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The Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety (ENVI) is a committee of the European Parliament. It has 68 members and a secretariat of 10 administrators. Its chairman is LEINEN, Jo . Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament .[1]



During the 1990s it was unfavourably known as the Cinderella committee by MEPs, due to its low importance. However since then, under the chairmanship of Ken Collins, it has increased in powers. The co-decision procedure for legislation, which grants more powers to the Parliament, has been extended to more policy areas. Notably, the areas covered by this committee were the main recipients of these new powers. Also due to the rising importance of its issues (e.g. in regards to global warming), it has become one of the most important committees in Parliament. As well as becoming a major forum with the Parliament, the open sessions are usually packed with business lobbyists and representatives from environmental NGOs.[2]


The committee is responsible for:

1. environmental policy and environmental protection measures, in particular concerning:

  • (a) air, soil and water pollution, waste management and recycling, dangerous substances and preparations, noise levels, climate change, protection of biodiversity,
  • (b) sustainable development,
  • (c) international and regional measures and agreements aimed at protecting the environment,
  • (d) restoration of environmental damage,
  • (e) civil protection,
  • (f) the European Environment Agency;

2. public health, in particular:

3. food safety issues, in particular:

  • (a) the labelling and safety of foodstuffs,
  • (b) veterinary legislation concerning protection against risks to human health; public health checks on foodstuffs and food production systems,
  • (c) the European Food Safety Authority and the European Food and Veterinary Office.

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