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Apo Hsu and the NTNU Symphony Orchestra on stage in the National Concert Hall in Taipei, Taiwan

A concert hall is a cultural building, which serves as performance venue, chiefly for classical instrumental music. Many concert halls exist as one of several halls or performance spaces within a larger performing arts center and, where appropriate, the name of the arts centre is included.

Many larger cities have both public and private concert halls. Particularly in smaller cities with fewer alternative venues, concert halls may also be used to accommodate other activities, from rock concerts to university graduation ceremonies, in addition to their primary purpose.

This list does not include other venues such as sports stadia or convention centres which may occasionally be used for concerts.

The list is organised alphabetically by continent and then by country within each continent.



Country Location Venue Room Date built Seats Resident organizations
Egypt Cairo Cairo Opera House Main Hall 1988 1,300 Cairo Symphony Orchestra

South Africa

Location Venue Room Date built Seats Resident Organisations
Bloemfontein Performing Arts Centre of the Free State Sand du Plessis Theatre 1985 964
Cape Town Artscape Theatre Centre (formerly Nico Malan Theatre) Opera House 1971 1187 Cape Philharmonic Orchestra
Auditorium 1971 540
Arena Theatre 1971 140
Baxter Theatre Centre Concert Hall 1977 638
Cape Town City Hall City Hall 1905
Hugo Lambrechts Music Centre Auditorium 450
Hilton Memorial Hall Concert Hall 2007 350
Johannesburg Joburg Theatre Complex (formerly Johannesburg Civic Theatre) The Mandela 1962 1069 Johannesburg Festival Orchestra
Wits University Education Campus Linder Auditorium 1060 Johannesburg Philharmonic Orchestra
Pretoria Brooklyn Theatre Auditorium 2002 400 Salon Music
University of Pretoria Aula 1958 1000
Musaion 1960 500 University of Pretoria Symphony Orchestra
South African State Theatre Opera 1981 1300
Drama 1981 640
Stellenbosch University of Stellenbosch Endler Hall 1978 556 University of Stellenbosch Symphony Orchestra
Fismer Hall 1978 200


Country Location Venue Room Date built Seats Resident organizations
China Beijing National Centre for the Performing Arts Music Hall 2007 2,017
Hong Kong City Hall Concert Hall 1962 1,434
Kowloon Hong Kong Cultural Centre Concert Hall 1989 2,019 Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra
Shanghai Shanghai Grand Theatre Symphony Hall 1998 1,800
Shanghai Concert Hall Music Hall 1930 1,122
Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Dewan Filharmonik Petronas /(Petronas Philharmonic Hall) Petronas Concert Hall 1998 864 Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra, Malaysian Philharmonic Youth Orchestra
Istana Budaya (Palace of Culture) Panggung Sari hall 1999 1,412 Istamuzika/Program Pemuzik Malaysia/National Symphony Orchestra of Malaysia/National Youth Symphony Orchestra of Malaysia
The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre - KLPac (Pentas Seni KL) Pentas 1 2006 2,000 KLPac Sinfonietta
Panggung Bandaraya DBKL Panggung Bandaraya 1896 350
Philippines Manila Cultural Center of the Philippines Main Theatre
Tanghalang Nicanor Abelardo
1969 1,821 Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra, UST Symphony Orchestra, Philippine Madrigal Singers, Ballet Philippines, Tanghalang Pilipino
Little Theater
Tanghalang Aurelio V. Tolentino
1969 421
Studio Theatre
Tanghalang Husent Batute
1969 250
Folk Arts Theater Tanghalang Francisco Balagtas 1969 8,458  
Philam Life Auditorium 1970 820 Manila Philharmonic Orchestra
Singapore Singapore National University of Singapore Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music Concert Hall 2006 600 The Conservatory Orchestra
University Cultural Centre Concert Hall 2000 1,700 NUS Symphony Orchestra
Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay Esplanade Concert Hall 2002 1,811 Singapore Symphony Orchestra
Esplanade Theatre 2002 1,942
Performing Arts School of NAFA Lee Foundation Theatre 2004 380
Singapore Conference Hall SCO Concert Hall 1965 918 Singapore Chinese Orchestra
The Arts House at the Old Parliament The Chamber 2004 (Refurbished) 200
Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall Victoria Concert Hall 1905 883 Singapore Symphony Orchestra
Victoria Theatre 1905 904
South Korea Goyang Goyang Eoulim Nuri Main Auditorium 2004
Seongnam Seongnam Arts Center Concert Hall 2005 996 Seongnam Philharmonic Orchestra
Seoul Sejong Center for the Performing Arts The Main Auditorium 1978 3,048 Seoul Philharmonic, Seoul National Philharmonic
Seoul Arts Center Concert Hall [2] 1988 2,523 Seoul Symphony Orchestra
National Theater of Korea Haeorum Theater (sunrising) 1950 1,563 National Drama Company of Korea, National Changguk Company of Korea, National Dance Company of Korea, National Orchestra of Korea
Dalorum Theater (moonrising) 1950 427
National Museum of Korea Theatre "Yong" [3] 2005 862
KBS Hall [4] 1991 1,700 KBS Symphony Orchestra, KBS Traditional Music Orchestra
LG Arts Center [5] 2000 1,103
Thailand Bangkok Bangkok Theatre @ Metropolis 3rd Theatre 2000 584 DASS
Chulalongkorn Conference Hall Main Hall 1967 CU Band
Joe Louis Theatre Main Theatre 2006 500 Joe Louis Music and Puppet
Kasetsart Conference Hall Main Hall 1966 KU Band
Muangthai Rachadalai Theatre [6] Main Theatre 2006 1,450 Regular Musical Theatre
Music Auditorium of College of Music, Mahidol University Mahidol University College of Music (MACM Hall) [7] Main Hall 2005 353 Thailand Philhrmonic Orchestra (TPO)[8]
National Theatre Main Hall 1965 1,300 Royal Thai Classical Music and Dance
Patravadi Theatre [9] Main Theatre 1992 500 Patravadi
Sala Chalermkrung Royal Theatre Main Hall 1933 2,000 Royal Khon Dance
Siam Niramit Theatre [10] Main Theatre 2006 2,000 Siam Niramit Show ( Thai stage show about Thai tradition )
Siam Pavali Theatre Royal Grand Theatre 2005 1,200
Thailand Cultural Centre Main Hall 1987 2,000 Bangkok Symphony Orchestra [11], Bangkok Opera, Siam Philharmonic Orchestra, Orpheus Choir of Bangkok
Thammasat University Auditorium Main Hall 1954 2500
Sriburapa Hall 1954 500
Chiang Mai Kad Suan Kaew Theatre Main Hall 1994 1,550 Chiang Mai Youth Phillhamonic Band


