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The Azerbaijan Communist Party (Azərbaycan Kommunist Partiyası) was the ruling political party in the Azerbaijan SSR, making it effectively a branch of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. It was formed on February 20, 1920, when the Hummat Party, the Adalat Party, the Ahrar Party of Iran and Baku Bolsheviks joined together to establish the Azerbaijan Communist Party. On April 1 of the same year, the Fifth Cabinet of Ministers of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic gave its resignations and all the power to AKP. The party ruled the Azerbaijan SSR until 16 September 1991 when it was formally disbanded. Nevertheless, former leaders and members of the communists continued to play a role in the family- and patronage-based political system. The Azerbaijan Communist Party won the first multi-party elections in Azerbaijan that took place on 30 September and 14 October 1990 for the Supreme Soviet obtaining 280 out of 360 seats.

First secretaries of the Azerbaijan Communist Party (AKP) of the Azerbaijan SSR

No. Name Took Office Left Office
1 Mirza Davud Husseynov February 12, 1920 October 23, 1920
2 Grigory Kaminsky October 23, 1920 July, 1921
3 Sergey Kirov July, 1921 January, 1926
4 Levon Mirzoyan January, 1926 August, 1929
5 Nikolay Gikalo August, 1929 June, 1930
6 Vladimir Polonsky June, 1930 November, 1933
7 Ruben Rubenov (Mkrtchyan) January 1, 1933 December 12, 1933
8 Mir Jafar Baghirov November, 1933 July, 1953
9 Mir Teimur Yakubov July, 1953 February, 1954
10 Imam Mustafayev February 7, 1954 June 12, 1959
11 Veli Akhundov July 11, 1959 July 14, 1969
12 Heidar Aliyev July 14, 1969 December 3, 1982
13 Kyamran Bagirov December 3, 1982 May 21, 1988
14 Abdulrahman Vezirov May 21, 1988 January 20, 1990
15 Ayaz Mütallibov January 24, 1990 September 16, 1991


Azerbaijani nationalist leader, anti-communist politician and former president Abülfaz Elçibay was also a member of the Azerbaijan Communist Party. He joined the Party in 1972.



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