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This is a list of companies traded on the JSE, the original compilation of the list was done in February 2006.

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Note: For companies without a listed external link there is generally plenty of information available at various financial information sites; please see article's External links section below.


Stock symbol Company Notes External link
ASA ABSA Group Limited banking
Absolute Holdings Limited quartz, quartzite, sandstone
ACC-ROSS Holdings Limited resort and leisure project planning
ACP Acucap Properties Limited industrial, commercial, residential property development and property management
ADR Adcorp Holdings Limited human resources, market research
Adonis Knitwear Holdings Limited is now Sizafika Property Investments Limited
ADH Advtech Limited human resources
AFE AECI Limited chemistry, explosives, yarns and fibers, property
Afgem Limited diamonds, gems, brownfield exploration
AFR Afgri Limited agriculture, agricultural supplies, financial services
AFO Aflease Gold Limited gold exploration and mining; the Modder East Gold Project
AOO African & Overseas Enterprises Limited holding company; manufacturing and marketing of apparel
ABL African Bank Investments Limited financial services; loans
African Dawn Capital Limited finance and development of low-cost and affordable housing
AME African Media Entertainment Limited media
AFX African Oxygen Limited industrial gases, welding supplies
ARIM African Rainbow Minerals Limited mining: ferrous metals, base metals, platinum, coal...
AFT Afrimat Limited construction equipment; heavy equipment
ACT Afrocentric Investment Corporation Limited fruit; formerly known as WB Holdings Limited
AG Industries Limited fabricated glass and aluminum products for homes and skyscrapers; windows, mirrors, laminates...
Alex White Holdings Limited packaging; printing
AFB Alexander Forbes Limited financial services; risk management
All Joy Foods Limited food; tomato sauce; mayonnaise; condiments...
GRY Allan Gray Property Trust financial services; investment management; pension funds, health schemes, endowments, trusts
Alliance Data Corporation Limited business management planning; payroll, timecards, financial, materials management
ATN Allied Electronics Corporation Limited telecommunications; power management systems; information technology
ALT Allied Technologies Limited telecommunications, multi-media, information technology, electronics
Alpina Investments Limited commercial property; property management
AMA Amalgamated Appliance Holdings Limited manufacture and import of electronics and home appliances
AER Amalgamated Electronics Corporation Limited electronics and electronics supplies, electrical equipment, wholesale
ABP Ambit Properties Limited financial services; property loan stock company
AEC Anbeeco Investments Holdings Limited holding company; affiliated with Darwo Propietary Ltd
ANAAL Anglo American plc a major global mining company
ANANP Anglo Platinum Limited a major global mining company
ANANO Anglogold Ashanti Limited a subsidiary of a major global mining company
ARHP Anglorand Holdings Limited-Preference Shares financial services; stockbroking; online trading; portfolio management, funds
ARQ Anooraq Resources Corporation exploration and mining of platinum group metals
APA ApexHi Properties Limited property management; financial services
APS Technologies Limited microcurrent electrical stimulation therapy equipment
AQP Aquarius Platinum Limited exploration and mining of platinum group metals
Arch Equity Limited financial services; investment in the service sector
ART Argent Industrial Limited holding company; steel; steel trading; other heavy industry
APN Aspen Pharmacare Holdings Limited pharmaceuticals; active pharmaceutical ingredients
ASR Assore Limited mining; iron ore, manganese, chrome, other base metals
ARL Astral Foods Limited agricultural supplies; animal feed; day-old chickens; hatching eggs
APK Astrapak Limited food, pharmaceutical, agricultural, industrial plastic packaging
ATS Atlas Properties Limited commercial property retail
AEG Aveng Limited construction, steel, equipment, engineering; heavy construction: dams, mining, civil engineering...
AVI AVI Limited life science; biotechnology
AWT Awethu Breweries Limited liquor; financial services


