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The three worlds as they were separated during the Cold War era, each with its respective allies. Colors do not represent current economical development.      First World: the United States and its allies.      Second World: the Soviet Union and its allies.      Third World: Non-aligned and neutral countries.

The Second World is a term that was used to describe the communist countries of the Soviet Union and its allies during the Cold War.[1] The Second World was basically the Communist World. The Second World was one of the three regions the world was divided into alongside the First World and the Third World. The Second World included the Soviet Union and all the other communist countries in Eastern Europe. The Second World countries in Europe were also known as the Eastern Bloc. The term Second World did not have a precise definition. There was argument and disagreement as to whether or not communist countries that were not part of Eastern Europe such as China, Vietnam, Cuba, and North Korea were part of the Second World.

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