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Coldplay's fifth studio album
Studio album by Coldplay
Released TBA
Recorded November 2008 – May 2009, "The Bakery"
November 2009 – July 2010, "The Beehive"
Genre Alternative rock
Label Capitol, Parlophone
Producer Coldplay, Rik Simpson, Brian Eno
Coldplay chronology

Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends
Coldplay's fifth studio album

The fifth studio album by English alternative rock band Coldplay is due for release at some point after 2010.[1]



After 2008's Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends, Coldplay have on several occasions stated they want their next studio album to be "more acoustic" and "more intimate" than its predecessor. The band has been recording in a North London church as well as in their new recording studio, "The Beehive", with Viva la Vida producer Brian Eno.[2]

Writing and recording

Chris Martin stated in December 2007 that he does not think "bands should keep going past the age of 33", but later rephrased this to say that what he meant was that they must proceed "as if it's our last, because that's the only way to proceed".[3] Bassist Guy Berryman, who earlier wrote that the band will "just have to start work and see how it shapes up.",[4] reported that the band would return to the studio:

We've already got lists of song ideas. We never stop writing. We go into the studio with all the best laid plans then what we end up with is not what we intended. It's just exciting to wonder what will come out the speakers in a year's time. We have very exciting things lined up. It's time to take our music down different directions and really explore other avenues.[5]

One of the goals for the album was to write tracks with greater use of experimenting with acoustic instruments, manipulation and electronics by having or not having to revisit the style from Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends. With Chris Martin deciding to not release a solo album, it was rumoured the fifth album would be their last, but Martin later denied this via another interview. He also said:

We spend an awful lot of time creating, Maybe it's because we're about to turn 33, but I just feel hungry to write all the time. I think at the end of this tour, we may not tour for a while. We may put out a record without quite so much fanfare. I think the next one will be quite stripped-down and based upon this story idea which I can't talk about because it might be bad.[6]

A question from the "Oracle" page at the band's official website noticed that they were "already in the studio working on new ideas for the next album" but that "[t]hey did have a break after the recent tour dates [that took place in South America were] finished."[7] Coldplay were recording their fifth studio album partly at "The Bakery".[8] The band reportedly are working with Brian Eno again.[9] In December 2009, it was reported that the band have been recording in a North London church, nicknamed "The Beehive".[10] In June 2010, it was revealed on Coldplay's blog that the album is near completion. According to a blog post, "The songs haven't assumed their final beautiful form yet but they're a very long way from their skin and bones phase. What's impossible not to conclude is that they have some killer tunes." On 1 September, Martin played the song "Wedding Bells" at the Apple Keynote, introducing it as a new song which Coldplay are working on. He also confirmed the story idea mentioned previously, saying that it is "the beginning of a story kind of thing... that starts sadly, but that's the way these things should."[citation needed]

Release and promotion

The album was set to be released in December 2009 as a "decade-ender", but was postponed to 2010 since the album was far from finished as they finished their Viva la Vida Tour. Some news websites have claimed that it may not be available until early 2011.[citation needed]

There are a number of songs that have been seen during various recorded events:

  • Various songs appeared on a list of songs written on a whiteboard that were being considered for the album. It is unknown if these songs are still being considered or not.
  • A short 30 second snippet of "Christmas Lights" was performed by Chris Martin during an interview with 60 Minutes in late 2009.[11]
  • Chris Martin played "Wedding Bells" during an interview with The South Bank Show in September 2009 and at the Apple Inc. Keynote Event on September 1, 2010.
  • "Spanish Rain" was played live during the band's last leg of the Viva la Vida Tour in February and March 2010. The song was once referred to as "Don Quixote".[12]


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