Stock symbol Company Notes External link
BAW Barloworld Limited industrial goods; motor vehicles, equipment, scientific, cement, lift trucks, coatings, more
BJM Barnard Jacobs Mellet Holdings Limited holding company; financial services; stockbroking
BPL Barplats Investments Limited platinum, palladium, rhodium, ruthenium, iridium, gold; acquired by Eastplats of Canada
Basil Read Holdings Limited civil engineering, building construction, road construction, mining services
Beget Holdings Limited financial services; information technology incubator
Beige Holdings Limited cosmetics, soaps, laundry soap, household products, personal care products
BEL Bell Equipment Limited agricultural equipment: agricultural dump trucks, sugar cane loaders, fork lifts, backhoes, loggers, teleloggers, etc
BIBLT BHP Billiton plc global mining
BIC BICC CAFCA Limited Zimbabwe based electrical transmission and telephone line company, incl cable'
BidBEE Limited financial services; see Bidvest
Bidvest Group Limited, The
BCF Bowler Metcalf Limited packaging; plastic foam, etc
BRAIT Brait S.A. merchant bank; alternative investments
BRC Brandcorp Holdings Limited building products; construction materials
POTP Brian Porter Holdings Limited-Preference Shares automotive; Porter Motor Group
BRT Brimstone Investment Corporation Limited holding company; insurance, menswear, deep-sea fishing, Aon Holdings' subsidiary, healthcare, financial services, Nedbank subsidiary
BDM Buildmax Limited construction material, timber
BCX Business Connexion Group Limited information technology; industrial consulting; formerly Comparex
BTG Bytes Technology Group Limited information technology; communications


Stock symbol Company Notes External link
CBS CBS Property Portfolio Limited commercial real estate
CDZ Cadiz Holdings Limited financial services
Calulo Property Fund Limited real estate, real estate investment, is now Moneyetla Property Fund
CAE Cape Empowerment Trust Limited property, technology, printing, media
CPL Capital Property Fund financial services
CPI Capitec Bank Holdings Limited banking; consumer goods; Capitec Bank
CRG Cargo Carriers Limited trans-Southern Africa trucking; industrial trucking
CSB Cashbuild Limited wholesale and retail building supplies
CAT Caxton and CTP Publishers and Printers Limited many local newspapers, magazines, printing, stationery
Cenmag Holdings Limited electromagnets, electric motors, electric goods
CRM Ceramic Industries Limited tiles and sanitaryware
Chrometco Limited chrome and chrome-associated minerals; mining
CLM City Lodge Hotels Limited large chain of hotels
CLE Clientele Life Assurance Company Limited insurance
COM Comair Limited aviation; and British Airways Comair
CMH Combined Motor Holdings Limited automobile sales; holds many brand-name franchises
CMA Command Holdings Limited security services
CCL Compu Clearing Outsourcing Limited air cargo services
CNX Conafex Holdings Societe Anonyme tea, health food
Concor Limited building society; civil engineering
CND Conduit Capital Limited investments involving the independent electric power industry in Latin America and the Caribbean
Consol Limited glass, glass goods, plastic
CNL Control Instruments Group Limited automotive components, automotive electronics, automotive industry services
CML Coronation Fund Managers Limited fund management
CVS Corvus Capital (SA) Holdings Limited financial services
CKS Crookes Brothers Limited agribusiness including sugarcane, wheat, sheep, fruit....
CUL Cullinan Holdings Limited holding company involved in tourism and leisure


Stock symbol Company Notes External link
DCT Datacentrix Holdings Limited information technology and business services
DataPro Group Limited corporate internet service provider; information technology; telecommunications
DTC Datatec Limited information technology, networking, IT infrastructure, IT services
DEC Decillion Limited financial services involving stock markets and risk management; has operations in South Africa, London, Switzerland, New Zealand
DEL Delta Electrical Industries Limited fans, light emitting diodes (LEDs), high-tech lighting
DMR Diamond Core Resources Limited diamond exploration and mining in Northern Cape Province
DGC Digicore Holdings Limited vehicle tracking technology; vehicle security
DIDDT Dimension Data Holdings information technology business services contractor
DSY Discovery Holdings Limited insurance
DST Distell Group Limited alcoholic beverages
DAW Distribution and Warehousing Network Limited manufacture of construction materials, hardware, sanitaryware, kitchen fixtures...
DIV Diversified Property Income Fund Limited financial services
Don Group Limited, The hotels, The Don Suite Hotel Group
DLV Dorbyl Limited metallurgy, auto parts, transmissions, wheels, gears, forging...
DRDD DRDGold Limited gold; mining and trading
Dynamic Cables RSA Limited computer cables; telecommunications goods