Prefecture Location Venue Room Date built Seats Resident organizations
Aichi Nagoya Aichi Prefectural Art Theater in Aichi Arts Center Concert Hall 1993 1,800 Nagoya Philharmonic Orchestra
Chukyo University Center for Culture & Arts Aurora Hall 1972 2,291  
Prunier Hall 1972 1,146  
Chiba Matsudo Mori no Hall 21 Main Hall 1993 1,955  
Fukui Fukui Harmony Hall Fukui Main Hall 1997 1,456  
Fukuoka Kitakyūshū Kitakyushu Performing Arts Center Main Hall 2003 1,269  
Fukuoka Acros Fukuoka Symphony Hall Symphony Hall 1995 1,867 Kyushu Symphony
Gifu Gifu Gifu Civic Auditorium Main Hall 1967 1,501  
Nagaragawa Convention Center Main Hall 1995 1,689  
Hokkaidō Sapporo Sapporo Concert Hall Kitara Main Hall 1997 2,020 Sapporo Symphony Orchestra
Sapporo Education and Culture Hall Main Hall 1977 1,100  
Hyōgo Amagasaki Amagasaki Cultural Center Archaic Hall 1975 2,030  
Kobe Kobe Culture Hall Main Hall 1973 2,043 Kobe Philharmonic
Kobe International House Kokusai Hall 1956 2,112  
Ibaraki Tsukuba Nova Hall Main Hall 1983 1,000  
Ishikawa Kanazawa Ishikawa Ongakudo Concert Hall 2001 1,560 Orchestra Ensemble Kanazawa
Kanagawa Kawasaki Muza Kawasaki Symphony Hall Symphony Hall 2004 1,997 Tokyo Symphony Orchestra
Yokohama Yokohama Minato Mirai Hall Main Hall 1998 2,020  
Kanagawa Kenritsu Ongakudo Main Hall 1954 1,054  
Kumamoto Kumamoto Kumamoto Prefectural Theater Main Hall 1983 1,813  
Kyoto Kyoto Kyoto International Conference Center (ICC Kyoto) Main Hall 1966 1,840  
Kyoto Kaikan First Hall 1960 2,005  
Kyoto Concert Hall Main Hall 1995 1,839 Kyoto Symphony Orchestra
Miyazaki Miyazaki Medikit Arts Center Isaac Stern Hall 1993 1,818  
Nagano Matsumoto Matsumoto Performing Arts Centre Main Hall 2004 1,800  
Niigata Niigata Ryutopia Main Hall 1998 1,890  
Osaka Osaka Festival Hall, Osaka Symphony Hall 1958 2,709 Osaka Philharmonic Orchestra
The Symphony Hall Symphony Hall 1982 1,704 Kansai Philharmonic, Osaka Symphoniker, Century Orchestra Osaka
Suita May Theater Main Hall 1985 1,397  
Yao Prism Hall Main Hall 1988 1,440  
Saitama Tokorozawa Tokorozawa Muse Ark Hall 1993 2,002  
Shiga Ōtsu Biwako Hall Center for The Performing Arts, Shiga Main Hall 1998 1,848  
Shizuoka Fuji Rosé Theatre Main Hall 1993 1,632  
Hamamatsu Act City Hamamatsu Main Hall 1994 2,336  
Tochigi Ōtawara Nasunogahara Harmony Hall Main Hall 1994 1,275  
Utsunomiya Tochigi Prefectural Cultural Center Main Hall 1991 1,604  
Tokyo Fuchū Fuchu-no-mori Art Theater Dream Hall 1991 2,027  
Katsushika Katsushika Symphony Hills Mozart Hall 1992 1,318  
Kita Hokutopia Sakura Hall 1990 1,300  
Minato Suntory Hall Main Hall 1986 2,006  
Nakano Nakano Sun Plaza Main Hall 1973 2,222  
Shibuya Bunkamura Orchard Hall 1986 2,006 Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra
Shibuya Public Hall Main Hall 1964 1,235  
Shinjuku Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall 1997 1,632  
Sumida Sumida Triphony Hall Main Hall 1997 1,801 New Japan Philharmonic
Taitō Tokyo Bunka Kaikan Main Hall 1961 2,303 Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra
Toshima Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space Concert Hall 1990 1,999  
Toyama Uozu Mirage Hall Main Hall 1994 1,186  
Toyama Aubade Hall Main Hall 1993 2,066  


Location Venue Room Date built Seats Resident organizations
Changhua Yuanling Performance Hall Performance Hall 1080
Theater 300
Chiayi Chiayi Cultural Center Concert Hall 1997 1030 Chiayi Wind Orchestra
Zhongzhen Park Music Stage About 600
Performing Arts Center Performance Hall 972
Hsinchu Hsinchu City Cultural Center Concert Hall About 1500 Hsinchu Philharmonic Orchestra, Hsinchu Chinese Orchestra, Hsinchu Youth Chinese Orchestra
International Conference Center
Hsinchu County Cultural Center Performance Hall Hsinchu County Chinese Orchestra
National Chiao Tung University Recital Hall About 300 NCTU Chamber
Hsinchu Senior High School Building for Music Concert Hall About 500 HCHS Orchestra
Hualian Hualian Cultural Center Performance Hall 799
Hakka Folk Art Center Performance Hall 425
Ilan National Center for Traditional Arts Theater 1995 414
Center for Music Art 1995
Ilan Cultural Center Performance Hall 1990 496 Lanyang Concert Band
JiaoHsi Theater 1990 300
Ilan Senior High School Performance Hall
Kaohsiung Fungyi Performance Hall
Kaohsiung Music Center Kaohsiung City Symphony Orchestra, Kaohsiung City Chinese Orchestra
Kinmen Kinmen Performance Hall Performance Hall 885
Miaoli Zhongzhen Hall 780
Nantou Nantou Cultural Center Performance Hall 1982 842
Penghu Penghu Concert Hall Penghu Chorus, Penghu Youth Traditional Ensemble
Taichung Taiwan Symphony Hall (Woofung Concert Hall) Main Hall National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra
Taichung Seaport Area Art Center Performance Hall 546
Zhongshan Hall National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra
Tainan Tainan City Cultural Center Performance Hall 2010 Tainan Symphony Orchestra, Tainan Traditional Orchestra
Tainan County Cultural Center Concert Hall 1009
Taipei National Chiang Kai-Shek Culture Center official site National Concert Hall 1988 2074 National Symphony Orchestra (Taiwan), Taipei Philharmonic Orchestra, National Chinese Orchestra, National Experimental Chorus
National Theater 1988
National Recital Hall 1988
Experimental Theater 1988
Taipei Performing Arts Center (under construction) official site Taipei Concert Hall est. 2013 1800 Taipei Symphony Orchestra, Taipei Chinese Orchestra
Taipei Theater est. 2013 700
Taipei Experimental Theater est. 2013 1000
Super Hall est. 2013 3500
Zhongshan Hall official site Zhongzheng Hall 1928 1122 Taipei Symphony Orchestra, Taipei Chinese Orchestra
Guangfu Hall 1928
Novel Hall official site Main Hall 1997 935 Novel Dance Series, Novel Drama Series
Taipei Cultural Center The Metropolitan Hall 1983 1002
Taipei County Cultural Center Performance Hall 750
National Taiwan Normal University College of Music Concert Hall NTNU Symphony Orchestra, NTNU Music Department Chorus
Taipei National University of the Arts Performing Arts Center Concert Hall 512 Taipei University of the Arts Orchestra
Dance Theater 344
Experimental Theater 270
Christian Church of the Assembly of God Bach Hall
Taoyuan Taoyuan Cultural Center Performance Hall
Chungli Art Center Concert Hall
Yunlin Yunlin Concert Hall 1987 938


Albania–Czech Republic

Country Location Venue Room Date built Seats Resident organizations
Austria Grafenegg Auditorium Grafenegg 2008 1,372 Tonkünstler Orchestra, Grafenegg Music Festival
St. Pölten Festspielhaus 1997 1,079 Tonkünstler Orchestra
Vienna Musikverein Großer Musikvereinssaal 1870 1,744 Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde, Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, Vienna Symphony Orchestra, Tonkünstler Orchestra
Wiener Konzerthaus 1913 1,840 Vienna Symphony Orchestra
Azerbaijan Baku Azerbaijan State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre 1911 1,800
Azerbaijan State Philharmonic Hall 1912 1,710 Azerbaijan State Philharmonic Society
Belgium Antwerp De Singel Blauwe zaal 1980 950
Koningin Elisabethzaal 2,000
Bruges Concertgebouw Brugge 2002 1,300
Brussels Conservatoire Royal de Musique / Koninklijk Muziekconservatorium (Royal Conservatory) Grande Salle Grote zaal van het Koninklijk Conservatorium van Brussel
Palais des Beaux Arts /Paleis voor Schone Kunsten Salle Henri Le Boeuf / Henri Le Boeufzaal 1929 2,150 National Orchestra of Belgium
Ancienne Belgique 2,000
Liège Salle Philharmonique de Liège 1887 1,162 Orchestre Philharmonique de Liège
La Zone 1991 220
Bulgaria Sofia Bulgaria Hall Grand Hall 1937 1,200 Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra
Chamber Hall 1937 Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra
Croatia Zagreb Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall Great Hall 1973 1,847 Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra
Small Hall 1973 304
Czech Republic Prague Rudolfinum Dvořák Hall 1881 1,100 Czech Philharmonic Orchestra
Municipal House Smetana Hall 1912 1,067
State Opera Prague 1888 1,058


Location Venue Room Date built Seats Resident organizations
Aalborg House of Music Main Hall 2012 1,200 Aalborg Symphony Orchestra
Aarhus Musikhuset Aarhus Symphonic Hall 2007 1,200 Aarhus Symphony Orchestra
Copenhagen Copenhagen Concert Hall Main Auditorium 2009 1,800 Danish National Symphony Orchestra
Royal Danish Theatre Old Stage 1874 1,600 Royal Danish Orchestra
Tivoli Concert Hall Main Hall 1956 1,692 Copenhagen Philharmonic Orchestra, The Tivoli Symphony Orchestra
Royal Danish Academy of Music Concert Hall Main Hall 1945 1,074 Danish National Symphony Orchestra
Odd Fellow Palace The Concert Hall 1755 210
Black Diamond The Queen's Hall 1999 600 Diamond Ensemble
Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek The Central Hall 1906 300
Louisiana The Louisiana Concert Hall 1976 265
Esbjerg Esbjerg Concert Hall Main Hall 1997 1,121 West Jutland Symphony Orchestra
Odense Odense Concert Hall Carl Nielsen Hall 1982 1,320 Odense Symphony Orchestra
Sønderborg Alsion Concert Hall Main Hall 2007 900 South Jutland Symphony Orchestra


