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Comic Expo
Status Active
Genre Comics
Location Bristol
Country United Kingdom
First held November 2004
Organizer Mike Allwood
Official Website

Comic Expo is the name given to the UK's largest comic book event. It is held twice a year, in Bristol in the spring and in Brighton in the autumn. The organiser is Mike Allwood formerly of Area 51 the comic shop based in Bristol.



Replacing the previous UK convention, the Comic Festival (which itself had replaced UKCAC), the first Expo was held in Bristol in November 2004, this was very much a trial run by all concerned. Although not very well attended, it established how future events in Bristol would work.

The next one held in May 2005 in Bristol, was a huge success with guests such as Mike Ploog and Simon Bisley attending.

The first Expo to be held in Brighton was in November 2005 at the prestigious Metropole Hilton, the largest conference hotel in South England. This was again successful and with the exception of a few minor criticisms proved immensely popular with those attending.

Comic Expo Bristol 2006 was a huge success, with early attendance figures suggesting around 2000 attendees. The Guest of Honour was Roy Thomas, the former Editor-in-Chief of Marvel (1972 - 1974). Other guests included Geoff Johns and Howard Chaykin.

The Brighton Expo for 2006 was cancelled so the next Comic Expo held was in Bristol in May 2007. Guests included Kurt Busiek, Brian K Vaughan, Jeph Loeb and Jean-Pierre Dionnet.

The guest line up for Bristol 2008 included Jim Shooter, Walt Simonson, Jim Starlin, and Dave Gibbons.

Film Night

The Orang Utan Comics film night has become a staple of the show since 2007.

Held on May 9th at 6pm at the Ramada Plaza Hotel in Bristol, this year's Film Night will be bigger and better than ever.

Presently the following has been announced for the 2009 festival:

  • UK Première of Return Of The Ghostbusters, a full length "fan film" of the highest quality that sticks to its roots, with enough techno-babble and humour to rival the original films themselves, and riveting special effects and plot that will leave you hanging on the edge of your seat, cheering on our heroes
  • UK Première of Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Tears Of The Dragon, the largest Tomb Raider fan film ever to be created. Hailed as "what the Hollywood version should have been", this film is brilliantly written and directed, action packed and full of adventure! A must see for any fan of the games, or a good action flick
  • Soul Searcher, an independent film, that is an action packed, special effects filled fantasy adventure
  • Back Issues, a hilarious independent film about a man who is forced to chose between his girlfriend and his dream of becoming a comic book letterer... "It’s me or the comics" is his ultimatum when he asks her to marry him... But which will he choose?..
  • first ever 'Ray Harryhausen Presents' production; the legendary visual effects creator, animator and producer presents The Pit And The Pendulum, a stock motion animated short based on the Edgar Alan Poe classic
  • the first two episodes of Witchblade, the action packed anime based on Top Cow's famous comic book from MVM Entertainment that will appeal to both fans of comics and anime, provided complimentary of our sponsors MVM Entertainment
  • first episode of Revelation, an independent anime production from D7 Studios which features awe-inspiring animation (especially for such a low budget), a gripping science fiction setting, and an apocalyptic plot of Biblical proportions
  • first ever The Spectre fan film directed by Sam Gardner
  • a unique, utterly hilarious outing into a wonderful world... The Discworld. Run Rincewind Run! is a fan film made by the fans, for the fans, which even features a guest appearance from Terry Pratchett himself!

The Bristol Preview and Virtual Bristol

Since 2006, UK indie comic studio Monkeys with Machineguns have run an online preview online preview featuring indie press exhibitors attending the Bristol Expo.

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