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The Comorian Union for Progress (UCP) (Udzima (in Shikomor), Union Comorienne pour le Progr├Ęs (in French) is a defunct political party in the Comoros.

In 1978, French mercenary Bob Denard staged a coup d'etat against the socialist government of Ali Soilih, bringing Ahmed Abdallah back to power. In February 1982, Abdallah banned all existing political parties and created the UCP. In subsequent elections a month later, the UCP won 37 of 38 seats in the National Assembly between independents and the UCP. In elections in 1987, the UCP won all 42 seats in an election generally considered unfair. Another coup by Denard in 1989 brought Said Mohamed Djohar, who was also part of the UCP. The party floundered until 1991 when Djohar renounced the party. With no seats in the National Assembly, the party merged with the Union for Democracy and Decentralization (UNDC) in September 1993.

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