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Computer and Video Games
Editor Paul Davies
Categories Computer magazine
Frequency Monthly
First issue November 1981
Final issue October 2004
Company Future Publishing
Country UK
ISSN 0261-3697

Computer and Video Games (CVG) is a video game magazine and website published in the United Kingdom.



Initially published monthly between November 1981 and October 2004 and solely web-based from 2004 onwards[1], the magazine was one of the first publications to capitalise on the growing home computing market, although it also covered arcade games. The magazine saw many changes over the course of its life, and by the mid 1990s had switched focus to concentrate entirely on games consoles.

The magazine was "suspended" in 2004 after Future Publishing bought the magazine (alongside PC Zone) from Dennis Publishing Ltd who had themselves purchased it from the magazine's original publishers EMAP. Future, who also published CVG's main rival, GamesMaster, subsequently decided to publish their magazine as opposed to keeping CVG in operation. Subscribers received a copy of GamesMaster in place of CVG, along with a letter claiming the magazine had been suspended to allow the staff a break and would return in a few months. In actuality, it would be four years before a heavily revamped CVG returned to newsagents' shelves.

New format

CVG Presents

Cover of issue 1 of CVG Presents
Editor Steven Williams
Categories Computer magazine
Frequency Bi-monthly
First issue April 2008
Company Future Publishing
Country UK

When the magazine did reappear it was in a new form, titled CVG Presents, on 16 April 2008 with a bi-monthly release schedule.[2] The new format concentrates the whole magazine on a single subject. The first issue of the new format concentrated on the history of the Grand Theft Auto series of games.

In the meantime, the magazine's website has continued to flourish, and recently Future incorporated the forums of many of its other games related publications to in addition to devoting sections to those that did not previously have a formal website, such as PC Gamer.

Previous editors


  • Terry Pratt
  • Tim Metcalfe
  • Eugene Lacey
  • Graham Taylor
  • Julian Rignall
  • Tim Boone
  • Paul Rand
  • Mark Patterson
  • Paul Davies
  • Alex Simmons


  • Gareth Ramsay
  • Patrick Garratt (2002/2003)
  • Johnny Minkley (early 2004)
  • Stuart Bishop (acting Ed 2004)
  • John Houlihan (late 2004)
  • Gavin Ogden (2006)


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