Stock symbol Company Notes External link
ECO Edgars Consolidated Stores Limited retail, online retail, consumer financial services
ELD Eland Platinum Holdings Limited delisted, sold to Xstrata; platinum mining
ELB ELB Group Limited infrastructure and mining industry engineering services, equipment; graders, drilling equipment
ELH Ellerine Holdings Limited furniture, household goods, decorations
EMI Emira Property Fund real estate; property management: office space, retail, industrial
ENL Enaleni Pharmaceuticals Limited drugs, cosmetics...
ERM Enterprise Risk Management Limited risk management
ENV Enviroserv Holdings Limited waste management, hazardous waste treatment, recycling
EOH EOH Holdings Limited information technology, business consulting
Esor Limited geotechnical engineering, civil engineering
EUR Eureka Industrial Limited holding company; machine tools, engineering, investments
EXL Excellerate Holdings Limited catering; institutional support; food and non-food services for hotels, retailers, the hospitality industry; janitorial, pest control, landscaping, hygiene services
EXX Exxaro Resources Limited iron ore; leading global producer
EXO Exxoteq Limited petroleum exploration; suspended in 2004 Cape Business News article June 2007


Stock symbol Company Notes External link
FVT Fairvest Property Holdings Limited commercial and residential property management
FBR Famous Brands Limited various restaurant franchises
FRT Faritec Holdings Limited information technology; business consulting
FSR Firstrand Limited banking
FIU First Uranium Corporation uranium and gold mining
FCPD Foord Compass Limited-Debentures financial services; debentures
FOS Foschini Limited trading group; lifestyle goods, fashion, jewelry, sporting goods, apparel...
Freestone Property Holdings Limited a property fund that has merged with Emira Property Fund


Stock symbol Company Notes External link
Gencor Limited mining; coal and metals
GIJ Gijima AST Group Limited information technology; communications technology
GMB Glenrand M.I.B. Limited insurance; insurance broking
GLL Global Village Holdings Limited leisure retail environment management
GOGOF Gold Fields Limited mining
GDF Gold Reef Casino Resorts Limited operates Gold Reef City
GDH Good Hope Diamonds (Kimberley) Ltd holding company; diamond mining
GBG Great Basin Gold Limited gold; mining
GND Grindrod Limited logistics, transport, shipping, trucking
GRF Group Five Limited engineering, construction, manufacture of construction materials; infrastructure
GRT Growthpoint Properties Limited leading retail, commercial and industrial property management and development company
GVGVM GVM Metals Limited coal; metallurgy; now known as 'Coal of Africa Limited'


Stock symbol Company Notes External link
HAL Halogen Holdings Societe Anonyme Luxembourg-based holding company; mining; gold mining Halogen-hired web page service
HAPS Harmony Gold Mining Company Limited mining
Heritage Collection Holdings Limited direct mail company, bought by New Clicks Holdings
HVL Highveld Steel and Vanadium Corporation Limited metallurgy
HCI Hosken Consolidated Investments Limited holding company; media, entertainment, gaming, hotels, energy, bus transport
HPA Hospitality Property Fund Limited hotel and resort property fund
HWN Howden Africa Holdings Limited global company; industrial machinery HowdenAfrica/
HDC Hudaco Industries Limited importing and distributing industrial goods, bearings and transmissions, other
HWHWA Hwange Colliery Company Limited Zimbabwe based coal company
HTP Hyprop Investments Limited office space and shopping mall property company


Stock symbol Company Notes External link
Idion Technology Holdings Limited suspended from trading
IFH IFA Hotels and Resorts Limited hotels and resorts
IFR Ifour Properties Limited delisted; financial services; real estate investment trusts delisted
ILA Iliad Africa Limited building materials and supplies
ILV Illovo Sugar Limited Southern African sugarcane grower
IMPO Impala Platinum Holdings Limited 'Implats' mining; one of RSA's largest companies
IBPL Imperial Holdings Limited mobility/freight incl trucking, aviation, rentals, insurance
Imuniti Holdings pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements, natural medicine
Independent Financial Services Limited financial services
Indequity Group Limited insurance and financial services
Industrial Credit Company Africa Holdings Limited high-end industrial equipment and vehicle leasing
IFW Infowave Holdings Limited information technology
Integrear Limited financial services, professional services
ILT Interconnective Solutions Limited telecommunications services
ITR Intertrading Limited agriculture and fishery
Investec Bank Limited- Preference Share
INL Investec Limited
INP Investec
IVT Invicta Holdings Limited import and distribution of machinery, equipment, motors and components for the agriculture, construction and golf industries
IPSA Group electricity generation
ISA ISA Holdings Limited security software; information security architects
ITE Italtile Limited ceramic tile, sanitaryware, bathroom accessory retail


