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Common Dreams NewsCenter, often referred to simply as Common Dreams, is a U.S. based progressive news website.[1][2] Common Dreams publishes both news stories and editorials. Common Dreams also re-publishes syndicated content from Associated Press, columnists such as the late Molly Ivins, and news stories from a number of mainstream mass-market newspapers. The website also provides hyperlinks to other columnists, periodicals, radio outlets, news services, and websites.



Inspiration for the website name "Common" came from the book title The Twilight of Common Dreams: Why America is Wracked by Culture Wars, written by "Common" co-founder Todd Gitlin and published in 1995.

The non-profit organization Common Dreams was founded in 1996 by Craig Brown, and the News Center launched the following year, in May 1997, by Brown and his wife Lina Newhouser (1951–2008). Brown, a native of Massachusetts, has a long history in progressive politics. He was the director of the Maine Public Interest Research Group from 1973 to 1977 and worked on the presidential campaigns of former US Senators Alan Cranston and Paul Simon. Brown also served as Tom Andrews' Chief of Staff from 1990 to 1994.[3] Part of Brown's job was to compile news for Representative Andrews, which gave him the impetus to do the same on the internet.[4]

During the Kosovo War Common Dreams hosted the "Drumbeats of War" site which, according to the BBC, presented "a round-up of interesting articles with wide-ranging points of view that have previously appeared in newspapers and journals across the United States."[5] Known for its anti-war stance,[6][7] by August 2003 had sold a quarter-million stickers at cost with the message: "Attack Iraq? NO!"[8]

Praise and criticism

Common Dreams attracts both praise and criticism in political circles. Among its notable supporters are Bill Moyers,[9] Ralph Nader, and Don Imus.[3] The organization has been criticized both for being too progressive[10] and for not being progressive enough.[11]


Common Dreams has featured original articles by the following authors:


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