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Colombian National Armada
Armada de la República de Colombia
Colombian navy coat of arms.svg
Coat of Arms of the Colombian Navy
Active September 17, 1810 - Present
Country Colombia
Branch Navy
Role Protection of the seas and rivers of Colombia
Size 34.620[1] (2009)
Garrison/HQ Colombian Ministry of Defense
Anniversaries July 24
Engagements Battle of Lake Maracaibo, Thousand Days War (Civil war), War Against Peru, World War II,Korean War, Colombian Armed Conflict
Almirant Guillermo Barrera Hurtado
José Prudencio Padilla

The Colombian National Armada (Armada Nacional Colombiana or de Colombia) is the naval armed force of Colombia. It is also known simply as the National Armada (Armada Nacional), or as the Armada of the Republic of Colombia (Armada de la República de Colombia).

The armada is one of the three major forces in the Colombian Military along with the Colombian National Army and the Colombian Air Force.

ARC, for Armada de la República de Colombia is the acronym used in front of the name of all the Colombian navy's ships (as with USS or HMS).



Naval Ensign

The Colombian Armada was born with Colombian independence from Spain. The president of the Supreme Board of Cartagena, José María García Toledo, created the Naval Command Office by means of a decree dated September 17, 1810. The navy was placed under the command of Captain Juan Nepomuceno Eslava, junior son of the (former) Spanish Viceroy Sebastián Eslava.

On June 28, 1822, general Francisco de Paula Santander created the Naval School, which was later on decommissioned until 1907, when general Rafael Reyes Prieto created the Naval Academy, through decree 783 of July 6, which was censured(?) by general Ramón González Valencia in December 28, 1909.

The conflict with Peru in 1932 made the Colombian navy reappear. New ships were acquired and the "Escuela de Grumetes" (School for Navy Sailors) was founded in 1934. The "Escuela de Cadetes" (School for Navy Officers) was founded in 1935. Nowadays both schools continue their work of instructing the Colombian men and women of the sea.


Naval Jack

The Colombian National Armada is formed by the following organizations:

  • Colombian Marine Corps,
  • Naval Force of the Pacific,
  • Naval Force of the Caribbean,
  • Naval Force of the South,
  • Colombian Coast Guard,
  • Naval Aviation
  • Specific Command of San Andres y Providencia.

Ranking Insignias

Colombian Armada Officers rank insignia
NATO CODE OF-10 OF-9 OF-8 OF-7 OF-6 OF-5 OF-4 OF-3 OF-2 OF-1
Flag of Colombia.svgColombia No Equivalent Almirante armada colombia.svg Vicealmirante armada colombia.svg Contralmirante armada colombia.svg Capitan de navio armada colombia.svg Capitan de fragata armada colombia.svg Capitan de corbeta colombia armada.svg Teniente de navio colombia armada.svg Teniente de fragata armada colombia.svg Teniente de corbeta armada colombia.svg
Spanish Almirante Vice Almirante Contralmi- rante Capitan de navio Capitan de Fragata Capitan de Corbeta Teniente de Navio Teniente de Fragata Teniente de Corbeta
English Admiral Vice Admiral Rear Admiral Captain of Ship-of-line Captain of Frigate Captain of Corvette Lieutenant of Ship-of-line Lieutenant of Frigate Lieutenant of Corvette
Colombian Armada Non Commissioned officers rank insignia
NATO CODE OR-9 OR-8 OR-7 OR-6 OR-5 OR-4 OR-3 OR-2 OR-1
Flag of Colombia.svgColombia Suboficial jefe tecnico armada colombia.svg Suboficial jefe armada colombia.svg Suboficial primero armada colombia.svg Suboficial segundo armada colombia.svg Suboficial tercero armada colombia.svg Marinero primero armada colombia.svg Marinero segundo armada colombia.svg No Equivalent No Equivalent
Spanish Suboficial Jefe Tecnico Suboficial Jefe Suboficial Primero Suboficial Segundo Suboficial Tercero Marinero Primero Marinero Segundo
English Master Chief Petty Officer Chief Petty Officer Petty Officer First Class Petty Officer Second Class Petty Officer Third Class Seaman First Class Seaman Second Class


A majority of the Colombian Navy ships are gunboats used for patrolling the country's rivers and coastlines.