Stock symbol Company Notes External link
JSC Jasco Electronics Holdings Limited electronics manufacture including telecom towers and ancillary equipment; cables and security equipment
JCD JCI Limited2 financial services; company is involved in restructuring and relisting
JDG JD Group Limited financial services for the mass market
John Daniel Holdings Limited high tech, biotechnology, stem cell technology; containers and infrastructure for the trucking industry
JCM Johnnic Communications Limited name changed to Avusa; newspapers, magazines, television broadcasting, internet media
JNC Johnnic Holdings Limited name changed to Avusa; media and entertainment
JSE JSE Limited the Johannesburg Stock Exchange itself
JNC Jubilee Platinum plc platinum, nickel, copper exploration and mining


Stock symbol Company Notes External link
KGM Kagiso Media Limited radio stations, business publishing
KIR Kairos Industrial Holdings Limited ventilation solutions for the mining industry including disaster survival equipment; bricks; coal; real estate
KAP KAP International Holdings Limited holding company: meat, leather, automotive, resin (plastic)...
KLG Kelgran Limited granite
KEL Kelly Group Limited human resources; employment agency
KNG King Consolidated Holdings Limited food service, restaurant, pub, fast food franchising
KIO Kumba Iron Ore Limited iron ore; merged to form Exxaro
KWV KWV Beleggings Beperk holding company; distilleries, wineries, insurance


Stock symbol Company Notes External link
LA Group Limited holding company; apparel; telecommunications; financial services
Labat Africa Limited integrated circuit manufacture
LMID Lereko Mobility (Pty) Limited logistics; vehicle rental; aviation rental and services; fleet management; equipment; vehicle sales
LEW Lewis Group Limited furniture and home appliance retail
LIBU Liberty Group Limited insurance and financial services
LBH Liberty Holdings Limited the holding company for Liberty Life - an insurance company
LILI Liberty International plc commercial property management
LOJM London Finance & Investment Group plc financial services
LOLMI Lonmin plc infrastructure; transport; hotels
Lonrho Africa plc infrastructure; transport; hotels


Stock symbol Company Notes External link
MCU M Cubed Holdings Limited financial services
MDN Madison Property Fund Managers Holdings Ltd
MKL Makalani Holdings Limited holding company; finance
MSS Marshalls Limited commercial and light industrial property; parking garages
Martprop Property Fund
MAS Masonite (Africa) Limited forestry; construction materials
MSM Massmart Holdings Limited
MTZ Matodzi Resources Limited diamonds in Lesotho
MDC Medi-Clinic Corporation Limited
MRF Merafe Resources Limited mining; metallurgy; chromium
MTL Mercantile Bank Holdings Limited
Messina Limited
MTA Metair Investments Limited motor vehicle components for vehicle assembly industry
Metboard Properties Limited
MML Metmar Limited direct mail; logistics
MEMTX Metorex Limited mining; support to the mining industry
MFL Metrofile Holdings Limited information management; document management; archiving
MET Metropolitan Holdings Limited
MICC Property Income Fund Limited
MMG Micromega Holdings Limited financial services; information technology; automotive
Milkworx Limited wholesale and retail ice cream
MMH Miranda Mineral Holdings Limited prospecting: diamonds, coal, gold, silver, base metals, etc
MLA Mittal Steel South Africa Limited Arcelor-Mittal, a global steel company
MOB Mobile Industries Limited marine cargo industry incl beer kegs, transponders and software solutions
Moneyweb Holdings Limited financial information
MTE Monteagle Holdings Societe Anonyme
Moribo Leisure Limited
MPC Mr Price Group Limited apparel, homewares
MTN MTN Group Limited telecom
MUR Murray & Roberts Holdings Limited
MST Mustek Limited personal computer assembly
MAF Mutual & Federal Insurance Company Limited
MVG Mvelaphanda Group Limited industrial support services (food, transport, etc), including the mining industry
MVL Mvelaphanda Resources Limited mining and exploration, incl gold, platinum, manganese, diamond


