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Communauté de communes du Sud-Ouest Amiénois
Country France
Region Picardie
Department Somme
No. of communes 63
Chief-town Poix-de-Picardie
President Pierre Bernard
Founded 2006
 - 1999 21000
Web site

The Communauté de communes du Sud-Ouest Amiénois is a communauté de communes in the Somme département and in the Picardie région of France.



The communauté de communes succeeded the Syndicat mixte Pays Somme sud ouest (SMPSSO), the dissolution taking effect on the 1st January 2008. The ‘’syndicat mixte’’, created in 1981, covered 6 of the neighbouring cantons. The new body was created by order of the prefect on the 30th June 2004. It includes 63 communes in the cantons of Hornoy-le-Bourg, Poix-de-Picardie and part of the Canton de Molliens-Dreuil[1].


This Communauté de communes includes 63 communes:

  1. Airaines
  2. Arguel, Somme
  3. Aumont, Somme
  4. Avelesges
  5. Beaucamps-le-Jeune
  6. Beaucamps-le-Vieux
  7. Belloy-Saint-Léonard
  8. Bergicourt
  9. Bettembos
  10. Blangy-sous-Poix
  11. Bougainville, Somme
  12. Briquemesnil-Floxicourt
  13. Brocourt
  14. Bussy-lès-Poix
  15. Camps-en-Amiénois
  16. Caulières
  17. Courcelles-sous-Moyencourt
  18. Croixrault
  19. Dromesnil
  20. Éplessier
  21. Équennes-Éramecourt
  22. Famechon, Somme
  23. Fluy
  24. Fourcigny
  25. Fresnoy-au-Val
  26. Fricamps
  27. Gauville
  28. Guizancourt
  29. Hescamps
  30. Hornoy-le-Bourg
  31. Lachapelle, Somme
  32. Lafresguimont-Saint-Martin
  33. Laleu, Somme
  34. Lamaronde
  35. Le Quesne
  36. Lignières-Châtelain
  37. Liomer
  38. Marlers
  39. Meigneux, Somme
  40. Méréaucourt
  41. Méricourt-en-Vimeu
  42. Métigny
  43. Molliens-Dreuil
  44. Montagne-Fayel
  45. Morvillers-Saint-Saturnin
  46. Moyencourt-lès-Poix
  47. Neuville-Coppegueule
  48. Offignies
  49. Oissy
  50. Poix-de-Picardie
  51. Quesnoy-sur-Airaines
  52. Quevauvillers
  53. Riencourt
  54. Saint-Aubin-Montenoy
  55. Sainte-Segrée
  56. Saint-Germain-sur-Bresle
  57. Saulchoy-sous-Poix
  58. Tailly, Somme
  59. Thieulloy-l'Abbaye
  60. Thieulloy-la-Ville
  61. Villers-Campsart
  62. Vraignes-lès-Hornoy
  63. Warlus, Somme

Other groupings

The Community Council, on 14 June 2007, adopted the principle of membership of the “Syndicat mixte du Pays du Grand Amiénois”[2].

Projects and goals

The Community plans to carry out or support actions:

  • In terms of economic development, for example, around the future motorway interchange on the A29 at Croixrault.
  • In areas of direct interest to the lives of the people: housing (plan of action for the implementation of multi-family housing), culture (financing actions promoting libraries) and multimedia (development in the intercommunal territory)[1].

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