Frigates (FFG)

ARC Almirante Padilla (FM-51)
Almirante Padilla class
  • ARC Almirante Padilla (FM-51)
  • ARC Caldas (FM-52)
  • ARC Antioquia (FM-53)
  • ARC Independiente (FM-54)

Submarines (SSK)

ARC Pijao (S-28)
Type 209/1200
  • ARC Pijao (S-28)
  • ARC Tayrona (S-29)
Type SX-506
  • ARC Intrépido (S-21)
  • ARC Indomable (S-22)
ARC Intrepido (S-21)

Patrol Boats

Tenerife Class
  • ARC "PRF 305" (EX - ARC "Tenerife") Tenerife 305
  • ARC "PRF 306" (EX - ARC "Tarapaca”) Tenerife 306
  • ARC "PRF 307" (EX - ARC "Mompox") Tenerife 307
  • ARC "PRF 308" (EX - ARC "Orocue") Tenerife 308
  • ARC "PRF 309" (EX - ARC "Calamar") Tenerife 309
  • ARC "PRF 310" (EX - ARC "Magangué") Tenerife 310
  • ARC "PRF 311" (EX - ARC "Monclart") Tenerife 311
  • ARC "PRF 312" (EX - ARC "Caucaya") Tenerife 312
  • ARC "PRF 313" (EX - ARC "Mitú") Tenerife 313
PBR Mark II Class
22 foot Piraña Class or Anguila Class
  • LPR-93 x169
Diligente Class
  • ARC "Diligente" Diligente
Fritz Hagale
  • ARC "Teniente Juan Lucio"
  • ARC "Cadete Alfonso Vargas"
  • ARC "Capitán Fritz Hagale"
  • ARC "Vengadora" 125
  • ARC "TTE. Humberto Cortez"
  • ARC "Teniente Carlos Galindo"
Arauca class
  • ARC "Riohacha" used as Hostipal ship
  • ARC "Leticia"
  • ARC "Arauca"

Nodriza Fluvial Ships

Correa Hernández class
  • ARC "CP. Filigonio Hichamon
  • ARC "SSIM. Manual Antonio Moyar"
  • ARC "SSIM. Julio Correa Hernández"
  • ARC "Igaraparana"
  • ARC "Manacacias"
  • ARC "Cotuhe"
  • ARC "Ariari"
Londoño PAF-I
  • ARC "SSCIM. Senen Alberto Araujo”
  • ARC "CPCIM. Guillermo Londoño Vargas”
Londoño PAF-II
  • ARC "TNCIM. Mario Alonso Villegas"
Londoño PAF-III
  • ARC “TECIM Tony Pastrana Contreras”
  • ARC “CTCMI Jorge Moreno Salazar”
  • ARC “TFEIM Juan Ricardo Oyola Vera”
  • ARC "TECIM Freddy Alexander Pérez Rodríguez"
  • ARC "TECIM Edic Cristian Reyes Holguín"

Amphibious Warfare Craft

LCU 1466-class utility landing craft
  • ARC Morrosquillo
  • ARC Bahía Honda
  • ARC Bahia Potrete
  • ARC Bahía Solano
  • ARC Bahía Cupica
  • ARC Bahía Utria
  • ARC Bahía Malaga
Ocho de Octubre-class ramped personnel landing craft
  • ARC Ocho de Octubre
  • ARC Veintisiete de Octubre
Sea Truck-type landing craft(LCVP)
LCVP landing craft
  • ARC Altair
  • ARC Castor
  • ARC Polux
  • ARC Vega

Auxiliary ships

Oceanographic ships (AGOR)