Country Location Venue Room Date built Seats Resident organizations
Estonia Jõhvi Jõhvi Concert Hall Suur saal (Large Hall) 2005 826
Pärnu Pärnu Concert Hall Suur saal (Large Hall) 2002 856
Tallinn Estonia Theatre Estonia Concert Hall 1913 889 Estonian National Opera
Tartu Vanemuise Concert Hall 1970 881
Finland Helsinki Finlandia Hall Concert hall 1971 1,700  
Lahti Sibelius Hall 2000 1,250 Lahti Symphony Orchestra
Tampere Tampere Hall 1990
France Lille Nouveau Siècle   2,000 Orchestre National de Lille
Lyon Auditorium Maurice Ravel   1975 2,150 Orchestre National de Lyon
Salle Molière     608  
Paris Théâtre Mogador   1913 1,800 Orchestre de Paris, formerly (when Pleyel was under renovation)
Salle Pleyel   1927 1,913 Orchestre de Paris, Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France
Théâtre des Champs-Élysées   1913 1,905 Orchestre National de France
Maison de Radio France Salle Olivier Messiaen      


Location Venue Room Date built Seats Resident organizations
Baden-Baden Festspielhaus 1998 2,500
Berlin Berliner Philharmonie 1963 2,440 Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra
Konzerthaus Berlin 1984[1]   Konzerthausorchester Berlin
Bielefeld Rudolf-Oetker-Halle (in German) Großer Saal 1930 1,561 Kulturamt Bielefeld
Bonn Beethovenhalle Großer Saal 1959 1,980 Beethoven Orchester
Bremen Die Glocke (in German) 1926 Glocke Veranstaltungs GmbH
Cologne Kölner Philharmonie (in German) 1986 WDR Symphony Orchestra Cologne
Dortmund Konzerthaus Dortmund (in German) 2002 1,500
Düsseldorf Tonhalle Düsseldorf 1926 1,933
Essen Saalbau Essen (in German) 1949 1,000+ Essener Philharmonie
Frankfurt Alte Oper 1880[2] 2,500
Jahrhunderthalle (in German) Kuppelsaal 1963 4,800
Freiburg Konzerthaus Freiburg (in German) 1996 1,744 SWR Baden-Baden and Freiburg Symphony Orchestra
Hamburg Elbe Philharmonic Hall 2009 2,150 and 550 North German Radio Symphony Orchestra
Laeiszhalle Großer Saal 1904 2,023 Hamburger Symphoniker
Leipzig Gewandhaus 1981 1,900 Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra
München Gasteig Philharmonie 1985 2,387 Münchner Philharmoniker
Herkulessaal (in German) 1953 1,270 Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra
Wiesbaden Hessisches Staatstheater (in German) Großes Haus 1894 1,041
Wuppertal Stadthalle Wupperatl (in German) Großer Saal 1896 2,000 Historische Stadthalle Wuppertal GmbH


Country Location Venue Room Date built Seats Resident organizations
Greece Athens Athens Concert Hall Friends of Music Hall 1991 1,961
Dimitris Mitropoulos Hall 1991 494
Alexandra Trianti Hall 2004 1,750
Thessaloniki Thessaloniki Concert Hall 2000 1,464
Hungary Budapest Franz Liszt Academy of Music Great Hall 1907
Palace of Arts Béla Bartók National Concert Hall 2005 1,699
Festival Theater 2005
Vigadó Concert Hall 1859
Miskolc Palace of Music Sala Sinfónico 1927  
House of Arts 2006 600 Miskolc Symphony Orchestra
Republic of Ireland Dublin The Helix The Mahony Hall 2002 1,260 National Chamber Choir (Ireland)
Liberty Hall Main Auditorium 1960 1,200
The Olympia Main Auditorium 1800's 1,500
Gaiety Theatre, Dublin Main Auditorium 1800's 1,500
Grand Canal Theatre Main Auditorium 2009 2,100
National Concert Hall Main Auditorium 1981 1,200 RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra
Wexford O'Reilly Theatre 1832 771 Wexford Festival Opera


Location Venue Room Date built Seats Resident organizations
Milan Auditorium di Milano 1999 1,253 Orchestra Sinfonica Giuseppe Verdi
Coro di Milano
Teatro dal Verme 2001 1,436 Orchestra "I Pomeriggi Musicali"
Auditorium Conciliazione 1950 1,740
Auditorium "Ennio Morricone" 1,000 Orchestra Roma Sinfonietta
Parco della Musica Santa Cecilia Hall 2003 2,756 Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia
Sinopoli Hall 2002 1,133 Parco della Musica Jazz Orchestra
Petrassi Hall 2002 673
Teatro Studio Hall 2002 350
Turin Auditorium Rai 1952 1,650 Orchestra Sinfonica Nazionale


Country Location Venue Room Date built Seats Resident organizations
Luxembourg Luxembourg City Conservatoire de Luxembourg Conservatoire Auditorium 1967
Philharmonie Luxembourg Grand Auditorium 2005 1,307 Luxembourg Philharmonic Orchestra
Netherlands Amsterdam Concertgebouw 1888 2,000 Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra
Muziekgebouw 2005 725
Stopera Concert Hall 1986 1,600 The Netherlands Opera,
Dutch National Ballet,
Holland Symfonia
Rotterdam De Doelen Grote Zaal 1966 2,700 Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra
Utrecht Music Centre Vredenburg Muziekpaleis      
Norway Bergen Grieg Hall 1978 1,500 Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra
Oslo Oslo Concert Hall Main Hall and Small Hall 1977 1,630 and 266 Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra
Trondheim Olavshallen Concert Hall 1989 1,200 Trondheim Symphony Orchestra


Country Location Venue Room Date built Seats Resident organizations
Poland Bydgoszcz Opera Nova 2004 895
Filharmonia Pomorska Concert Hall 1954 865
Gdansk Polish Baltic Philharmonic Concert Hall 1993 Polish Baltic Philharmonic Orchestra
Kraków Kraków Philharmonic Concert Hall 1931 693 Kraków Philharmonic Orchestra
Łódź Łódź Philharmonic [12] Concert Hall 2004 659 Łódź Philharmonic Orchestra
Poznań Tadeusz Szeligowski Poznań Philharmonic Aula/Concert Hall 1910 Poznań Philharmonic Orchestra
Warsaw Warsaw Philharmonic Concert Hall 1901 Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra
Portugal Lisbon Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian Grande Auditório Calouste Gulbenkian 1969 1,300 Orquestra e Coro da Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian
Auditório 2 1969 334  
Centro Cultural de Belém Grande Auditório 1992 1,429  
Pequeno Auditório 1992 310  
Teatro Nacional de São Carlos 1793 1,148
Porto Casa da Música 2005 1,238 Orquestra Nacional do Porto
Póvoa de Varzim Auditório Municipal da Póvoa de Varzim 304 Orquestra Sinfónica da Póvoa de Varzim
Romania Bucharest Radio Hall 1959 1000 National Radio Orchestra of Romania
Romanian Atheneum 1888 600 George Enescu Philharmonic Orchestra
Romanian National Opera 1954 1,200  
Sala Palatului 1960 4,060  
National Theatre Bucharest Sala Mare (The Large Hall) 1973 1,155  
Iaşi Iaşi Philharmonic House Ion Baciu Hall 1815 560 "Moldova" Philharmonic Orchestra
Iaşi National Theatre Main Hall 1896 1,000 Iaşi National Romanian Opera


Country Location Venue Room Date built Seats Resident organizations
Serbia Belgrade Zadužbina Ilije M. Kolarca Great Hall of the Ilija M. Kolarac Endowment 1932 883 Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra
Slovenia Ljubljana Cankar Hall Gallus' Hall 1980/1982 1,545


