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Compression shorts are undergarments usually worn by athletes. They are form-fitting and when worn cover the athlete's waist to mid or lower thigh. These garments are often made from a spandex-type material, similar to cycling shorts.

The main benefits of compression shorts are that they keep the muscles warm to prevent muscle strain, chafing and rashes, fatigue, and to wick sweat away from the body. In addition, there is some evidence that compression shorts may enhance athletic performance. [1] They are also used as a way to keep the male genitalia in place. Compression shorts also help to keep undergarments in place, and for certain sports, like baseball and softball (where they are also known as "sliding shorts"), come with padding at the hips to protect players from injuries due to sliding.

There are also other types of compression garments that serve a similar function, such as compression t-shirts, socks, sleeves & tights. Common brands are Nike, Under Armour, Skins, McDavid, Easton, and Adidas.

More recently, jockstraps have fallen out of favor with young athletes, and garments such as compression shorts have seen an increase in popularity, arguably because of their comparable function and less embarrassing looks.[2]

Compression shorts are also popular among female athletes, especially among those who wear skirts or kilts during games. In those situations, athletes wear compression shorts under the skirt so if they fall over and their skirts ride up, their underwear will not be exposed. This is seen particularly in Women's lacrosse and field hockey; both being no-contact sports in which players often wear skirts. In this situation, compression shorts are often referred to as Spandex, the material they are often manufactured with. In tennis, women typically wear skirts with compression shorts under them to hold the tennis balls. The tightness keeps the ball in place; some recent shorts have ball pockets in them.

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