  • BO-155 ARC Providencia
  • BO-156 ARC Malpelo
  • BO-157 ARC Gorgona

Logistics ship

Type 701A class
  • ARC Cartagena de Indias (BM-161)
  • ARC Buenaventura (BM-162)

Hidrographic ships

  • BH-153 ARC Quindío

Buoy Tender ships

  • BB-154 ARC Abadía Mendez
  • BB-35 ARC Ciénaga de Mayorquin
  • BB-33 ARC Isla Palma

Other Service ships

Floating dry dock/midget submarine tender

DF 170 Mayor Jaime Arias

Riverine Tow Boats
  • ARC "Capitán Castro”
  • ARC "Teniente Joves Fiallo"
  • ARC "Teniente Miguel Silva”
  • ARC "Capitán Rigoberto Giraldo"
  • ARC "Capitán Vladimir Valeck Moure"
  • ARC "Teniente Luis A. Bernal Baquero"
  • ARC "TN. Alejandro Baldomero Salgado"
  • ARC "Sejeri"
  • ARC "Inirida"

School Ship

ARC Gloria

Coast Guard

Offshore Patrol Vessels

Cormoran class
File:File:Cormorán P41.jpg
Patrullero Cormorán (P-41) de la armada española, actual Patrullero Espartana (PO-41), de la armada de la República de Colombia
  • ARC PO-41 Espartana
Lazaga class
  • ARC PO-42 Capitán Pablo Jose de Porto
  • ARC PO-43 CTCIM Jorge E Marquez Durán
Reliance class
  • ARC PO-44 Valle del Cauca
180-A Class
  • ARC PO-45 San Andrés
Asheville class
  • ARC PO-112 Quitasueño
Toledo class
  • ARC PO-113 Jose Mari García y Toledo
  • ARC PO-114 Juan Nepomuceno Eslava

Patrol Craft

Swiftships 105
  • ARC PM-102 Rafael del Castillo y Rada
  • ARC PM-115 TECIM Jaime E. Cárdenas Gómez
Swiftships 110
  • ARC PM-103 José María Palas
  • ARC PM-104 Medardo Monzón Coronado

Patrol Boats

Andromeda /"Langosteras" Class
  • PC 451 ARC Andrómeda
  • PC 452 ARC Casiopea
  • PC 453 ARC Centauro
  • PC 454 ARC Dragón
  • PC 455 ARC Vela
  • PC 456 ARC Polaris
  • PC 457 ARC Fénix
  • PC 458 ARC Regulus
  • PC 459 ARC Aquila
  • PC 460 ARC Perseus
  • PC 461 ARC Ramadan
Sea Spectre Mark III
  • ARC PM-105 Sgto 2do Jaime Gómez Castro
  • ARC PM-106 Juan Nepomuceno Peña
Point class
  • ARC PM-141 Cabo Corrientes
  • ARC PM-142 Cabo Tiburon
  • ARC PM-143 Cabo Manglares
  • ARC PM-144 Cabo de la Vela

Aircraft inventory

Colombian Naval Aviation roundel.

The Colombian Navy operates 30 aircraft, including 10 helicopters, primarily for logistical support of naval facilities and operations.

Aircraft Origin Type Versions In service[4] Notes
Aero Commander  United States utility transport Model 690 5
Bell 212 Twin Huey  United States transport helicopter 1
Bell 412  United States transport helicopter 5
CASA C-212 Aviocar  Spain transport C-212-100 1
CASA CN-235  Spain transport/ Maritime patrol 2
Cessna 206 Stationair  United States utility 3
MBB Bo 105  Germany ASW/utility helicopter Bo 105CB 2
Eurocopter AS 555 Fennec  France utility helicopter AS 555 2
Gavilan 358  Colombia utility transport 2
Piper PA-28 Cherokee  United States utility 3
Piper PA-34 Seneca  United States utility 4
Cessna 208  United States utility

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