Location Venue Room Date built Seats Resident organizations
Barcelona L'Auditori 1999 2,200 Orquestra Simfònica de Barcelona i Nacional de Catalunya
Palau de la Música Catalana 1908 2,200 Orquestra Simfònica de Barcelona i Nacional de Catalunya, until 1999
Bilbao Euskalduna Conference Centre and Concert Hall Auditorium 1999 2,164 Bilbao Symphony Orchestra, ABAO
El Escorial Teatro Real Coliseo Carlos III 2004
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Auditorio Alfredo Kraus main hall 1997 2,000 Festival de Música de Canarias
Madrid Auditorio Nacional de Música Sala Sinfónica 1988 2,324 Orquesta Nacional de España, Community of Madrid Orchestra, Orquesta Sinfónica de Madrid
Teatro Monumental RTVE Symphony Orchestra
San Sebastian Kursaal Palace Palacio de Congresos, Auditorio Kursaal 1999 1,800 San Sebastian International Film Festival
Santa Cruz de Tenerife Auditorio de Tenerife main hall 2003 1,616 Festival de Música de Canarias
Sevilla Teatro de la Maestranza 1991 1,800 Real Orquesta Sinfónica de Sevilla
Torrent L'Auditori de Torrent L'Auditori 1997 606  
Valencia Palau de la Música i Congressos de Valencia Sala José Iturbi 1987 1,793  


Country Location Venue Room Date built Seats Resident organizations
Sweden Gothenburg Gothenburg Concert Hall 1935 1,300 Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra
Linköping Linköping Konsert och Kongress Norrköping Symphony Orchestra
Malmö Malmö Concert Hall Malmö Symphony Orchestra
Norrköping Louis de Geer Konsert & Kongress Norrköping Symphony Orchestra
Örebro Örebro Konserthus 1932 700 The Swedish Chamber Orchestra
Stockholm Stockholm Concert Hall Stora salen (Main Hall) 1926 1,770 Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra, Nobel Prize ceremonies
Grünewaldsalen 460
Aulinsalen 154
Berwaldhallen 1979 1,300 Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra
Uppsala Uppsala Konsert & Kongress Stora salen 2007 1,140
Sal B 340
Sal C 120
Sal D 900
Switzerland Geneva Victoria Hall 1894 1,700 Orchestre de la Suisse Romande
Lucerne Culture and Convention Center 1998 1,840 Lucerne Festival
Zürich Tonhalle 1895 1,455 Tonhalle-Orchester Zürich


Country Location Venue Room Date built Seats Resident organizations
Turkey Ankara Ankara Opera House 1948 400 Turkish State Opera and Ballet
Bilkent University University Concert Hall 1994 800 Bilkent Symphony Orchestra
Istanbul Atatürk Cultural Center AKM Büyük Salonu 1978 1,300 Istanbul Philarmonic Orchestra
Caddebostan Cultural Center 2005 775
Cemal Reşit Rey Concert Hall [13] 1989 862 CRR Istanbul Symphony Orchestra
Is Sanat Istanbul Hall Is Sanat 2000 802
Lütfi Kırdar Concert Hall 2,000
Peyote 1998
Izmir Ahmet Adnan Saygun Sanat Merkezi, Concert Hall [14] Büyük Salon Küçük Salon 2009 1,153 Izmir State Philarmonic Orchestra
Ukraine Donetsk Donetsk Theatre of Opera and Ballet 1940 976
Kiev Kiev Opera 1898 1,650 Kiev Opera
Kharkiv Kharkiv Theatre of Opera and Ballet Main Hall 1990 1,500
Lviv Lviv Theatre of Opera and Ballet 1900
Odessa Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater 1810 1,636
Odessa Philharmonic Theater 1898 1,000
Sevastopol Lunacharsky Russian Drama Theater 1910 792

United Kingdom

Location Venue Room Date built Seats Resident organizations
Belfast Ulster Hall   1862 1,000  
Waterfront Hall Main Auditorium 1997 2,223 Ulster Orchestra
Studio 1997 380  
Birmingham International Convention Centre Symphony Hall 2001 2,266 City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra
Birmingham Town Hall 1834 (restoration 2007) 1,086
Croydon Fairfield Halls Concert Hall 1962 1,998
Bradford St George's Concert Hall Main Hall 1853 1,671
Cardiff St David's Hall (Neuadd Dewi Sant) National Concert Hall and Conference Centre of Wales 1982 2,000 BBC National Orchestra of Wales
Edinburgh Usher Hall 1914 2,900  
Gateshead The Sage Gateshead Hall One 2004 1,700 Northern Sinfonia, Folkworks, North Music Trust
Glasgow Glasgow Royal Concert Hall 1990 2,500 Royal Scottish National Orchestra
Leeds Leeds Town Hall 1858 1,600
Leicester De Montfort Hall 1913 2,000
Liverpool Philharmonic Hall 1939 1,700 Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra
London Barbican Centre Barbican Hall 1982 2,026 London Symphony Orchestra
Cadogan Hall 1907 900 Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
Royal Albert Hall 1871 5,544 BBC Promenade Concerts ("The Proms")
St. John's, Smith Square 1728 780
Southbank Centre Royal Festival Hall 1951 2,900 Philharmonia Orchestra
London Philharmonic Orchestra
London Sinfonietta
Queen Elizabeth Hall 1967 900
Trinity College of Music Blackheath Halls:Great Hall 1895 600
Wigmore Hall 1901 554
Manchester Bridgewater Hall 1996 2,400 Halle Orchestra
BBC Philharmonic Orchestra
Manchester Camerata
Nottingham Royal Concert Hall 1982 2,499
Oxford Sheldonian Theatre 1668 1,000
Perth Perth Concert Hall 2005 1,200
Portsmouth Portsmouth Guildhall 2,000
Swansea Brangwyn Hall 1934 1,070


Country Location Venue Room Date built Seats Resident organizations
Australia Adelaide University of Adelaide Elder Hall 1900 660
Brisbane Queensland Performing Arts Centre[15] QPAC Concert Hall 1985 1,800 The Queensland Orchestra
Hobart Federation Concert Hall[16] Federation Concert Hall 2000 2200 Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra
Melbourne The Arts Centre Hamer Hall 1982 2,677 Melbourne Symphony Orchestra
Melbourne Recital Centre Elizabeth Murdoch Hall 2009[3] 1,001
Perth Perth Concert Hall Auditorium 1973 1,729 West Australian Symphony Orchestra
Sydney City Recital Hall Angel Place 1999 1,238 Australian Brandenburg Orchestra, Australian Chamber Orchestra, Sydney Philharmonia Choirs
Sydney Opera House Concert Hall 1973 2,679 Sydney Symphony, Australian Chamber Orchestra, Sydney Philharmonia Choirs
New Zealand Auckland Auckland Town Hall 1911 1,673 Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra
Christchurch Christchurch Town Hall Auditorium 1972 2,500 Christchurch Symphony Orchestra
Dunedin Dunedin Town Hall Auditorium 1930 2,800 Southern Sinfonia
Wellington Michael Fowler Centre Auditorium 1983 2,438 New Zealand Symphony Orchestra

North America


Province Location Venue Room Date built Seats Resident organizations
Alberta Calgary EPCOR CENTRE for the Performing Arts EPCOR CENTRE's Jack Singer Concert Hall 1985 1,800 Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra
Mount Royal University Leacock Theatre   310  
Edmonton Francis Winspear Centre for Music 1997 1,932 Edmonton Symphony Orchestra
British Columbia Vancouver University of British Columbia,
Chan Centre for the Performing Arts
Chan Shun Concert Hall 1997 1,265
The Orpheum 1977 2,790 Vancouver Symphony Orchestra
Manitoba Winnipeg Centennial Concert Hall 1968 2,305 Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, the Manitoba Opera, the Royal Winnipeg Ballet
New Brunswick Sackville Mount Allison University Convocation Hall 1,000
Nova Scotia Halifax Dalhousie Arts Centre Rebecca Cohn Auditorium 1971 1,040 Symphony Nova Scotia
Halifax West High School Bella Rose Arts Centre 2007 606 Halifax Theatre for Young People
Ontario Brampton Rose Theatre 2006 880
Ottawa National Arts Centre Southam Hall 1969 2,323 National Arts Centre Orchestra, Ottawa Symphony Orchestra, Opera Lyra Ottawa
The Theatre 1969 897 NAC English Theatre, NAC French Theatre
Studio 1969 300
Thunder Bay Thunder Bay Community Auditorium 1,497 Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra
Toronto Canadian Broadcasting Centre Glenn Gould Studio 1993 341  
Massey Hall   1894 2,752  
Queen Elizabeth Theatre   1957 1,264  
Roy Thomson Hall   1982 2,630 Toronto Symphony Orchestra
The Royal Conservatory of Music Koerner Hall 2009 1,140  
Mazzoleni Hall 1901 237  
Toronto Centre for the Arts George Weston Recital Hall 1993 1,036 Toronto Philharmonia
University of Toronto Faculty of Music MacMillan Theatre   815  
Walter Hall   490  
York University Accolade East Tribute Communities Recital Hall 2006 327  
Quebec Montreal Place des Arts Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier 1963 2,900 Montreal Symphony Orchestra
Université de Montréal Salle Claude-Champagne 1962 1,000
McGill University Pollack Hall 600
Métropolis 1884 2350
Quebec City Grand-Théâtre de Québec Salle Louis-Fréchette 1971 1,875 Orchestre symphonique de Québec
Palais Montcalm, Salle Raoul-Jobin 1932 979 Violons du Roy
Saguenay Théâtre du Saguenay Dufour Auditorium 1973 970
Saskatchewan Regina Conexus Arts Centre 1970 2,031 Regina Symphony Orchestra
Saskatoon TCU Place 1968 2,003 Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra


