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An NCAA tournament game between Indiana University and the University of Tulsa in 2004

College soccer is a term used to describe association football played by teams who are operated by colleges and universities as opposed to a professional league operated for exclusively financial purposes. College soccer is probably most widespread in the United States, but is also important in South Korea and Canada.

In the United States, college soccer is featured in many collegiate athletic associations including NCAA, NAIA, the NCCAA and USCAA.

Many top American college soccer players play for separate teams in the Premier Development League (PDL) during the summer. One college club, the BYU Cougars men's team, have foregone playing in the NCAA or NAIA and instead play all of their games in the PDL.

College soccer in the United States is played with a different set of rules than in many other leagues. In college soccer they use a 5 yellow card ban. Meaning if a player gets 5 yellow cards throughout the season he or she is banned one game because of it. There are unlimited substitutions although you cannot re-enter in the same half that you left in. As opposed to a classic two half overtime, a golden goal rule is applied if the game is tied after regulation. If neither team scores in the two ten minute halves, the match ends in a draw (unless it is a playoff match, then it would be penalty kicks). College soccer is played on a "running clock" that is constantly counting down unless the referee signals for the clock to be stopped by injuries, substitutions, and when he feels a team is wasting time.

Fans at college soccer games (here at Indiana University in 2004) often number in the thousands for matches between top teams



The first intercollegiate soccer game was played between Harvard University and Rutgers University on November 6, 1869. Many confuse this as the first game of American Football. The rules of the game were the same rules that the English used at the time for Football, making it soccer.

Divisions and conferences in the United States


NCAA Division I

There are 198 Division 1 Men's Soccer Programs[1].

NCAA Division II

NCAA Division III


Divisions and conferences internationally


In Canada, there are two organizations that regulate university and collegiate athletics.

Canadian Interuniversity Sport (CIS)

Canadian Colleges Athletic Association

South Korea

In South Korea, Korea University and Yonsei University compete in soccer, baseball, basketball, ice hockey, and rugby.

United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, association football in colleges and universities is governed by the BUSA Football League.

National college soccer awards

Notable American men's college soccer graduates

Noted as players

Noted in other fields

Notable non-American men's college soccer graduates

Noted as players

Noted in other fields

Notable men's college soccer coaches

Notable American women's college soccer graduates

Notable non-American women's college soccer graduates

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