s, a couple in 2000 for Grapik Art Studios, and one movie, Goldrenrod for Studio 2000 in 2003.

According to the site referenced previously, and the boysnextdoor escort website, he was working as an escort in Denver, Colorado.

Cody Foster died January 7, 2007 in Grand Junction, Colorado. The (unconfirmed) cause of death was apparently liver cancer. [1]


Partial videography

Compiled from Internet Adult Film Database at,,


  • Malibu Pool Boys (1991), Catalina Video
  • Back to Basics (2000), Grapik Art
  • Basic Plumbing (1993), Falcon Studios
  • The Best Of Brad Stone (2007), Falcon Studios
  • The Best of Cody Foster
  • The Best of Joey Morgan Catalina Video
  • The Bigger the Better 2 (1993), HIS Video
  • Grease Guns



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