Location Venue Room Date built Seats Resident organizations
Mexico City Auditorio Nacional 1952 9,565
Teatro Metropolitan 4,500
Teatro de la Ciudad de México 1925 1,344
Sala Nezahualcoyotl Orquesta Filarmónica de la UNAM
Palacio de Bellas Artes Teatro Orquesta Sinfonica Nacional, Compañia Nacional de Danza, Opera de Bellas Artes, Orquesta de Cámara de Bellas Artes

United States

State Location Venue Room Date built Seats Resident organizations
Alabama Birmingham Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Complex Concert Hall 1976 3,000 Alabama Symphony Orchestra
Alys Robinson Stephens Performing Arts Center Jemison Concert Hall 1996 1,346 Alabama Symphony Orchestra
Huntsville Von Braun Center Von Braun Civic Center Concert Hall 2,153 Huntsville Symphony Orchestra
Alaska Anchorage Alaska Center for the Performing Arts Atwood Concert Hall 1989 2,000 Anchorage Symphony Orchestra
Arizona Mesa Mesa Arts Center Ikeda Theater 2005 1,588
Phoenix Orpheum Theatre Jewell and Delbert Hall 1929 1,364
Phoenix Symphony Hall 1972 2,387 Phoenix Symphony, Ballet Arizona, Arizona Opera
Tempe Arizona State University Grady Gammage Memorial Auditorium 1964 3,017 M&I Bank Broadway in Arizona
Tempe Center for the Arts Theater
2007 600 Seats
200 Seats
Tucson Tucson Convention Center TCC Music Hall 1987 2,289 Opera Arizona
Wickenburg Del E. Webb Center for the Performing Arts 2000 587
Arkansas Little Rock Robinson Center Music Hall Classic Performance Hall 1940s 2,609 Arkansas Symphony Orchestra
University of Arkansas at Little Rock Stella Boyle Smith Concert Hall 1977 312
California Cerritos Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts Concert Hall 1993 1,934
Costa Mesa Orange County Performing Arts Center Segerstrom Hall 1986 2,936
Renee and Henry Segerstrom Concert Hall 2006 2,000 Pacific Symphony, The Pacific Chorale, Philharmonic Society of Orange County
Davis Mondavi Center Jackson Concert Hall 2002 1,800 UC Davis Symphony Orchestra
Escondido California Center for the Arts, Escondido Concert Hall 1994 1,523
Glendale Alex Theatre 1925 1,381 Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra, Glendale Symphony Orchestra
Long Beach California State University, Long Beach Carpenter Performing Arts Center 1994 1,074
Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center Terrace Theater 1978 3,051 Long Beach Symphony Orchestra
Los Angeles Los Angeles Music Center Dorothy Chandler Pavilion 1964 3,197 Los Angeles Opera, Music Center Dance
Walt Disney Concert Hall 2003 2,265 Los Angeles Philharmonic, Los Angeles Master Chorale
Colburn School of Music Zipper Hall 1998 415 Monday Evening Concerts, Southwest Chamber Music, Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra, Musica Angelica
UCLA Royce Hall 1929 1,834 Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra
University of Southern California (USC) Bovard Auditorium 1921 1,220
Bing Theatre 1976 590
Alfred Newman Recital Hall (fka Allan Hancock Auditorium) 1940 286
Mountain View Shoreline Amphitheatre 1986 6,500
Pasadena Ambassador Auditorium 1974 1,262
Pasadena Conference Center Pasadena Civic Auditorium 1931 3,029 Pasadena Symphony Orchestra, People's Choice Awards
San Diego Copley Symphony Hall 1929 2,252 San Diego Symphony
San Francisco San Francisco War Memorial and Performing Arts Center Louise M. Davies Symphony Hall 1980 2,743 San Francisco Symphony
War Memorial Opera House 1932 3,146 San Francisco Opera
Herbst Theater 1932 916
San Luis Obispo Christopher Cohan Center for the Performing Arts Harman Hall 1996 1,289 San Luis Obispo Symphony
Santa Barbara Arlington Center for the Performing Arts Arlington Theater 1931 2,018 Santa Barbara Symphony Orchestra, Community Arts Music Association (CAMA) of Santa Barbara
Granada Theatre 1924 1,550 Community Arts Music Association (CAMA) of Santa Barbara
Lobero Theatre 1873 (rebuilt 1924) 680 Community Arts Music Association (CAMA) of Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara Chamber Orchestra
Santa Cruz Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium 1940 2,021 Santa Cruz County Symphony
Santa Rosa Wells Fargo Center for the Arts Ruth Finley Person Theater 1981 1,612[4] Santa Rosa Symphony, Ballet California, and the Redwood Empire Lyric Theater
Colorado Colorado Springs Pikes Peak Center El Pomar Great Hall 1982 2,000 Colorado Springs Philharmonic
Denver Denver Performing Arts Complex Boettcher Concert Hall 1978 2,634 Colorado Symphony Orchestra
Connecticut Fairfield Regina A. Quick Center for the Arts Kelley Theater 1990 740 Fairfield University Orchestra
Hartford Bushnell Center for the Performing Arts Mortensen Hall 1930 2,799 Hartford Symphony Orchestra
New Haven Yale University Woolsey Hall 1901 2,695 New Haven Symphony Orchestra, Yale Symphony Orchestra
Stamford Stamford Center for the Arts Palace Theater 1983 1,580 Stamford Symphony Orchestra
Delaware Wilmington, Delaware Grand Opera House Concert Hall 1871 1,208 Delaware Symphony Orchestra, OperaDelaware
District of Columbia Washington, D.C. DAR Constitution Hall Concert Hall 1929 3,702
John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts Kennedy Center Concert Hall 1971 2,442 National Symphony Orchestra
Florida Clearwater Richard B. Baumgardner Center for the Performing Arts Ruth Eckerd Hall 1983 2,180 The Florida Orchestra
Fort Lauderdale Broward Center for the Performing Arts Au-rene Theater 1991 2,688
Amaturo Theater 582
Gainesville University Auditorium University of Florida Auditorium 1924 843 University of Florida
Curtis M. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts Phillips Center for the Performing Arts 1992 1,900 University of Florida
Jacksonville Times-Union Center for the Performing Arts Jacoby Symphony Hall 1997 1,800 Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra
Miami Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts Knight Concert Hall 2006 2,200 New World Symphony
Orlando Bob Carr Performing Arts Centre 2,518 Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra, Orlando Opera, Florida Symphony Youth Orchestra
Tampa The Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center Carol Morsani Hall 1987 2,552 The Florida Orchestra
Ferguson Hall 1987 1,042
Jaeb Theater 1987 292
Tampa Theatre 1926 1,446
West Palm Beach Raymond F. Kravis Center for the Performing Arts Alexander W. Dreyfoos, Jr. Concert Hall 1992 2,193
Rinker Playhouse 300
Gosman Amphitheater 1400
Georgia Athens Classic Center 1996 2,122
Atlanta Woodruff Arts Center Atlanta Symphony Hall 1985 1,762 Atlanta Symphony Orchestra
Duluth Arena at Gwinnett Center 702
Marietta Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre 2007 2,750
Morrow Spivey Hall 1991 392
Hawaii Honolulu Neal S. Blaisdell Center Concert Hall 1964 2,158 Honolulu Symphony, Hawai'i Opera Theater
Idaho Boise Morrison Center for the Performing Arts Concert Hall 1984 1,937
Rexburg Eliza R. Snow Performing Arts Center Barrus Concert Hall 1981 700 Brigham Young University - Idaho Symphony Orchestra
Illinois Chicago Metro 1927 1100  
Millennium Park Pritzker Pavilion 2004 4,000[5] Grant Park Music Festival
Northwestern University Pick-Staiger Concert Hall 1975 1,000
Symphony Center Orchestra Hall 1904 2,500 Chicago Symphony Orchestra
Highland Park Ravinia Festival Ravinia Pavilion 1906 3,500 Chicago Symphony Orchestra (summer home)
Rockford Coronado Theatre 1927 2,400
Urbana Krannert Center for the Performing Arts Foellinger Great Hall 1969 2,078
Indiana Bloomington Indiana University Jacobs School of Music Musical Arts Center 1972 1,460
Ione B. Auer Hall 1995 385
Indiana University Auditorium 1941 3,700