Stock symbol Company Notes External link
Namibian Sea Products Limited commercial fishing
Nampak Limited packaging
Naspers Limited pay tv
Nedbank Group Limited banking
Nedbank Limited-Preference Shares
Network Healthcare Holdings Limited hospital ownership; clinics
NAIL New Africa Investment Limited car rental, publishing, radio, film, television
New Clicks Holdings Limited healthcare, beauty, music retail
New Corpcapital Limited brokerage
Nictus Beperk automobile wholesale
Northam Platinum Limited mining
Nu-World Holdings Limited import and manufacture of furniture, consumer electronics, home appliances


Stock symbol Company Notes External link
Oando plc Nigeria based oil, natural gas, refining, energy
Oasis Crescent Property Fund Sharia-principled real estate investment company with offices in Egypt, Ireland and South Africa
Oceana Group Limited commercial fishing, fish processing; potatoes; cold storage for fish, fruit
Octodec Investments Limited real estate
Old Mutual plc financial services
Omnia Holdings Limited chemicals, specialty chemicals, fertilizer, bulk mining, explosives
Onelogix Group Limited logistics


Stock symbol Company Notes External link
Palabora Mining Company Limited copper: mining, cathode production, rod production; and 80% of the world's vermiculite production
Pals Holdings Limited menswear
Pangbourne Properties Limited real estate, property management
Paracon Holdings Limited information technology services
Paramount Property Fund Limited
Pasdec Resources SA Limited automobile cable harnesses, motors for industry and the mining industry
Peermont Global Limited casino management
Peregrine Holdings Limited financial services; not to be confused with Peregrine Investments Holdings of Hong Kong
Petmin Limited mining company, metallurgy, industrial services, formerly Petra Mining
Phumelela Gaming and Leisure Limited gaming, parimutuel betting
Pick ‘n Pay Holdings Limited food, clothing, merchandise retail
Pick ‘n Pay Stores Limited
Pinnacle Technology Holdings Limited computer manufacture; information technology
Premium Properties Limited property loan stock company
Pretoria Portland Cement Company Limited cement, limestone
Primedia Limited radio stations, movie theatres, entertainment
Primeserv Group Limited human resources services; vocational training, business colleges
Prism Holdings Limited online transaction technology
PSG Financial Services Limited - Preference Shares financial services
PSG Group Limited financial services
Purple Capital Limited financial services
Putprop Limited property


Stock symbol Company Notes External link
Quyn Holdings Limited financial services, payroll services, human resources services


Stock symbol Company Notes External link
Rainbow Chicken Limited chicken, frozen food, wide variety of chicken products
Real Africa Holdings Limited holding company; food and healthcare
Redefine Income Fund Limited financial services
Remgro Limited financial services, investments, industry, tobacco, mining
Resilient Property Income Fund Limited property development; retail property; shopping malls
Reunert Limited electronics, low-voltage electrical engineering and manufacturing
Rex Trueform Clothing Company Limited men's and women's clothing
Richemont Securities AG watches
RMB Holdings Limited financial services, banking, insurance...a holding company for financial services companies


