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Communauté d'agglomération de Pau-Pyrénées
Country France
Region Aquitaine
Department Pyrénées-Atlantiques
No. of communes 14
Chief-town Pau
Founded 1999-03-02
 - 1999 153,070
 - Density 800/km²
Land area 184km²
The Hôtel de France is the seat of the communauté.

The communauté d'agglomération de Pau-Pyrénées is a communauté d'agglomération in the département of Pyrénées-Atlantiques, in the Aquitaine région of France. It provides a framework within which local tasks common to the 14 member communes can be carried out together, and was created in 2000.

The communauté d'agglomération is centred around the town of Pau. In 1999, the commune of Pau made up 51% of the population (78,732 out of 153,070) but only 17% of the area (31.51km² out of 184km²).


The communes of the communauté d'agglomération, and their INSEE codes, are:[1]

  1. Artigueloutan (64059)
  2. Billère (64129)
  3. Bizanos (64132)
  4. Gan (64230)
  5. Gelos (64237)
  6. Idron (64269)
  7. Jurançon (64284)
  8. Lée (64329)
  9. Lescar (64335)
  10. Lons (64348)
  11. Mazères-Lezons (64373)
  12. Ousse (64439)
  13. Pau (64445)
  14. Sendets (64518)


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Coordinates: 43°18′43″N 0°21′32″W / 43.312064°N 0.358772°W / 43.312064; -0.358772

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