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The Confraternity of Saint James is a pilgrim's association, educational charity and book publisher for the ancient and modern-day pilgrim route the Way of St. James (Spanish: Camino de Santiago) to the city of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia in northern Spain.

They are based in London, England and publish guide books in English for many of the routes on the Way of St. James.

Way of St. James

Most European countries have their own St. James associations, but these often do not offer material or information in English. According to the rules of the Archbishopric of Santiago de Compostela, anyone from any country can obtain a certificate of accomplishment (the 'Compostela') if they make the pilgrimage on foot, by bicycle, or by donkey or horse, as long as they hold a pilgrim passport or 'credencial' and can prove with stamps that they have covered the last 100 kilometers (for cyclists, this is 200 kilometers).

Most pilgrims choose to make the pilgrimage based on religious reasons, but more and more people choose to make the pilgrimage for the physical challenge. For this growing group, the Archbishopric of Santiago has a special certificate of accomplishment that is not associated with the religiously based 'Compostela'.

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