Indianapolis Hilbert Circle Theatre 1916 1,768 Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra
Butler University Clowes Memorial Hall 1963 2,096 Department of Theatre
New Albany Indiana University Southeast The Richard K. Stem Concert Hall 1995 500
The Robinson Theater 1995 338
The Recital Hall 1995 96
Iowa Cedar Rapids Paramount Theater 1927 Cedar Rapids Symphony Orchestra
Davenport River Center Adler Theatre 1931 2,400
Decorah Luther College Center for Faith and Life 1977 1,428 Music Department ensembles
Grinnell Bucksbaum Center for the Arts Sebring-Lewis Recital Hall 1999
Iowa City University of Iowa Hancher Auditorium 1972
Kansas Wichita Century II Performing Arts & Convention Center Concert Hall 1969 2,178 Wichita Symphony Orchestra
Kentucky Louisville The Kentucky Center Whitney Hall 1983 2,406 Louisville Orchestra
Moritz von Bomhard Theatre 1983 619
Boyd Martin Theatre 1983 139
Brown Theatre 1925 1400
The Louisville Palace 1928 2,700 Louisville Orchestra
Louisville Memorial Auditorium 1928 1,742
Louisiana Baton Rouge Baton Rouge River Center Theatre for the Performing Arts   1,900 Baton Rouge Symphony Orchestra
Shaw Center for the Arts Manship Theater   325
New Orleans Orpheum Theatre 1921 1,780 Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra
Saenger Theater 1927 2,800
Maine Orono Collins Center for the Arts Hutchins Concert Hall 1986 1,629 Bangor Symphony Orchestra
Maryland Baltimore Joseph Meyerhoff Symphony Hall 1982 2,443 Baltimore Symphony Orchestra
Pier Six Concert Pavilion 1991    
College Park Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center Dekelboum Concert Hall 2001 1,100 University of Maryland Symphony Orchestra, UM Choirs
Hagerstown Maryland Theater 1915 1,300 Maryland Symphony Orchestra
Rockville Strathmore Arts Center Music Center at Strathmore 2005 1,976 Baltimore Symphony Orchestra (second home); Washington Performing Arts Society; National Philharmonic Orchestra
Massachusetts Barnstable Barnstable High School Barnstable High School Performing Arts Center 1999 1,400 Cape Cod Symphony Orchestra
Boston New England Conservatory Jordan Hall 1903 1,019
Symphony Hall 1900 2,625 Boston Symphony Orchestra, Boston Pops Orchestra
Boston Opera House 1901 2,500 Boston Ballet
Citi Performing Arts Center The Wang Theater 1983 3,700 Boston Ballet
Cambridge Harvard University Sanders Theatre 1,166
M.I.T. Kresge Auditorium 1955 1,226  
Springfield Symphony Hall 1912 2,611 Springfield Symphony Orchestra
Stockbridge Tanglewood 1940 Boston Symphony Orchestra (in summer)
Worcester Mechanics Hall 1857
Michigan Ann Arbor Hill Auditorium 1913 3,538 University of Michigan
Berrien Springs Howard Performing Arts Center 2003 832 Andrews University
Dearborn Ford Community and Performing Arts Center Performing Arts Center 1997 1,201
Detroit Detroit Masonic Temple Masonic Temple Theatre 1922 4,404 Olympia Entertainment
Detroit Opera House 1922 2,700 Michigan Opera Theatre, Nederlander
The Fillmore Detroit 1925 2,200 Detroit Music Awards in April
Fisher Theatre 1927 2,089 Nederlander
Max M. Fisher Music Center Orchestra Hall 1919 2,014 Detroit Symphony Orchestra
Fox Theatre 1928 5,045 Olympia Entertainment
Music Hall Center for the Performing Arts 1928 1,700 The Kresge Foundation
Wayne State University Bonstelle Theatre 1903 1,173
Hillberry Theatre 1916 532
East Lansing Michigan State University Wharton Center for Performing Arts Lansing Symphony Orchestra
Flint Flint Cultural Center The Whiting 1967 2,043 Flint Symphony Orchestra
Port Huron McMorran Place Theater 1960 1,157 International Symphony Orchestra
Minnesota Duluth Duluth Entertainment Convention Center Auditorium 1966 2.400 Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra, Minnesota Ballet
University of Minnesota Duluth Weber Music Hall 2003 350
Minneapolis Orchestra Hall Concert Hall 1974 2,500 Minnesota Orchestra
University of Minnesota Ted Mann Concert Hall 1974 1,219
Saint Paul Ordway Center for the Performing Arts Music Hall 1985 1,900 Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra, Minnesota Opera
St. Catherine University O'Shaughnessy Auditorium 1971 1,700
Mississippi Oxford University of Mississippi
Gertrude C. Ford Center for the Performing Arts
Main Performance Hall 2002 1,160
Missouri Columbia Missouri Theatre Center for the Arts Main Stage 1928 [6] 1,209 Missouri Symphony
University of Missouri Jesse Hall 1922 1,732
Kansas City Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts Concert Hall 2009 [7] 1,600 Kansas City Symphony, Kansas City Ballet
St. Louis Powell Symphony Hall 1968 2,689 Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra
Montana Billings Alberta Bair Theater Billings Symphony Orchestra
Nebraska Lincoln Lied Center for Performing Arts Main Stage 1990 2,210  
Omaha Holland Performing Arts Center Peter Kiewit Concert Hall 2005 2,005 Omaha Symphony Orchestra
Nevada Las Vegas Performing Arts Center, University of Nevada, Las Vegas Artemus W. Ham Concert Hall 1976 1,832  
New Hampshire Concord Capitol Center for the Arts Auditorium 2003 1,307
New Jersey Madison Dorothy Young Center for the Arts, Drew University Concert Hall 2005 450
Montclair Montclair State University College of the Arts Alexander Kasser Theatre 2004 500
Newark New Jersey Performing Arts Center Prudential Hall 1997 2,760 New Jersey Symphony Orchestra
New Mexico Albuquerque University of New Mexico Center for the Arts Popejoy Hall 1975 1,985 New Mexico Symphony Orchestra
National Hispanic Cultural Center Roy E. Disney Center's "Journal Theatre" 2005 691 New Mexico Symphony Orchestra
KiMo Theater 1927
Santa Fe Lensic Theater 2001 851 Santa Fe Symphony Orchestra; Aspen Santa Fe Ballet
1890?? 300 chamber orchestras
New York Albany The Egg Kitty Carlisle Hart Theatre 1978 982
Binghamton Anderson Center for the Performing Arts, Binghamton University Osterhout Concert Theater 1985 1,190  
Chamber Hall 1985 416  
Watters Theater 1985 558  
Broome County Forum 1,519 Binghamton Philharmonic, Tri-Cities Opera
Buffalo Kleinhans Music Hall 1940 2,839 Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra
Ithaca State Theatre 1928 1,500
New York City Brooklyn Academy of Music Howard Gillman Opera House 1861 2,109  
Brooklyn Conservatory of Music 1908   Brooklyn Philharmonic
Carnegie Hall Stern Auditorium 1891 2,804  
Weill Recital Hall 1986 268  
Zankel Hall 2003 599  
Elaine Kaufman Cultural Center Merkin Concert Hall 1978 451  
Florence Gould Hall 1968 400 Alliance Francaise; New York Theater Ballet
Joyce Theater 1982 472  
Juilliard School Morse Recital Hall      
Paul Recital Hall 1969 278  
Peter J. Sharp Theater   933  
Kaufmann Concert Hall 92nd Street Y 1930 917  
LaGuardia High School LaGuardia Concert Hall 1984 1,146  
Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts Alice Tully Hall 1,096 The Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center
Avery Fisher Hall 1962 2,738 New York Philharmonic
Metropolitan Opera House 1966 3,900 Metropolitan Opera
David H. Koch Theater 1964 2,755 New York City Ballet, New York City Opera
New York City Center Mainstage 1943 2,750  
Queens College Colden Center for the Performing Arts 1961 2,127  
LeFrak Concert Hall      
Symphony Space Peter Jay Sharp Theater 1978 760 New York Gilbert and Sullivan Players
The Town Hall 1921 1,500  
Rochester Eastman School of Music Eastman Theatre 1922 3,094 Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra
Saratoga Springs Saratoga Performing Arts Center 1966 5,000[8] Philadelphia Orchestra, New York City Ballet (summer homes)
Syracuse Landmark Theatre 1928 2,900
Oncenter Crouse-Hinds Theater 1975 2,117 Syracuse Symphony Orchestra
