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Toronto Stock Exchange listed stocks:

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Stock Name Symbol
DALSA Corporation TSXDSA
Danier Leather Inc. TSXDL
Data Group Income Fund (The) TSXDGI
Davie Yards Inc. TSXDAV
Davis + Henderson Income Fund TSXDHF
Day4 Energy Inc. TSXDFE
Daylight Resources Trust TSXDAY
DDJ High Yield Fund TSXHYB
DDS Wireless International Inc. TSXDD
Deans Knight Income and Growth Fund TSXDKI
Deans Knight Income Corporation TSXDNC
Deepwell Energy Services Trust TSXDWL
Dejour Enterprises Ltd. TSXDEJ
Delphi Energy Corp. TSXDEE
Delta Uranium Inc. TSXDUR
Denison Mines Corp. TSXDML
Descartes Systems Group Inc. (The) TSXDSG
Destiny Resource Services Corp. TSXDSC
Detour Gold Corporation TSXDGC
DiagnoCure Inc. TSXCUR
Diamond Fields International Ltd. TSXDFI
Diaz Resources Ltd. TSXDZR
Dioro Exploration NL TSXDIO
DirectCash Income Fund TSXDCI
Discovery Air Inc. TSXDA
Distinction Group Inc. TSXGD
Diversified Preferred Share Trust TSXDPS
Diversified Private Equity Corp. TSXPEQ
diversiGlobal Dividend Value Fund TSXDGD
diversiTrust Energy Income Fund TSXDTN
diversiTrust Income Fund TSXDTF
diversiTrust Income+ Fund TSXDTP
diversiTrust Stable Income Fund TSXDTS
diversiYield Income Fund TSXDYI
Divestco Inc. TSXDVT
Dividend 15 Split Corp. TSXDFN
Dividend 15 Split Corp. II TSXDF
Dividend Growth Split Corp. TSXDGS
Dominion Citrus Income Fund TSXDOM
Dominion Citrus Limited TSXDMN
Domtar Corporation TSXUFS
Domtar (Canada) Paper Inc. TSXUFX
Dorel Industries Inc. TSXDII
DPF India Opportunities Fund TSXDPF
Dragon Pharmaceutical, Inc. TSXDDD
DragonWave Inc. TSXDWI
Drive Products Income Fund TSXDPI
Duluth Metals Limited TSXDM
Dundee Corporation TSXDC
Dundee Precious Metals Inc. TSXDPM
Dundee Real Estate Investment Trust TSXD
DundeeWealth Inc. TSXDW
Dynacor Gold Mines Inc. TSXDNG
Dynasty Metals & Mining Inc. TSXDMM
Dynetek Industries Ltd. TSXDNK
This list is complete and up-to-date as of September 2009.

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