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The school façade, at the corner of Casp and Pau Clarís

Col·legi Casp–Sagrat Cor de Jesús (Colegio Casp–Sagrado Corazón de Jesús in Spanish) is a Jesuit school in Barcelona, Spain, founded in 1881.[1] Its Catalan name, which means "Casp College–Sacred Heart of Jesus" in English, refers to both the school's location on Casp Street (Carrer de Casp) and the attached church, the Església del Sagrat Cor de Jesús. Both the school and church are run by the "Casp Jesuits" (Jesuïtes de Casp).



Col·legi Casp is the successor to two Jesuit schools in the city: Col·legi de Betlem, founded 1546, and Col·legi de Cordelles, given to the Jesuits in 1659. Both were situated on the Rambla dels Estudis and were open until the expulsion of the Jesuit order in 1767.[2]

Col·legi Casp opened October 1, 1881, initially with 108 students. The political environment in Spain at the time had an effect on the school's growth. In 1932, it was converted into a municipal school, due to the dissolution of the Society of Jesus, which returned in 1939. Col·legi Casp's enrollment increased soon after, and the school expanded into adjacent buildings.[2]

In 1971, the school became a co-ed institution with its first female students. The next year, it began offering Catalan courses and, in 1978, began teaching in Catalan. By the 1983–84 school year, the entire school had become co-ed.[2] Currently, Col·legi Casp has more than 1,700 students of both sexes between the primary, compulsory secondary, and non-compulsory secondary (batxillerat) sections of the school. The Casp Jesuits have graduated around 25,000 students, many of whom have become well-known in Catalonian society. In 2007, Col·legi Casp received the Medal of Honor of Barcelona (Medalla d'Honor de Barcelona).

Relations with other schools

Col·legi Casp's batxillerat section is very active with student exchange programs. Among its partner schools are:

In addition, the school's primary section participates in the Comenius Project.[7]

Notable alumni


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