Troy Troy Savings Bank Music Hall 1875 1,253 Music Hall Association, Troy Chromatic Concerts, Albany Symphony Orchestra
Utica Stanley Theatre 1928 3,000
North Carolina Cary Koka Booth Amphitheatre at Regency Park Koka Booth Amphitheatre 2001 7,000[9] North Carolina Symphony
Charlotte North Carolina Blumenthal Performing Arts Center Belk Theater 1992 2,100 Charlotte Symphony Orchestra
Raleigh Progress Energy Center for the Performing Arts Meymandi Concert Hall 2001 2300 North Carolina Symphony
North Dakota Fargo North Dakota State University Festival Concert Hall 1981 1,000 Fargo-Moorhead Symphony Orchestra
Ohio Cincinnati Aronoff Center Fifth Third Bank Theater 1995 150
Jarson-Kaplan Theater 1995 437
Procter & Gamble Hall 1995 2,719 Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra
Music Hall Springer Auditorium 1878 3,516 Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra
University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music Cohen Family Studio Theater 1999 150
Corbett Auditorium 1996 738
Diertle Vocal Arts Center 1995 100
Patricia Corbett Theater 1971 380
Robert J. Werner Recital Hall 1999 300
Watson Recital Hall 140
Cleveland Severance Hall 1931 2,100 Cleveland Orchestra
Columbus Ohio Theatre 1921 2,779 Columbus Symphony Orchestra
Dayton Benjamin and Marian Schuster Performing Arts Center Mead Theatre 2003 2,300 Dayton Opera, Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra
Mansfield The Renaissance 1927 1,600 Mansfield Symphony, Renaissance Broadway Series, Renaissance Summer Musical
Oberlin Oberlin College Finney Chapel 1908 1,451 Oberlin Conservatory of Music
Youngstown DeYor Performing Arts Center Powers Auditorium 1969 2,303 Youngstown Symphony
Oklahoma Oklahoma City Civic Center Music Hall Thelma Gaylord Performing Arts Theatre 1937 2,481 Black Liberated Arts Center, Canterbury Choral Society, Celebrity Attractions, Lyric Theatre and Academy, Oklahoma City Ballet, Oklahoma City Philharmonic, Oklahoma City Repertory Theatre, Oklahoma City Theatre Company
Freede Little Theatre 1937 286
CitySpace 2003 100
Tulsa Tulsa Performing Arts Center Chapman Music Hall 1977 2,365 Tulsa Symphony Orchestra, Chamber Music Tulsa, Ballet Tulsa, Tulsa Opera, Tulsa Oratorio Chorus, Theatre Tulsa, American Theatre Company
VanTrease Performing Arts Center for Education 1997 1,500 Tulsa Community College Signature Symphony
Oregon Eugene Hult Center for the Performing Arts Silva Concert Hall 1982 2,500 Eugene Symphony, Eugene Ballet, Eugene Opera, Eugene Concert Choir, Oregon Bach Festival, Oregon Mozart Players, The Shedd Institute, Willamette Repertory Theater
Soreng Theatre 500
Jacobs Gallery 100
The John G. Shedd Institute for the Arts Jaqua Concert Hall 1926 816 The American Symphonia, Oregon Festival of American Music
Recital Hall 176
Great Hall 200
Portland Portland Center for the Performing Arts Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall 1984 2,776 Oregon Symphony
Keller Auditorium 1917 2,992 Portland Opera
Pennsylvania Allentown Allentown Symphony Hall 1896 1,200 Allentown Symphony Orchestra
Bethlehem Zoellner Arts Center Baker Hall 1997 946
Erie Warner Theatre 1976 2,506 Erie Philharmonic, Lake Erie Ballet
Harrisburg Pennsylvania State Capitol Complex The Forum 1931 1,763 Harrisburg Symphony Orchestra
Johnstown Pasquerilla Performing Arts Center Mainstage 1991 1,000 Johnstown Symphony Orchestra
Philadelphia Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts Verizon Hall 2001 2,500 Philadelphia Orchestra, Philly Pops
Perelman Theater 2001 650 The Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia, Philadelphia Chamber Music Society
Academy of Music 1857 2,897 The Opera Company of Philadelphia, The Pennsylvania Ballet
Pittsburgh Benedum Center 1928 2,885 Pittsburgh Opera, Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre
Heinz Hall for the Performing Arts 1927 2,662 Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra
State College Penn State University Center for the Performing Arts Eisenhower Auditorium 2,500 Penn State and Regional Performing Groups
Schwab Auditorium 950 Penn State and Regional Performing Groups
South Carolina Columbia Koger Center for the Arts Gonzales Hall 1988 2,256 South Carolina Philharmonic
Greenville Peace Center for the Performing Arts Peace Concert Hall 1990 2,100 The Greenville Symphony, Carolina Ballet Theater, South Carolina Children's Theater, and the International Ballet
Dorothy Hipp Gunter Theater 1990 439
Tennessee Knoxville Tennessee Theatre 1928 Knoxville Symphony Orchestra, Knoxville Opera, Appalachian Ballet
Memphis Cannon Center for the Performing Arts 2003 2,100 Memphis Symphony Orchestra
Nashville Schermerhorn Symphony Center Laura Turner Concert Hall 2006 1,900 Nashville Symphony
Texas Arlington MetroCenter 2005 1,750 Symphony Arlington
Austin Long Center for the Performing Arts Michael and Susan Dell Hall 2008 2,400 Austin Symphony Orchestra, Austin Lyric Opera, Ballet Austin
Debra and Kevin Rollins Studio Theatre 2008 80 - 226
Bass Concert Hall 1981 (renovated 2009) 3,000 University of Texas Performing Arts Center
Dallas Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center Eugene McDermott Concert Hall 1989 2,062 Dallas Symphony Orchestra, Turtle Creek Chorale, the Dallas Wind Symphony, Greater Dallas Youth Orchestra
Margot and Bill Winspear Opera House Margaret McDermott Performance Hall 2009 2,200 Dallas Opera, Texas Ballet Theater Center 1988 20,111
Denton Murchison Performing Arts Center Winspear Performance Hall 1999 1,025
Lyric Theatre 1999 400
Fort Worth Bass Performance Hall 1998 2,056 Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra, Fort Worth Opera, Texas Ballet Theater
Houston Jones Hall 1966 2,912 Houston Symphony
Wortham Center Brown Theater,
Cullen Theater
1987 3,523 Houston Ballet, Houston Grand Opera
University of Houston Cullen Performance Hall 1950 1,544
Lubbock Texas Tech University Hemmle Recital Hall 1979 600
Richardson Charles W. Eisemann Center for Performing Arts Margaret & Al Hill Performance Hall 2002 1,550 Richardson Symphony Orchestra
San Antonio Majestic Theatre 1929 2,311 San Antonio Symphony
Utah Logan Ellen Eccles Theatre 1923 1,100 Utah Festival Opera
Utah State University Kent Concert Hall 1967 2,168 Utah State University
Performance Hall 2006 421 Utah State University, Fry Street Quartet
Provo Franklin S. Harris Fine Arts Center Gerrit de Jong Jr. Concert Hall 1964 1,485 BYU Philharmonic Orchestra; BYU choirs
Salt Lake City Abravanel Hall 1979 2,811 Utah Symphony Orchestra
Virginia Vienna Wolf Trap National Park for the Performing Arts Filene Center 1971 7,000
Washington Seattle Benaroya Hall S. Mark Taper Auditorium 1998 2,500 Seattle Symphony
McCaw Hall 2003 2,890 Seattle Opera, Pacific Northwest Ballet
Moore Theatre 1907 1,419
Paramount Theatre 1928 2,807
Spokane Bing Crosby Theater 1915 756
Fox Theater Martin Woldson Theater at the Fox 1931 1,604 Spokane Symphony
Spokane Center 1974 2,700
Tacoma Pantages Theatre 1917 1,169
West Virginia Charleston Clay Center for the Arts & Sciences Maier Foundation Performance Hall 2003 1,883 West Virginia Symphony Orchestra
Walker Theater 2003 200
Lewisburg Carnegie Hall, Inc. Carnegie Hall 1902 420
Wisconsin Green Bay Weidner Center Cofrin Family Hall 1993 2,021
Madison Overture Center Overture Hall 2004 2,251 Madison Symphony Orchestra, Madison Opera, Madison Ballet
Milwaukee Marcus Center Uihlein Hall 1969 2,305 Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, Milwaukee Ballet, Florentine Opera
Sheboygan Stefanie H. Weill Center for the Performing Arts Stefanie H. Weill Center Theater 1928 1,153 Sheboygan Symphony Orchestra, Sheboygan Theater Company

