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Cognizance logo.JPG
Location(s) Roorkee, India
Years active 7
Inaugurated 2003
Date(s) March
Genre Technical Festival
Attendance 40,000 footfalls, 600 colleges
Patron Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee


About IIT Roorkee

The Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee (IIT Roorkee) is located in Roorkee, a township in Uttarakhand, India. Instituted as Thomson college of Civil Engineering in year 1847 by the British, it was rechristened as University of Roorkee in year 1949.[1] Prior to independence, it awarded the degrees of the University of Calcutta and the Allahabad University, to which it was successively affiliated, followed by its own diplomas. It was restructured in 1948 as the University of Roorkee, as the first engineering university of modern India. IIT Roorkee is placed at 63 in the Asian University Rankings 2009[1].


Cognizance is the annual technical festival of Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee,India. Usually held in the penultimate weekend of every march, this mega festival boasts of an impressive list of more than 135 events, which encompasses almost all the fields of technical, management, designing, architectural and cultural domain. In fact Cognizance is the best festival of its kind in Asia in terms of quality as well as quantity of events. It has an overall impressive reach of over 1,20,000 people. Its website is amongst the most followed youth websites of the world with over 6,00,000 record website hits just in a period of four months.

The Name, The Motto and The Emblem

Websters defines Cognizance as Knowledge and Awareness. And consummately co-relating to this unique and suiting appellation, Cognizance has been successful in its efforts to preserve its ethics and achieve its deep rooted goals. Year by year, Cognizance has come up with something new and different. In fact, ever since its inception, the primary motivation for every cognizance has been Innovation and creativity. Its motto "WHERE IDEAS CONVERGE" satisfactorily proves this proposition and hence, its emblem, "FIVE ARROWS CONVERGING TOWARDS A CENTER POINT", is the most fitting for this wonderful agglomeration of some of the best events of the country.


Ever since it was born in 2003, Cognizance, the technical festival of IIT-Roorkee, has grown by leaps and bounds. Today, it stands as the second largest festival of its kind in the Indian subcontinent, at the tender age of six years. It is home to over 150 events, encompassing almost every possible aspect of technical education. Cognizance 2009 reached unprecedented heights, with over 10,000 participants from across the country, a footfall of 40,000 recorded along with global outreach programs for many events. But with great power comes great responsibility, and this is exactly what Cognizance is all about. Last year’s edition looked to the future with the theme “Think Energy, Go Green.” Shouldering the responsibility for environment-efficient sustainable technologies while simultaneously trying to solve the country’s energy troubles, Cognizance 2009 made a sizeable contribution towards this crucial global issue.


Cognizance was founded with a dream to provide a platform for bright young students from all over the country in a plethora of technical events, spread over numerous genres, organized under various departments. The word “Cognizance” stands for knowledge and awareness, and the logo corresponds to Cognizance’s motto “Where ideas converge”. This realization of knowledge and convergence of fresh, bright ideas is what Cognizance aims at, and the utilization of these ideas for the nation’s benefit is its central objective.

The Organization

Cognizance, as an organization is primarily an independent student entity which follows a bureaucratic system of team setup. A team of professors of IIT Roorkeeconstitute the faculty advisors and are called as Coordinators. There is one Convener(Administration) and one Convener(Finance) who are given the task of leading a team of more than 800 people to organize this mega-festival. The team is divided into central and departmental levels which have their own events management,promotions,sponsorship and Operations management teams. The Central team usually consists of 25-30 members who work intensively for 4-5 months continuosly and take care of generation as well as allocation of resources.

The Start and The History

"When some individuals work together, their strength grows and the group extends enormously." This statement was materialized in 2003 when Amit Pal of Electrical IV year conceptualized the idea of Cognizance as a confluence of the technical events of all departments which were previously being organized at different times. The determination of people who took this initiative can be acknowledged from the fact that even though it was for the first time that such a large scale event was being conducted in IIT Roorkee, Cognizance didn't ask for a single penny from the administration for organizing it and moreover, managed to gather a decent sponsorship on its own. Even from the standard of first timers, the participation was decent, with people from nearby colleges and states flocking in and the numbers scaling to 500-600. Since then, Cognizance has carved a niche for itself in the national technical arena.

Over the years, there has been a tremendous increment in the quality and quantity of Cognizance. Quite striking to its short history of just six years, Cognizance has shown amazing maturity. With every passing year, its organizers have come up something innovative. Every edition of cognizance has a flavor of its own. In fact, scientifically speaking, Cognizance has progressed with a remarkably regular pace. But being regular and methodical has never hindered its speed at all. It is quite a feast in itself because in today's hyper-Darwinian world,

Fast and Steady wins the Race

Every team member of every edition of Cognizance has contributed to it in his/her own wonderful way, but still the main leaders, the conveners of this exemplary festival commands some respect for their attempts. Here is the list of Cognizance's past conveners:

2003 Amit Pal ----------
2004 Amit Agarwal Rohit Dangayach
2005 Saurabh Kumar Serveseth Sawhney
2006 Sandeep Bisawa Nikhil Khurana
2007 Krishan Nagpal Brijesh Goel
2008 Sishir Kolli Saurabh Joshi
2009 Kaustuv Prakash Yuvraj Singh
2010 Rana Premasish Roy Ravi Shankar

Cognizance 2008

Cognizance’08 turned out to be the largest edition of cognizance with more than 5000 registrations and a participation of more than 2200 students from all over India. Reliance Industries Limited was the Title Sponsor & Microsoft India Development Center as the associate Title Sponsor. It had an enthralling kaleidoscope of events which in the process of giving students a chance to exercise their academic intellects, helped them come up with innovations and solutions for the world to take notice of. Some of them were the workshop on shadows by the Brazilian company SuperUber, Technophilia and guest lectures by distinguished persons like Padmabhushan Dr.Yashpal Pal Sharma, Dr. H.C Verma and Dr.Manish Tripathi. It also gained huge popularity with its huge scale gaming event Chaos which incorporated the educational aspect of gaming through lectures and workshops. Hundreds of brand new, high-end configurations PCs were set up in the affluent arena to facilitate the gamers. The annual robotics challenge at Cognizance’08, Robosapiens'08 was an enormous success supported by a huge participation of 95 teams and Enquesta, the mega online quizzing event, had a participation of more than 20000 students, and is the mother of all the online events ever held in the technical community of India. Other quizzing events in cognizance, like Quizzotica put forward a fine mix of general questions and Illushun had mind boggling series of online puzzles which required an uncanny knack of sighting the invisible.

Cognizance 2009

Cognizance’09 turned out to be yet another big addition to the glorious history of Cognizance with more than 13000 online registrations and a participation of more than 10,000 students from all over India. Yahoo! India was the Title Sponsor & Airports Authority of India the associate Title Sponsor. The theme was "Think Energy|Go Green".

Some of big events held were Robosapiens, Enquesta, Prakriti aur Urja, Ruraisle, Insomnia. Cognizance 2009 for the first time in its history conducted the Robotics workshops nationwide under its banner. The guest lectures by distinguished persons like Dr. John C. Mather, Dr. Jr. Sylvester James Gates, Dr. John Ockendon, Shri V.P.Agrawal.

Cognizance 2010

With innovation as inspiration and technical knowledge as a tool, Indian Institute Of Technology, Roorkee, aims at bringing a transformation to the very grassroots of our country with the theme of Cognizance 2010 being “TECHNOVATING INDIA”.


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