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The Statute of Autonomy of the Madrid Autonomous Community establishes that the government of the community is exercised through the institution of the Commonwealth of Madrid (Spanish: 'Comunidad de Madrid'). The Statute of Autonomy is the fundamental organic law in conjunction with the Spanish constitution.

The name "Comunidad" links the new government structure with the Middle Ages institution of "Comunidades de Villa y Tierra" and also links with the government structure of Castile-La Mancha, who is called "Junta de Comunidades" (Union of Commonwealths in freely translation) as Castile-La Mancha is formed from different cities and territories. In this sense the term "Comunidad" as Commonwealth, should be differentiated from the term Community cause the Madrid Autonomous Community refers both the territory (the Land of Madrid) as the government organism (the Commonwealth of Madrid).

This distinction occurs in most of the Autonomous Communities of Spain, like Catalonia or the Valencian Community (the Generalitat only refers the government organism) or Asturias (the Junta General comprises both the legislative and executive branches of the government organism).

The Commonwealth of Madrid is so formed by a legislative, the Madrid Assembly, and an executive branch: the President of Madrid and the Government Council.


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