South America

Country Location Venue Room Date built Seats Resident organizations
Argentina Bahía Blanca Teatro Municipal La Sala Principal 1913 850
Buenos Aires Teatro Colón La Sala Principal 1908 2500
Teatro Avenida La Sala Principal 1906 1200
Teatro Nacional Cervantes Sala María Guerrero 1921 860
Córdoba Gran Teatro de Córdoba La Sala Principal 1873 1000
Teatro del Libertador Sala Mayor 1891 1000
Corrientes Teatro Oficial Juan de Vera La Sala Principal 1906 700
La Plata Teatro Argentino La Sala Principal 1999 (original building, 1890) 2000
Teatro Municipal Coliseo Podestá La Sala Principal 1886
Mendoza Teatro Independencia La Sala Principal 1925 730
Paraná Teatro Tres de Febrero La Sala Principal 1908 850
Rosario Teatro El Círculo La Sala Principal 1904 1450
San Juan Auditorio Juan Victoria Sala Juan Victoria 1970 976
San Miguel de Tucumán Teatro San Martín La Sala Principal 1912 900
San Nicolás Teatro Municipal Rafael de Aguiar La Sala Principal 1908 1250
San Salvador de Jujuy Teatro Mitre La Sala Principal 1901 600
Santa Fe Teatro Municipal 1° de Mayo La Sala Principal 1905 800
Brazil Belo Horizonte Palácio das Artes Grande Teatro 1971 1,692 Minas Gerais State Symphony Orchestra
Curitiba Teatro Guaíra Bento Munhoz da Rocha Netto Auditorium 1974 2,173 Paraná Symphony Orchestra, Ballet Teatro Guaíra
Manaus Teatro Amazonas 1896 701
Porto Alegre Teatro da OSPA 1984 1,230 Porto Alegre Symphony Orchestra,
Recife Teatro de Santa Isabel 1850 860 Recife Symphony Orchestra, Brazil's oldest symphony orchestra
Rio de Janeiro Cidade da Música 2008 1,800 Brazilian Symphony Orchestra
Theatro Municipal 1909 Brazilian Symphony Orchestra
Salvador Teatro Castro Alves Sala Principal 1967 1,554 Bahia Symphony Orchestra, Ballet Teatro Castro Alves
São Paulo Sala São Paulo 1999 1,484 São Paulo State Symphony Orchestra
Theatro Municipal 1911 1,500 São Paulo City Symphony Orchestra
Theatro São Pedro 1917 636 São Paulo State Youth Symphony Orchestra
Teatro Sergio Cardoso Sala Sergio Cardoso 864 São Paulo State Symphony Band
Chile Santiago Teatro Municipal de Santiago de Chile La Sala Principal 1857 (original building destroyed by fire in 1870, rebuilt 1873) 1,500 Orquesta Filarmonica de Santiago, Ballet de Santiago, Coro del Teatro Municipal
Colombia Bogotá Teatro de Cristobal Colón Sala Principal 1885 908 National Symphony Orchestra of Colombia
National University of Colombia Auditorio León de Greiff Bogotá Philarmonic Orchestra
Luís Ángel Arango Library Concert Hall 1966 367
Teatro COLSUBSIDIO Roberto Arias Perez Sala Principal 1983 1000
Ecuador Quito Casa de la Música Gi & Hans Neustätter Concert Hall 2005 700 Fundación Filarmónica Casa de la Música
Perú Lima Teatro Manuel Ascencio Segura 1909 796 Ballet Municipal de Lima
Teatro Peruano Japones 1025
Teatro Municipal de Lima 1920 (Destroyed by fire in 1998, waiting to be rebuilt) 1314
Venezuela Caracas Teresa Carreño Cultural Complex Ríos Reyna 1983 2,400 Venezuela Symphony Orchestra

The Caribbean

Country Location Venue Room Date built Seats Resident organizations
Dominican Republic Santo Domingo Eduardo Brito National Theatre /Teatro Nacional (Santo Domingo) Sala Carlos Piantini (Carlos Piantini Hall) 1973 1,589 National Symphony Orchestra (Dominican Republic)
Trinidad and Tobago Port of Spain, Queen's Park Savannah National Academy of the Performing Arts Main auditorium 2009 1,200+ The Urban Development Corporation of Trinidad and Tobago (Udecott)
San Fernando National Academy of the Performing Arts auditorium TBA TBA The Urban Development Corporation of Trinidad and Tobago (Udecott)
San Fernando Naparima Bowl auditorium 500

Middle East

Country Location Venue Room Date built Seats Resident organizations
Israel Tel Aviv Frederic R. Mann Auditorium 1957 2,760 Israel Philharmonic Orchestra
Israel Tel Aviv Tel Aviv Performing Arts Center 1994 The Israeli Opera
Lebanon Beirut Conservatoire Libanais Lebanese National Symphony Orchestra


  1. ^ Rebuilt
  2. ^ Rebuilt and re-opened in 1981
  3. ^ Under construction in 2007. Estimated opening in 2009 [1].
  4. ^ "Main Theater Specification Sheet". Retrieved 2009-04-04. 
  5. ^ 4,000 fixed; 7,000 on lawn
  6. ^ Missouri Theatre Center for the Arts : Facilities
  7. ^ Groundbreaking Fall 2006; estimated opening December 2009
  8. ^ 5,000 covered seats; 30,000 on lawn
  9. ^ 7,000 total; 6,000 on lawn

Industry associations

  • International Association of Assembly Managers [17]
  • World Council for Venue Management [18]

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Simple English

(Vienna Concert House).  The stage is off to the left of the photo.]]

A concert hall is a place where concerts of classical music take place. “Concert hall” can either mean the actual room where the concerts takes place, or the whole building. The hall where the concerts are held may have a “stage” (where the performers are) and there will be an “auditorium” where the audience sits.

Some concert halls are purpose-built. That means they were built to be concert halls. Other concert halls may have been something else many years ago, e.g. a Corn Exchange (a place where farmers used to sell their corn) and the building has later been changed into a concert hall. Purpose-built concert halls started about the beginning of the 20th century. At that time scientists began to understand the importance of good acoustics (somewhere where the sound was good).

Concert halls that are purpose-built usually have fixed seating (seats that cannot be moved). Some halls may have seats that can be moved, either by stacking them in small piles, or tiered seating that can fold up. This allows the hall to be used for other things, e.g. dancing.

was built in the 1980s in Berlin as a home for the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra]]

A concert hall is usually a big hall: big enough for an orchestra to be on the stage. A small concert hall, designed for just a few performers (as in chamber music) may be called a “recital hall”.

Some concert halls are especially famous. In London there is the Royal Festival Hall on the banks of the river Thames, the Barbican Centre in the City (near St Paul’s Cathedral) and the Royal Albert Hall in Kensington which is used for other events as well. There is also a famous recital hall called the Wigmore Hall. New York has the Carnegie Hall, Vienna has the Vienna Musikverein with a beautiful hall called the Golden Hall where the famous New Year’s Day concerts are given. In Germany there is the Berliner Philharmonie in Berlin and the Gewandhaus in Leipzig. In Amsterdam there is the Concertgebouw (which means: "concert hall").


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