Stock symbol Company Notes External link
SA Retail Properties Limited property, shopping centers
Sable Holdings Limited property, hotels, trading, automotive accessories
SABMiller Plc beer, soft drinks, global leader
Sabvest Limited investments
Sallies Limited mining; fluorspar
Sanlam Limited financial services; insurance
Santam Limited insurance
Sappi Limited paper and pulp; a global company
Sasfin Holdings Limited banking; commercial banking
Sasol Limited energy, chemicals, fuels; coal-to-liquid processing, gas-to-liquid processing
Scharrig Mining Limited see Sentula Mining
Seardel Investment Corporation clothing manufacture; textile manufacture; electronic goods and toys
SecureData information security; information risk management
Sekunjalo Investments Limited investment in industry
Sentula Mining mining; metals, coal, mining services; formerly Scharrig Mining
Set Point Technology Holdings Limited industrial technology; axles, wheels, meters, pumps, engineering supplies
Shoprite Holdings Limited supermarkets, furniture retail, convenience stores
Simeka BSG Limited software; desktop and server management including hardware, infrastructure and applications
Simmer & Jack Mines Ltd uranium, gold
Siyathenga Property Fund Limited merged with another company; is not now listed
South African Eagle Insurance Company part of global company Zurich Financial Services
Southern Electricity Company Limited electricity generation in Namibia and South Africa
Sovereign Food Investments Limited food, chickens, animal feed
Spanjaard Limited lubricants and chemicals, specialized lubricants; a global company
Spar Group Limited, The convenience stores
Spearhead Property Holdings Limited not currently listed
Spectrum Shipping Limited Santova Logistics
Spescom Limited information technology, communications techology; speech and voice technology
Spur Corporation Limited steakhouse; Spur Steak Ranch restaurant chain
Square One Solutions Group Limited information technology; bar coding; security
Standard Bank Group Limited a global bank based in South Africa
Steinhoff International Holdings industry, logistics, manufacturing, furniture, household goods
Steinhoff Investment Holdings-Preference subsidiary company of Steinhoff International Holdings
Stella Vista Technologies Ltd large-scale multimedia systems including systems for train stations and airports, sports event video display systems, scoreboards
Sterling Waterford CCN SPV 2 GBC1 clean energy sector financial services; carbon credit management
Stratcorp Limited financial services, financial products including real estate-based financial products
Sun International Limited resorts; operates Sun City, North West
Super Group Limited industrial transportation and logistics in Africa and the Indian Ocean area
SXR Uranium One Inc Canada-based Uranium One Inc.
Sycom Property Fund Managers Limited financial services; a closed-end property unit trust
Synergy Holdings Limited
Sonia and Associates Aston Martin [1]


Stock symbol Company Notes External link
Tawana Resources NL Australia-based diamond exploration company
Telkom SA Limited telecom; a principal telecom services provider
Thabex Exploration Limited diamonds, coal, gold
The House of Busby Limited fashion
The Standard Bank of South Africa Limited - Deposit Note
Tiger Brands Limited food, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, fisheries
Tiger Wheels Limited automotive
Tongaat Hulett Sugar sugar; property development, agricultural development, starch, aluminum
Tourism Investment Corporation Limited Tourvest
Tradehold Limited a department store of the RSA and the UK
Trans Hex Group Limited diamond exploration, mining and sales; land and sea operations; affiliated with Mvelaphanda Group
Transpaco Limited paper and plastic packaging materials
Trematon Capital Investments Limited financial services, investment trust
Trencor Limited owning, leasing and managing marine cargo containers
Truworths International Limited fashion, apparel, retail, fashion brands


Stock symbol Company Notes External link
UCS UCS Group Limited software; IT; commercial software; library software
UTR Unitrans Limited auto sales; logistics; transport; trucking; motor vehicle retail


Stock symbol Company Notes External link
Value Group Limited mobility/logistics, cargo handling, trucking, auto rental, refrigerated trucks
Venfin Limited holding company; financial services, communications
Venter Leisure & Commercial Trailers Limited manufacturing; luggage, cargo trailers
Verimark Holdings Limited direct marketing
Vesta Technology Holdings Limited information technology
Village Main Reef Gold Mining Company (1934) Limited the recovery of gold from sand dumps
Vukile Property Fund Limited property management; shopping malls, office buildings


Stock symbol Company Notes External link
W B Holdings Limited fruit
W G Wearne Limited concrete and aggregates
Wellco Health Limited healthcare; vitamins; traditional medicine
Wesco Investments Limited motors and components
Wescoal Holdings Limited coal producer
Wesizwe Platinum Limited platinum exploration and mining
Western Areas Limited gold exploration and mining; stock acquired by Gold Fields
Wilson Bayly Holmes - Ovcon Limited home construction; building construction
Winhold Limited plastic goods for industrial use; goods and consumer goods for the mining industries
Wooltru Limited company is in liquidation
Woolworths Holdings Limited Woolworths


No companies starting with X.


Stock symbol Company Notes External link
YRK York Timber Organisation Limited, The sawmilling


Stock symbol Company Notes External link
ZCI Zambia Copper Investments Limited copper: mining and metallurgy; owns the Konkola Deep Mining Project
ZPT Zaptronix Limited risk management

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